OCR | Rick Perry does California a favor

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was scheduled to be in California the start of this week. The Associated Press reported the governor planned to meet with executives in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Gov. Perry’s office said he would meet with leaders in the high-tech, biotech, financial, insurance and entertainment industries. The visit follows a modest radio ad campaign launched last week – which then spawned nationwide media attention – aimed at promoting the Lone Star State’s lower taxes and friendlier business climate.

We get his point. California’s economy would amount to the world’s 10th-largest. It remains a magnet for the creative, the innovative and the entrepreneurial. California is known for either spawning, nurturing or growing such industries as computers, motion pictures, winemaking, aerospace and life sciences (including medical devices).

Some 53 Fortune 500 companies are based in the Golden State, including a half-dozen or so in Orange County. More than a few California companies are among the world’s most-recognized brands, among them Apple, Walt Disney, Google, eBay, Gap, VISA and Yahoo.


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