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Nolan Finley | Obama’s wedge agenda won’t create jobs

President Barack Obama was just five paragraphs into his State of the Union address when he again pounded the wedge he’s using to divide Americans.

"We gather here knowing that there are millions of Americans whose hard work and dedication have not yet been rewarded," the president lamented, blaming rocketing corporate profits for stagnant paychecks.

It was us vs. them for the rest of the speech, as he continued to fuel the class war that helped carry him to re-election.

What was billed as a jobs blueprint instead exposed the administration’s appalling indifference to the fundamentals of a dynamic economy.

Imagine what global companies considering bringing investment to America thought of the president of the United States demonizing profits.

We’ve seen in Michigan what happens when profits disappear. We went through a too-long stretch when our major employers were unburdened by profits. Jobs died. Quality of life crumbled.


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