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I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend, especially those with a three-day weekend.


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  • ZH100

    Good morning all

    Excellent article about Gov.Palin’s record of accomplishments.

    ‘Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?’

    From the article:

    Executive Authority and Success

    Palin was the first female and youngest governor to be elected in Alaska, which is tied for the second most powerful governorship in the United States, according to Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina.

    Budgeting and Spending

    Palin cut state spending between 2007 and 2010 by 9.5% while also reducing federal earmark requests by more than 80% during her tenure. She used her line-item veto to cut more than a quarter billion in superfluous spending in both 2007 and 2008. In 2009, she instituted a temporary hiring freeze, while at the same time reducing spending by more than 33% between FY2009 and FY2010.

    In stark contrast to President Obama and other governors whose fiscal records are dogged by credit downgrades, Palin left Alaska with an improved credit rating during and following her tenure as governor. Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April 2008. Then in 2010, both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA for the first time in the state’s history due to policies enacted by Palin that made the state’s finances more than solvent.


    Under Palin’s leadership, Alaska was 2nd in job growth, and 3rd in the change in its unemployment rate, compared to the other states. Alaska also saw a record number of oil jobs in both 2008 and 2009, while natural resource and logging jobs increased 13.7% during Palin’s tenure.

    In fact, Palin’s record on jobs compared to the country as a whole was stronger than the President’s and other prominent governors’ during their respective tenures

    Business Growth

    Alaska was an opportunity society under Palin. Alaska moved up from the 4th most business tax-friendly state to the 3rd most business tax-friendly state during her tenure.

    Palin was a firm believer in tax cuts. In addition to lowering unemployment insurance tax rates, she cut business license fees in half, suspended the state motor fuel tax, and signed legislation, allowing Alaska-based businesses the same opportunities as out-of-state businesses. All of this was consistent with her record as Mayor of Wasilla, where she eliminated small business inventory taxes and cut property tax mill levies every year she was in office.


    Energy issubeteutiful photoses are Palin’s forte, and her record proves it. In 2007, Governor Palin signed ACES—Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share—a net tax on oil profits that was passed in a bipartisan and transparent manner. ACES replaced the corruption-tainted oil tax plan of the previous administration, which was passed in secret and ultimately lead to the federal indictment of several Alaskan state officials and oil company personnel. Furthermore, ACES provided oil companies with incentives to develop. The progressivity of the tax meant producers were protected when oil prices were low, but the interest of the resource owners—the people of Alaska—were appropriately protected as well to achieve a fair return for their resource.

    Most importantly, ACES led to jobs, increased development, and a huge surplus for Alaska.

    Perhaps Palin’s biggest energy achievement was spearheading the creation of the Alaska natural gas pipeline. After five decades of unsuccessful attempts by Alaskan administrations to bring a gas pipeline project into existence, Palin and her team introduced the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) in March 2007. AGIA passed the Legislature by a vote of 57-1 in May of that year.

    Unlike the behind-closed-doors cronyism of past administrations, Palin’s AGIA legislation was conducted out in the open and made use of a genuine free-market competitive bidding process. Palin’s AGIA placed not only Alaska, but also the nation, further on the path toward energy independence.

    Palin played hardball with the big oil companies in her state. According to the Alaska state constitution, Alaskans are the resource owners in their state; and it was Palin’s duty as their CEO to get the best deal for Alaskans while at the same time partnering with these oil companies for the mutual benefit of all.

    Ethics Reform and Transparency

    Ethics reform was the hallmark of Palin’s governorship. She was swept into office on a reform message in a state with a serious corruption problem. Alaska at the time was undergoing a federal investigation that culminated in the indictment of various corrupt lawmakers. Palin had made a name for herself as an ethics crusader when she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservative Commission and blew the whistle on fellow commissioner and state GOP head Randy Ruedrich for doing party business on state time. This resulted in Ruedrich receiving a $12,000 fine—the largest civil fine for ethics in the state’s history. Alaskans respected the fact that Palin was not afraid of taking on the establishment of her own party.

    As governor, Palin fought for and signed sweeping bipartisan ethics legislation, which restricted lobbyists, improved disclosure laws, and improved executive and legislative branch ethics laws. In the face of corruption, she continued to take on her own party when it was necessary. She also increased transparency by releasing her oil tax bill to her constituents 17 days prior to the special legislative session, opening up natural gas pipeline deals to all potential parties, putting the state checkbook online, and not allowing lobbyists in her office.


    Palin forward funded education to allow districts greater flexibility, supported increased vocational training and early education funding, opened up opportunity to Alaskan students to participate in regional medical schools, and increased overall funding for special needs education by 175% (before she herself became the mother of son with special needs). Believing that the best reform was close to home, Palin wisely also chose to monitor rather than participate in national standards for education.

    Health Care

    Palin introduced health care transparency legislation that established an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality and cost to help them make better-informed health care decisions. Recognizing that health care must be market-and business
    driven, rather than restricted by government, Palin proposed repeal of Certificate of Need—a layer of bureaucracy that prevents medical facility development. She established the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council, reduced Medicaid assessments by 83%, and expanded Alaska’s SeniorCare benefits program for low-income seniors.

  • ZH100

    ‘Winning an Emmy by Gaming the Truth’

    From the article:

    "Shame on HBO for producing this hit piece. Shame on Julianne Moore and the rest of the rogues’ gallery who made up the cast for starring in it. And shame on the Emmys for rewarding the slander and deception that went into making it."

    • ZH100

      ‘HBO’s “Game Change” Creates A New Film Genre–Histrionic, Historical Fiction’

      • ZH100

        "In an interview on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” McCain said “From everything I’ve read and heard, it doesn’t even resemble what took place,” she said. “I can go to Disneyland for fiction.”

        • ZH100

          ‘Game Change’: A made-up narrative from two axe-grinders."

          From the article:

          "From watching “Game Change,” this much is clear: (1) Steve Schmidt is an absolutely brilliant campaign strategist who gave Sen. John McCain the idea to put “Country First” (it had never occurred to the war hero); and (2) Nicolle Wallace is a demure, yet quietly ingenious, media savant who can handle any crisis.

          Oh, but wait: Mr. Schmidt ran one of the worst campaigns in the history of presidential elections, losing to a first-term senator from Illinois with no experience governing anything, and Ms. Wallace let the entire message of the McCain campaign be overrun by — “Saturday Night Live”?

          I spent a year of my life on the McCain campaign, and I can tell you this: Nuh uh. “Game Change” is a ridiculous farce of a movie — even more absurd as a chronicle of a major historical event — that appears to have been written mostly by Mr. Schmidt and Ms. Wallace, two players who have major axes to grind with the higher-ups of the McCain campaign."

          • ZH100

            ‘The Truth HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Hides: Palin Carried McCain Until He Changed the Game’

            From the article:

            "I briefly served as a volunteer speechwriter on the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008. I was never part of the inner circle, and even if I had "dirt" to dish, I wouldn’t dare violate the confidentiality agreement I signed – even though that hasn’t stopped some former McCain campaign aides from publicly blaming Gov. Sarah Palin for everything that went wrong.

            But here’s the truth about the McCain-Palin campaign, which HBO’s upcoming "Game Change" film attempts to shroud in fanciful anti-Palin fiction: Palin carried the campaign.

            On the ground in New Hampshire, where I volunteered after classes and on weekends, Palin’s nomination had led to a sudden groundswell of support. Where McCain had struggled to fill an arena, lines outside events featuring Palin seemed miles long. She had awakened and rallied the conservative base.

            And then, just as quickly, after the bailout vote, support for the Republican ticket collapsed."


  • qtdb7
    • lanahi

      Great link, Iam!

      "Our country didn’t weather a Revolution, two World Wars, a Civil War, a Great Depression, and countless other political and economic storms, just to be sunk by the dangerous policies of this current administration," Palin wrote. "We’re stronger than this. As President Reagan said, ‘I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.'"

      Palin concluded by urging Republicans to get ready for the 2014 midterm elections: "So, do something. 2014 is just around the corner. Get motivated! Get organized. America, don’t retreat. In the words of yet another White House program, ‘Let’s move.'"

  • Joseph Agibinik

    Good morning, be safe and live well…..just to irritate a liberal.  Even with all that we are having to put up with; the economy, rules, regulations, liars, thieves, murderers, deceivers, rino’s, democrates, lame stream media…..Life is good.  Thank-you all for all that you do for our GREAT country!  Peace.  Hope.  Love.  Only in the  United States of America are all three of these possible.  Todd Palin, the first First Dude of America!

  • lanahi

    Mark Levin discusses the buy-up of ammunition by the feds.

    If you google it, you will also see that the feds bought up most of the supplies of long-term storage foods a year or so ago, which left a shortage for private individuals to buy.  At the same time this was going on, the federal agents were asking these companies for their customer lists.  Google it.

    The feds are prepared.  Are you?

    In an economic/societal collapse, there will be much looting and fighting over food.  Can you imagine a scenario where the feds would trade you food for your guns? 

    Scary thoughts.

    More optimistic news:
    Gun suppliers are refusing to sell to agents of states with strict gun control laws:

  • ZH100

    More lies from the LSM in order to vilify Gov.Palin and her family.

    ‘Hair-Gate II – Bristol Palin Adjusts Her Mother’s Hair-Clip'(December 13 2010)

    From the article:

    "The media really have outdone themselves this weekend. Throwing anything and everything at Governor Palin during her humanitarian trip to Haiti, including their own stupidity.

    This time, the press went nuts insinuating that Governor Palin brought her hairdresser along with her to the impoverished nation. But it wasn’t the governor’s hairdresser in the picture they note as evidence.

    It was Bristol, simply adjusting her mother’s hair-clip."

    • ZH100

       ‘Dr. Gina Loudin talks to Larry O’Connor to expose slime job Vanity Fair produced on Governor Palin’ (Sep 05, 2010)

      • wodiej

        I don’t know how I missed this one ZH but I so appreciate your work at providing resources and information.  This was especially wonderful.

        This one is unbelievable.  God envelops Gov. Palin with legions of Guardian Angels.  And these people who are so full of hate are to be pitied. 

    • wodiej

      these people truly are deranged.  Good grief.  thanks for all the great stuff.

      • ZH100

         You are welcome, wodiej

  • ZH100

    ‘Jewel on Palin’ (Sep 03, 2010)

  • ZH100

    ‘Vietnam Vet, Dave Roever, Gets Makeup Done By Governor Palin’ (Sep 04, 2010)

  • wodiej

    ?"At my first defense no one came to stand by me, but all deserted me. May it not be charged against them! But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. So I was rescued from the lion’s mouth. The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever. Amen." 

    2 Timothy 4:16-18

    • Jthom26837


  • Jthom26837

     It’s safe to say, Marco Rubio’s the flavor of the week. Saul Alinsky’s Tactic no. 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. Mr. Rubio’s getting his share big time this week.

    • Guest

       His Bush handlers thought they were being smart azzes plastering all over the web that he was now selling the water bottle.

      Instead the TEA party patriots smacked him right across the face labeling him Jeb’s Waterboy!

      We are smarter than them and better at Rules for Radicals.

      • Jthom26837

         Right On!
         I stand with Sarah Palin!!

  • Joseph Agibinik

    Anyone here ever watch any of The Patriot Nurse video’s?  Just thinking out loud, thought maybe someone might be interested in learning something off topic, whatever that might be.  She is a nurse and she has a way of teaching me things that I did not know, and that I did not know that I should know.  Like I said, just wondering.  Have a great day, be safe, and thank-you all for what you do for our GREAT country!

  • ZH100

    ‘Internal Walmart Email: ‘Sales Are a Total Disaster’

    From the article:

    "An internal email from Walmart Vice President Jerry Murray said February “sales are a total disaster” and mark the worst sales start of any month in seven years.

    “In case you haven’t seen a sales report these days, February (month-to-date) sales are a total disaster," wrote Murray in a February 12 email to executives. "The worst start to a month I have seen in my (about) 7 years with the company."

    The recent hike in payroll taxes is dragging down sales for discount retailers like Wal-Mart. With less disposable cash in their wallets, lower-income shoppers have less to spend.

    The bad news comes on the heels of a lackluster January for the major retailer.

    "Have you ever had one of those weeks where your best-prepared plans weren’t good enough to accomplish everything you set out to do?" wrote Walmart Vice President for U.S. Replenishment Cameron Geiger in a February 1 email to Walmart executives. "Well, we just had one of those weeks here at Walmart U.S. Where are all the customers? And where’s their money?"

    Walmart is America’s largest employer."

    • MaMcGriz

       Walmart is not a place we’ve gone very often, but after hearing of their capitulation to the anti gun camp, it’s now a place to which we won’t go. 

      I won’t support businesses that openly disrespect my values and my legal rights.

      • MaMcGriz

         Thanks as always, Z.

        • ZH100

           You are welcome,MaMcGriz

    • CBDenver

      The Walmart near me has expanded their grocery section, so it appears they are trying to sell more staples that people must have rather than optional items.   There was also a grocery chain (Albertons’s) that was sold and Walmart picked up some of the stores in Colorado.  Walmart is branding these grocery stores as "Neighborhood Market".

      I guess this is what happens when cheap stuff from China is no longer readily available.  Now maybe if we can start manufacturing some inexpensive goods here in America we can start selling that and fill the gap

    • Audrey_I

      A downturn in Waltmart sales confirms that there has been no recovery.  America is still mirred in a recession.  It is my opinion that much of the Federal Government economic statistics is bogus.  The Obama administration is messaging the data. 

    • barracuda43

      Hi ZH. I can tell you from inside information that Fed Ex is in financial difficulty also. You will see big layoffs coming fairly soon.

  • wodiej
    • Pete Petretich

      He must be trying to ingratiate himself with elderly Texans. LBJ brought home tons of pork over the years, including NASA pork.

      • golfmom3

        The National Arab Support Agency?  We don’t do no more silly space exploration, we work for the Caliphate.

      • fb274

         Those elderly Texans are dead and gone and are not voting as is the case in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvia and other swing states, with the exception of those in the district of Shelia Jackson Lee.   Jeb is just pandering to libs/dems in general as he thinks (per Rove) this would constitute a win-win for him.  Additionally, Texas does not need Pork.  It needs to get the FEDs out of the "management" of Texas; i.e., regulations, mandates, having to have Feds approve voting laws, etc.
        We are standing proudly behind our new Senator, Ted Cruz, for whom Gov. Palin endorsed and campaigned for against the establishment/elites.

    • CVA9

      I blame LBJ for the out of hand "Welfare State" and a lot of unsolved mysteries

      • Pete Petretich

        Also, the destruction of the black family in America.

        • Jthom26837

           Hear, hear!

    • Guest

       Sarah, I’m begging you, "Smack this toad with your nightstick!"

      • Pete Petretich

        Is that a quote from LBJ?

    • mark1955

      Jeb, Your Brother already tried that. Coming to a dead stop in Iraq after our brilliant military got an initial victory and settled down into a ‘Winning the Hearts and Minds’ campaign reminiscent of LBJ in Viet Nam, that now has us mired in the two longest wars ( Including Afghanistan ) i n American History. Nothing at all done about Iran who is now building bases on our door step in Venezuela. Socially, also like LBJ, a massive expansion of social welfare programs while conducting a war you had no intention of winning by expanding medicaid, secret food stamp program with the mexican government for their illegals here in our Country. " Too Big To Fail". Bailing out of auto companies,TARP,Stimulous. Outreach to muslim’s inside of our intelligience agencies via Michael Chertoff. The TSA,DHS, Patriot Act. Open borders. Finally sending out your chief henchmen Karl Rove, to sick your former Florida press spokes person Nicolle Wallace, to undermine the finest political leader and talent since President Ronald Reagan, Governor Sarah Palin, inorder to destroy her so you could one day be President. Jeb, you your Brother, Father and the rest of your malignant family are alot like LBJ already. Hey Jeb i almost forgot, Your Father put a hit on President Reagan when he was Vice President ( Fortunately unsuccessful ) Like LBJ when he was Vice President, put on President Kennedy ( Unfortunately successful ) . Yes you guys are alike.

      • Audrey_I

        I watched Karl Rove’s interview on Sean Hannity after Christine O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle.   Karl Rove sabotaged Christine O’Donnell’s campaign for US Senate.  Karl Rove is a disgusting SOB. 

        Here is the U-Tube interview of Karl Rove with Hannity.

        • mark1955

          Karl Rove was also the one who sabotaged Conservative republican Dan Bongino’s( Who Governor Palin endorsed ) senate campaign,by running behind the scene’s his neo-con buddy, iranian/American businessman Rob Sobhani as a third party candidate in the general election. Rove knew Sobhani would take votes away from Conservative Dan Bongino and which would allow the lefty dem candidate to win the senate seat. The GOPe are all NWO radical lefties. Accordingly, they want to keep moving Our Country left so it can be destroyed from the inside, for their Rockefeller/Rotschild Bankster Masters. Rove and company don’t care if a dem wins as long as the Country keeps moving left.

        • smbren

          That segment is what turned me against him totally. Regardless one’s feelings on O’Donnel, his Kanye West moment of slaughtering her during her acceptance speech was the lowest of low. He is a tool. I had actually purchased his book, and after that segment I donated it to a senior living community. I never attempted to read any part of it.

        • barracuda43

          You are exactly right. No matter what people think of O’donnell she was sabotaged by Rove on TV at the moment she was giving her primary victory speech.Rove called her a Liar on Fox news as she was speaking and started the onslaught against her. The lefttist corrupt media pounced on his remarks right away.    

    • M_Minnesota

      That would probably mean he would agree with then U.S. Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson putting up a penalty to Pastors to lose thier Non Profit status if they Preach Boldly against one candidate or another.

      Thus creating a passive American Pastorate.

      • golfmom3

        Except for African-American churches which are always open for Prigressive political rhetoric

      • Polarbearpapa

        The loss of the American Christian’s right to "Let the pulpit resound with the voice of Liberty"…was the beginning of the end for religious freedom, that the Church would rather they get a TAX break rather than preach the WORD boldly whether or not it meant losing their TAX exemption status or not……. showed that mammon was the new god in America….

        I have looked through the scriptures for years and never found the scripture that said..

        Thou shall not preach the Word against your rulers when thy turn from God and turn aside to Idols…… that you may not have to pay taxes…….

  • Pete Petretich

    Have you attacked Karl Rove yet today?

    If not why not?


  • palin45potus

    Good Morning all!

    I’m sipping coffee and perusing the news of the day.

    Happy that the cruise ship passengers actually made new friendships during their ordeal.  

    Amazed that JEB would stick his foot in his mouth so badly with his LBJ aspirations.  This is something you just couldn’t have made up!

    Glad to hear that Dr Carson’s been received well, but not ready to hand him the GOP nomination.

    Also glad to see that Marco Rubio is getting a bit of a grilling about being JEB’s Waterboy.  The humility will do him good.

    Hoping that John McCain realizes that Ted Cruz is the future of the GOP, not his pals in the media who are working with the Dems across the aisle to use John against Ted if he lets them do so.

    Well, it’s time to head off to Home Depot to pick up some gardening supplies.  The Honey-Do list is lengthy so I gotta get moving.  Have fun today!

    • Polarbearpapa

       gardening supplies?….
      ……I have a 4 1/2  ft snowdrift thru by back yard….and you are going for gardening supplies?..

      • mark1955

        We had almost the same thing here in Massachusetts exactly one week ago.

        • Polarbearpapa

          As I heard said the other day…."It’s a huge storm on the East Coast, ….In Alaska..that’s just Friday"…

          • mark1955

            Yes, just a stroll in the park for you guy’s.  Then again,if your roads were the same as alot of ours are here, meaning the same width as they were during the late 1600’s and 1700’s cow path’s, even half a foot can be difficult.

          • senator20526

             …you think you have problems…all these Canadians strolling around in their shorts…don’t they know the temperature is only 75 degrees?

      • palmerguy

        I’m going out to get with the program behind a snowblower in a couple of minutes.

      • jester2939

        I can’t even fathom that. What do you do to keep from getting cabin fever?

        • Polarbearpapa

          Well…..When your daily work day and commute take up 12-13 hours of the day are just too tired to care…….LOL

    • jester2939

      Morning 45!! This weekend is perfect for gardening – 70s and sunny in Dallas. I probably need to do some weeding, as those little buggers are taking over my strawberry patch. The daffodils are on their way out and dandelions are popping up. I saw my first hyacinth yesterday while walking my dog. Dang, spring came early this year!!!

      • MaMcGriz

         Y’all knock it off.

        Yer gonna give me spring fever and up here we’re still MONTHS away from the start of gardening season.

        WHAAAAAAAA!  [snivel snivel]


        • AZStandingBy

          i had to start watering my lawn in calif. sorry

    • c4pfan

      I think McCain is jealous and when he’s not getting the attention that the media gives, he does this.

    • amaze830

      The Republican base is not going to nominate Jeb Bush, especially if he is saying he is like LBJ.  I hope whoever is running against him for the nombination use this sound bite against him.

  • paul

    Great piece

    • Kathleen

      Not gonna click.  If "FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof" liked your link, it can’t be the truth.  So I’ve flagged you.

      • paul

        I suspect that you are both Kathleeen and Fedsmadesarah4proof. Sorry too many people have discovered the truth. Remember "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt,as far as possible, all things." Descartes. The piece is an article by Professor James Tracy FAU people should read it. Remember what CIA director Wm Casey said. Our disinformation program will be complete when everything the people believe is false.

        • MaMcGriz

           And for your disruptive and disrespectful behavior I’ll happily report you to the mods.

          Had you simply posted your link in a more reasonable way there’d likely have been no problem.

          Your choice to start up with the name calling and infighting was a mistake, and I’m not inclined to sit by quietly and allow you to start a flame war without being confronted about it.

          If you’ll include a brief description with the links you post, I think it will help a lot.

          • paul

            You sound like a democrat. Show me the name calling . I will put you in the Kathleen(Fedsmade) camp. People can judge for themselves. BTW have you ever wondered how the media reported they found Dorner"s wallet twice  USA said found in cabin. LA times reported found near boat . The wallet at the burned cabin is like the passport at world trade center. Does anyone ask any questions anymore.

            • AZStandingBy

              constant conspiracy theories wear thin. as do the bush mafia posts.

            • senator20526

               I heard driver license at the cabin, not wallet.

    • jester2939

      Can you explain what the piece is about? I don’t like clicking on links unless I know something about it. Thanks.

      • paul

        The double standard on the reporting of the Dorner coverage by the media and the Sandy Hook coverage.

    • CBDenver

      This isn’t a very good article at all.  The author notes the differences between the media coverage of Sandy Hook versus Chris Dohrner without noting the important differences between the events.  Sandy Hook occurred quickly, and all the media had to cover was the aftermath.  In contrast, the Dohrner case involved a days-long manhunt, where the hunt for Dohrner itself became the story and the actions he committed were indicental.  In the latter case the media played up the manhunt angle in order to sell more papers day-after-day.  In the former case there was no such dramatic story to tell.  The drama was in the tragedyof the aftermath.  If the writers of the site linked to want to emphasize the conspiracy angle, they need to work harder to find an "angle" because this ain’t it.

      • paul

        Most people that don’t rely on the MSM and have gone to alternative media have been awaken to the propaganda that they have been fed for years. This is Wayne Carver the coroner. Does he act like a person who understands how the parents of the childern feel.He is suppose to be a coroner with years of experience.

  • MaMcGriz

    This cannot be repeated often enough:

    "Now THESE are the "guys/gals" who have to be hounded across the
    country–editors, station managers, etc. These are the true Leftists!
    The "journalists" are IQ starved lemmings. An Editor/Reporter
    relationship is as close as you get to a Master/Slave relationship with
    the difference that the reporter usually worships the editor. A slave
    knew that he/she was a slave. 

    I’ll say it till I drop–NONE of what’s happening would be possible
    in our wildest dreams without the media’s actively causing it to happen,
    and their mask is off. They’re ground zero. If they stay as is, we’ll
    never be a free Republic. A voice like Levin here, a good website there
    ain’t gonna cut it. They’ve massively violated the Constitution by
    destroying a free press. Dismantling them is a duty!

    No Leftist press, no Obama.

    No Leftist press, no Left!

    Just that simple.

    Reposted from a nearby thread…

    Thank you MarkRNY.

    Dismantling them IS our duty.

    • blueniner

      Aint it the truth…..

  • MaMcGriz

    Governor Palin wrote, "don’t wait for or rely on government to do anything for you."

    She’s right as always.

    Sadly, after a life of hard work and self reliance, we’re not looking at what the government can do for us, but in fact we’re most concerned for what the government intends to do TO us.

    • jester2939

      Yes. As Reagan said, and I don’t remember the exact words, but he said some of the scariest words to hear are "I’m from the government, and I’m here to help." :-P

      • John B. Hefmier

        He stated that his first Inaugral Address. The scariest 9 words in the English Language, to be more precise.

        • jester2939

          Ah, thanks John! I’m sorry I’m just now responding, but for some reason Disqus isn’t notifying me of replies to my posts by email. I first noticed that last night.

  • Jonathan Poletti

    Love that Naomi Wolf at Al Jazeera is "good for civil society in America." Gov. Palin doing so is, to Suzi Parker, "a cautionary tale about what can happen when politics and celebrity meet." 

  • hrandym

    Question: what’s a 3-day weekend?

    I really don’t know exactly what Mr. Hussein is, but he certainly is no American President.  We’ve had some poor ones in the past, but at least they were POOR ones and not such aggressively destructive ones, and none can touch Hussein’s talent for duplicity (I hope no one objects to my using Mr. Abummer’s middle name).

    The Democrat cry concerning who has money and who doesn’t reminds me of comments by one of my cousins, and by my Grandfather.  My cousin operated a refueling truck for a contractor, and my Grandfather was a dairy farmer (the farm I was raised on).  My cousin told me once concerning his job and his foreman, "We do all the work and he gets all the money."  My Grandfather said if you observe a construction site, the man standing watching others doing tasks is the hardest working one of the group.  Quite a contrast in perception, but hopefully makes a point concerning the ‘rich’ who have worked for it.  They worked harder and smarter, and by the grace of God and our Forefathers were able to gain through the fruits of their labor.  Appreciate the one who is willing to risk, take personal responsibility.  He will bring others in his wake for the benefit of all.  Untethered by government, they can do more for life and charity than all government combined, and they don’t have to deduct the high cost of a detached bureaucratic administration.  The difference: the bureaucrats didn’t have to ‘earn’ the money they are spending and it shows.

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