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Kathleen Sebelius| Obamacare sure is awesome, isn’t it?

Americans who work hard to make a decent living shouldn’t have to worry about losing everything because of an illness. That’s why, through reforms brought about by the Affordable Care Act, we’re putting money back in the pockets of working families, and protecting them from the worst insurance abuses.

Because of the progress we’ve made, 54 million Americans with private insurance now have access to free preventive care, including mammograms and diabetes screenings.  More than 3 million young people have been able to gain coverage through their parents’ plan.  And 3.5 million seniors saved an average of $706 on their prescription drugs last year.

Families will get even more relief beginning this October, when new Health Insurance Marketplaces open for enrollment in every state.  These Marketplaces will give millions of uninsured Americans access to affordable coverage.  And new rules taking effect in 2014 will finally bring an end to discrimination based on gender or pre-existing conditions.


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