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What’s going on today? Gallup interestingly finds that the disparity between the number of Republicans in Alaska and the number of Democrats in Alaska is one of the largest in the country but that Alaska’s electorate is also composed of more moderates and fewer liberals than any other state.

The new Harper Polling poll about the Alaska Senate race pretty much tells us that Governor Palin would win the GOP primary easily over Mead Treadwell or Joe Miller in a one-on-one contest and that a Palin-Begich race probably starts off as a toss-up whereas Begich would be a strong favorite against either Treadwell or Miller. The pollster’s report of a general election matchup between Palin and Begich reveals that the undecided voters are almost all GOP and GOP-leaning indies as Begich has already won every Democrat and Democrat-leaner that he’s going to win. His 47% is the just the same 47% he won in 2008 against Ted Stevens and his chances of maintaining that 47% are pretty slim with the likely presence of a third-party candidate in the Senate race.

A side-note on Harper Polling: it changed the title to its article about its Alaska Senate poll for some reason.

The Governor tweeted this note.

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