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Mr.L: Gun Control Another Example of Obamacrat’s War on Women

Guest post by Ron Devito:

"During the 2012 election, we heard liberals and Democrats accuse the Republican Party of engaging in a so-called war on women. A lot of people believe that is what helped Obama get the female vote. It’s total nonsense and it’s totally ginned up, and in fact, it’s more like the other way around," Mr. L said after he spoke briefly on gun control. He continued, "it’s more like the Democrats have a war on women." Mr. L said the Romney campaign was inept in handing this issue and this is why we have a war between Rove and and the Palinistas.

About the war on women and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Mr. L said:

"You can say what you want to say about conservatives like Sarah Palin, but the difference between Sarah Palin – and there are many differences between people like Sarah Palin and people like Romney and people like the rest of the Republican establishment – is that Sarah Palin knows who’s dealing with on the other side. She knows who these people are. They’re not Democrats from the 1940s. She’s lived through the Democrats’ war on women and it was a war on her, and it still goes on. Any prominent female Republican like Sarah Palin who is effective has to be destroyed. Any effective, Republican female conservative – when they come out and say something their ideology and belief system and against a figure like Barack Obama, it is met with knee-jerk hatred.

They want her to die….they want her to be gang-raped before she’s killed and after all of that she has to burn in hell for all eternity. That is what happens when she comes out, makes one statement, makes one move. It is because she is effective. It is also because she knows who it is she is dealing with on the other side and she knows how to call them out and she’s not afraid….all they’re interested in is destroying anybody on our side….Sarah Palin is an example – one of the examples of the Democrat war on women. And…there are others."

He asked how many of the 1.3 million abortions are girls. Unemployment among white women has risen. "Women are paid less than men in Obama’s Lie House," he said. Women are no longer eligible for breast cancer screenings between the ages of 40 and 49. But, in 2008, 13.7% of all women’s deaths were attributable to breast cancer.

In his synopsis, Mr. L wrote:

Sarah Palin is a prime example of the Democrat’s ability to wage war on women. They waged a war on her in 2008 and they continue that war today. Why? Because she’s effective and unafraid. Another prime example of the Democrat’s war on women is gun control and the infringement on Second amendment rights. Where are the elected officials on the right to exploit Colorado state representative Joe Salazar’s absurd comments? When are the elected officials on the right going to publicly state the Democrats historically have sided with the criminal and not the law abiding citizen? When will the liberal Obamacrats get called out for their war on women that has going on for decades in this country? To the red diapers at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: I prefer the perp peeing and puking on himself when he sees the damsel pull the Glock from her purse.

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  • TheresaAK

    Mr L… usual….you nail it..and the Demon.crats. You say what needs to be said…in your "no holds barred" way.

    The question still remains…."What are we gonna do about it"….

    I feel a Revolution in the air.

    The "let’s be nice to the Demon.crats and they will like us"…has worked so well for the GOP….sarc….they will keep folding and caving……sucking up and become one with the Demon.crats. until….and I believe it is here now…we no longer recognize the GOP …..

    I’m through with the GOP…I don’t care who they put up for Politicians….

    "Change is coming… it isn’t the kind of change obama nor the GOP will embrace…but it will be good for the Country…

    Sarah…we are waiting….

    • Mr.L

      thanks TheresaAK

  • heshtesh

    "let’s be nice to the Demon.crats and they will like us"…has worked so well for the GOP, if you look up the origin of the word "NICE" you will find the GOP is always nice to the RATS!!!!

  • conservativemama

    This is such truth. No one knows better, first hand, than Palin about who the left is. I tell you that is why I believe I have the freedom antennae that I have, because of what my parents experienced in Cuba.

    Just today I had two interesting conversations with my daughters. For one, it was about the thought police run rampant on our campuses. I reminded my daughter that as a conservative I endured this nonsense in the early 80s, and it was no better for her during the last 4 years. I told her before she left for school, you’re half Cuban, half Jewish…………….you’ll hear lots of garbage about both from the Left, and she did. Tolerance my butt.

    And for my younger two, we watched the last hour of Schindler’s List tonight. I explained to them that this is what happens when leaders marginalize one group and let the people know that it’s okay to hate them and that from there you can go as far as genocide. And yes, I made the point that our President engages in this practice with his constant attacks on the rich, tea partiers and so many others. My children have a grandfather who’s been very successful in his life, and yes, he built that success and it took years. So my girls know who Obama is attacking. They know it’s their grandfather who is one of the most generous men they’ll ever know, as was his late wife.

    It’s a harsh lesson, especially when you’re also teaching your children to respect the office of the Presidency, and to be careful with criticism, to not go too far or too personal. But they have to learn and they have to be able to see and understand what’s happening in their country.

    • Mr.L

      Yes people like your folks understood what it was to leave oppression and come to freedom. Must be so disheartening for someone like you to see so many people in this country so willing to become slaves of the government. Thanks for sharing that comment mama.

      • conservativemama

        Mr. L, you have no idea how frustrating it is, and frightening. My parents could at least come to the U.S., but my family? What is the point of teaching history if it is ignored? If you’re going to dismiss those who lived through it because it doesn’t fit your narrative, then what is the point? We go through the bother of teaching young kids about the importance of primary sources, then we ignore the primary sources when they warn us of what’s coming.

        Sigh, big and heavy sigh.

    • MaMcGriz

      Please give your Daddy the biggest of hugs from me, and tell him I send my thanks for bringing you and the rest of his family to this country. You came to be Americans, and you are a credit and a gift to us all.

      I’ve spent too much time living in forced deference to people hostile to my country, who came and live here illegally, and whose committed vow is to never integrate. To them America is the enemy, something to be undermined and ripped off until she’s brought down and they can "take back what’s theirs."
      I have had too many loved ones behind the badge describe the things they hear about ‘some day’ and ‘gringos’ and ‘blood in the streets.’

      Saying the things I’m saying here will get you labeled a racist and possibly hurt in what used to be some very nice places to live in California.

      I’ve lived it. It’s a reality, as I don’t have to tell you. And yet it continues. And it’s about to reach critical mass.

      And tolerance? Tell it to my Native grandparents.

      It’s all too creepy.

      • conservativemama

        Thank you Ma. I know what you’re talking about, and Victor Davis Hanson has written much about what’s happened to California. It’s tragic.

        Say what they will, it was the Founding Fathers who birthed a government that brought forward a country where ANYONE could succeed. It didn’t happen anywhere else on this earth before July 4, 1776. It happened here because of those dead white men. I’ll never stop being thankful for those men.

        White liberals play this country as if it’s one big Epcot Center where you travel from country to country, enjoying the food, clothing, culture, but everyone is kept balkanized. They’ve thrown out assimilation and it’s destroying our country. I assimilated. I didn’t forget where my family came from, I’m not ashamed, but I am an American, thank God.

  • blackbird

    Spot on Mr. L. Someone should ask the President if at some point he would ever recommend to his daughters or young women, that they vomit, urinate and defecate on themselves if in trouble just like the University of Colorado advises.

  • Sue Lynn

    Great Post Mrl Tavern!!! His post are full of facts , truth and some humor and great reporting!!!!!

  • blueniner

    Mr. L, paison, I enjoyed the last podcast, but I really liked your common sense approach to your previous post on Dr. Carson, buyer beware. On that Hannuty special he gets that dumbass look on his face, (in cartoon voice) so who are some of the politicians you admire today, Carson…….wrong answer and no answer, then Hannuty pivits to his famous question he is already asking some of his guest,"so, do you think you would ever run for office, or run for President"…. Please, it is the flavor of the month club syndrome.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    test 3

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