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The Iron Dog commences today.

For the children….


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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    A Happy and Blessed Sunday to you all!!

    Good luck, Todd and Scott, in the Iron Dog!!

    Below is the commentary on the next page of her beautiful first book, Going Rogue.

    Commentary on previous pages, along with photographs, may be found at:

    The site has been updated through the most recent page, with several new photographs.

    I shall see you later on this week.

    God bless you all always!!

    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016!!!



    On p. 115 of GR, Sarah continues with her discussion of the 2005-2006 campaign for the Governorship of Alaska. Around the time of the August, 2006 primary vote, she participated in a debate against incumbent Governor Frank Murkowski and John Binkley. She writes, "Back and forth they [Murkowski and Binkley] went until the moderator couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

    "We switched to more serious topics like gross versus net oil taxes, but they kept their claws out. I sat back in my chair and let them bicker. Then, just as their ears turned red and they had to come up for air, I leaned forward and let the mom in me flow out. ‘Come on, guys,’ I said, ‘I really think Alaskans deserve a better discourse than this.’ I spent a couple of moments turning down the volume of their spat, then pivoted back on message. It was another good night for us.

    "It wasn’t the last time I’d find that there’s no better training ground for politics than motherhood. At one point during the general election, motherhood became the focus of a unique line of questioning. In my responses to a series of debate questions on abortion, I remained consistent and sincere, explaining how personal and sensitive the issue is and that good people can disagree.

    "But the debate moderator decided to personalize his hypotheticals with a series of ‘What if …’ questions. He asked:

    " ‘If a woman were, say, raped …’

    " ‘… I would choose life.’

    " ‘If your daughter were pregnant …’

    " ‘Again, I would choose life.’

    " ‘If your teenage daughter got pregnant …’

    " ‘I’d counsel a young parent to choose life … consider adoption,’ I answered.

    "I calmly repeated my answers to all of his ‘what-ifs,’ then looked pointedly to my right and my left, to one opponent, then the other. Then I returned to the moderator and said, ‘I’m confident you’ll be asking the other candidates these same questions, right?’ Of course, he didn’t."

    Besides the obvious fact that Sarah was singled out for nasty special treatment, for nasty grilling, on the abortion question, what can we learn from this magnificent passage from GR?

    First, Sarah stands by and on her principles. These principles are like a solid rock, a firmly constructed platform or launching pad from which she is able to launch herself forward into battle.

    Second, she is a great strategist and tactician.

    Let us consider this second point first.

    I believe that her debate with Murkowski and Binkley was a microcosm of today’s National Debate. I think that the Governor’s macro-strategy in the war for America may be similar to the tactics that she executed on the night of the Murkowski/Binkley confrontation.

    Just as in the 2006 debate she bided her time, just as she waited … and waited … and waited, just as she allowed her two opponents to rip and tear into each other, and then, and then, at just the right and the ripe moment, in one brilliant and bravura-filled stroke, set herself apart from both of them, so I think that she may allow all of the politicos from the GOPe and the Left to rip away at each other, and then, at the precise and perfect moment, strike with a pithy and powerful stroke that will begin to win masses of Americans to her battle standard of Constitutional Liberty!!

    The Democratic and Republican Establishments are two sides of the same counterfeit coin. At the very moment when millions of her fellow citizens will be saying to themselves, "THIS is all we have for ‘leaders’???!!!!"–at just that instant, America’s gold double-eagle coin will reveal, by virtue of a searing and scintillating contrast, what a REAL leader, what a REAL stateswoman, what a REAL patriot looks like!!

    As to the first point that was made above, it is the Governor’s fidelity to her conscience, to her heart, to her principles that will make her and her POTUS candidacy appealing to millions upon millions of disaffected Americans, and especially to folks who have DROPPED OUT of all participation in the political process, due to disgust at BOTH Parties.

    People respect guts; they respect sincerity; they respect the REAL DEAL.

    Ronald Reagan won vast, wide, and deep support and affection from the American People because, even when some individuals disagreed with him on SOME PARTICULAR issues, in GENERAL they sensed that he was real; that he meant what he said; that they could TRUST him!!!

    I think that it will be the same for our dear Governor.


    She doesn’t defend life with just WORDS alone (but words can be very good, very powerful, very efficacious); but, beyond words, the Governor brought her precious little Trig into this world.

    Guys, she is REAL; she is an expert tactician; she is a master strategist.

    I am filled with hope in these late-winter days of February, as we wait and pray, wait and pray, wait and pray to see what the Lord has in mind for America and for Sarah.

    Nature is preparing to awaken, to arise; springtide is knocking and knocking at the threshold and at the door. So I believe our beloved country is about to rise up in righteous rebellion against the evil and self-pampering, self-serving, traitorous Permanent Political Class.

    I believe that, after the horror-filled years of barack hussein obama, the Chicago and Saul-Alinsky political thug, hypocrite, manipulator, liar, and would-be destroyer of America and of the West, glory is just around the corner.

    POST TENEBRAS, LUX–After Darkness, Light!!

    POST NOCTEM, AURORA–After the Night, Dawn!!!

    • blueniner

      Nice post Brian, something caught my eye, that if Sarah ever enters the Presidential sweepstakes (in which I sure hope she does) in the debates, that comment of "The Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the counterfit coin". Sarah could say if she is running as a Republican in the debates, she can say that above comment and say "I am trying to restore this party for what it was and intended to be, and not a corrupt party it has become just like the Democrat party, we can do better that that, and the people deserve better."

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Niner!!

  • ZH100

    Good morning all

    Excellent article about Gov.Palin’s record of accomplishments.

    ‘Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?’

    From the article:

    Executive Authority and Success

    Palin was the first female and youngest governor to be elected in Alaska, which is tied for the second most powerful governorship in the United States, according to Thad Beyle, a political scientist at the University of North Carolina.

    Budgeting and Spending

    Palin cut state spending between 2007 and 2010 by 9.5% while also reducing federal earmark requests by more than 80% during her tenure. She used her line-item veto to cut more than a quarter billion in superfluous spending in both 2007 and 2008. In 2009, she instituted a temporary hiring freeze, while at the same time reducing spending by more than 33% between FY2009 and FY2010.

    In stark contrast to President Obama and other governors whose fiscal records are dogged by credit downgrades, Palin left Alaska with an improved credit rating during and following her tenure as governor. Standard & Poor’s raised Alaska’s credit rating from AA to AA+ in April 2008. Then in 2010, both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s upgraded Alaska to AAA for the first time in the state’s history due to policies enacted by Palin that made the state’s finances more than solvent.


    Under Palin’s leadership, Alaska was 2nd in job growth, and 3rd in the change in its unemployment rate, compared to the other states. Alaska also saw a record number of oil jobs in both 2008 and 2009, while natural resource and logging jobs increased 13.7% during Palin’s tenure.

    In fact, Palin’s record on jobs compared to the country as a whole was stronger than the President’s and other prominent governors’ during their respective tenures

    Business Growth

    Alaska was an opportunity society under Palin. Alaska moved up from the 4th most business tax-friendly state to the 3rd most business tax-friendly state during her tenure.

    Palin was a firm believer in tax cuts. In addition to lowering unemployment insurance tax rates, she cut business license fees in half, suspended the state motor fuel tax, and signed legislation, allowing Alaska-based businesses the same opportunities as out-of-state businesses. All of this was consistent with her record as Mayor of Wasilla, where she eliminated small business inventory taxes and cut property tax mill levies every year she was in office.


    Energy issubeteutiful photoses are Palin’s forte, and her record proves it. In 2007, Governor Palin signed ACES—Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share—a net tax on oil profits that was passed in a bipartisan and transparent manner. ACES replaced the corruption-tainted oil tax plan of the previous administration, which was passed in secret and ultimately lead to the federal indictment of several Alaskan state officials and oil company personnel. Furthermore, ACES provided oil companies with incentives to develop. The progressivity of the tax meant producers were protected when oil prices were low, but the interest of the resource owners—the people of Alaska—were appropriately protected as well to achieve a fair return for their resource.

    Most importantly, ACES led to jobs, increased development, and a huge surplus for Alaska.

    Perhaps Palin’s biggest energy achievement was spearheading the creation of the Alaska natural gas pipeline. After five decades of unsuccessful attempts by Alaskan administrations to bring a gas pipeline project into existence, Palin and her team introduced the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA) in March 2007. AGIA passed the Legislature by a vote of 57-1 in May of that year.

    Unlike the behind-closed-doors cronyism of past administrations, Palin’s AGIA legislation was conducted out in the open and made use of a genuine free-market competitive bidding process. Palin’s AGIA placed not only Alaska, but also the nation, further on the path toward energy independence.

    Palin played hardball with the big oil companies in her state. According to the Alaska state constitution, Alaskans are the resource owners in their state; and it was Palin’s duty as their CEO to get the best deal for Alaskans while at the same time partnering with these oil companies for the mutual benefit of all.

    Ethics Reform and Transparency

    Ethics reform was the hallmark of Palin’s governorship. She was swept into office on a reform message in a state with a serious corruption problem. Alaska at the time was undergoing a federal investigation that culminated in the indictment of various corrupt lawmakers. Palin had made a name for herself as an ethics crusader when she chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservative Commission and blew the whistle on fellow commissioner and state GOP head Randy Ruedrich for doing party business on state time. This resulted in Ruedrich receiving a $12,000 fine—the largest civil fine for ethics in the state’s history. Alaskans respected the fact that Palin was not afraid of taking on the establishment of her own party.

    As governor, Palin fought for and signed sweeping bipartisan ethics legislation, which restricted lobbyists, improved disclosure laws, and improved executive and legislative branch ethics laws. In the face of corruption, she continued to take on her own party when it was necessary. She also increased transparency by releasing her oil tax bill to her constituents 17 days prior to the special legislative session, opening up natural gas pipeline deals to all potential parties, putting the state checkbook online, and not allowing lobbyists in her office.


    Palin forward funded education to allow districts greater flexibility, supported increased vocational training and early education funding, opened up opportunity to Alaskan students to participate in regional medical schools, and increased overall funding for special needs education by 175% (before she herself became the mother of son with special needs). Believing that the best reform was close to home, Palin wisely also chose to monitor rather than participate in national standards for education.

    Health Care

    Palin introduced health care transparency legislation that established an Alaska health care information office to give consumers factual information on quality and cost to help them make better-informed health care decisions. Recognizing that health care must be market-and business
    driven, rather than restricted by government, Palin proposed repeal of Certificate of Need—a layer of bureaucracy that prevents medical facility development. She established the Alaska Health Strategies Planning Council, reduced Medicaid assessments by 83%, and expanded Alaska’s SeniorCare benefits program for low-income seniors.

  • Craig Phillips

    Oh Man…its an EARLY morning when anyone can beat Brother Brianus & ZH100 to the first comment lol…and its evening here anyway in Sydney ( 8:30pm Sunday night ).

    Oh well at least we don’t live in the past like you North Americans ( about 12 – 16 hours in the past that is )!

    Edited to add ZH100 too!

    I stand with Sarah Palin; Hands across the Pacific Ocean!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Greetings, Craig!!

    • misterlogic0013

       they are the backbone of this site ..

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Misterlogic!!

  • Jthom26837

     Gooo, Todd Palin!!!
     I stand with Sarah Palin!!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Jthom!!

    • john norton

      We all stand with Sarah…even the drones too … LOL

  • ZH100

     ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ star and Iraq War veteran ‘impressed’ by Sarah and Todd Palin (July ,2012)

    From the article:

    ‘And while audiences might be blown away by the skills and danger exerted on the highly-anticipated program, McLaren was personally blown away by Todd and Sarah Palin, and admitted that he thinks of them very differently now than before they met.

    “I like hanging out with Todd and Sarah a lot. They walked into my trailer, and obviously we disagree on some issues. I am a libertarian guy – socially liberal and an avid supporter of gay marriage, but I am pro-gun rights and pro-life, and we made off like regular people. I was teaching Todd how to shoot grenades, we were hanging from helicopters together 60 feet above the ground and we were swimming together with full gear on,” he enthused. “The thing that impressed me most is that Todd is a commercial fisherman in Alaska, he is pretty hardcore. He even won a challenge with a broken arm! He really earned my respect.”

    McLaren also noted that even though his friends are shocked that he has become such good friends with the high-profile Republican couple, the portrayal of the Palins in the media is often vastly distorted.

    “Todd and Sarah Palin are the nicest people I have ever met,” he said. “I love America and they love America. They may not agree with me on my stance on gay marriage, but that is their personal view and I respect that. That’s what is so great about being American.”

  • ZH100

    Debunking the false media portrayal of Gov.Palin as being "rigid and intolerant".

    From "Going Rogue":

    "Then he changed gears, shifting the topic to social issues. He seemed impressed when I told him that people in my own family disagree on some issues like abortion, but that we don’t argue over it at the dinner table. I have one relative who expresses her pro-choice position articulately.

    My own pro-life opinion diverges from hers by 180 degrees, and we’ve had great, civil discussions on the topic.

    It would later amaze my family and friends that the Obama-Biden camp and their media friends painted me as rigid and intolerant. It was assumed that I refused to hear alternative points of view and used topics like abortion and homosexual marriage as a political litmus test.

    I explained that I had never asked anyone, including the Democrats I appointed, what their position on abortion was, and I didn’t discuss my opinion on homosexuality with cabinet members or judicial appointees, either.
    Schmidt seemed surprised and pleased, even when I reiterated that I was solidly pro-life and hoped they would never try to temper my position on the issue.

    Then we talked about gay marriage. That’s when I told them about Tilly, my junior high friend and college roommate, who, after college, decided to openly live her lifestyle she chose with her partner. To me, she was still Tilly. I loved her dearly-loved the whole Ketchum family. I explained to Schmidt that I opposed homosexual marriage, but that didn’t seem too controversial in the campaign since the Democrat candidate for president held the same position."

  • ZH100

    Gov.Palin has been an avid reader since an early age.

    From "Going Rogue":

    "Reading was a special bond between my mother and me. Mom read aloud to me-poetry by Ogden Nash and the Alaska writer Robert Service, along with snippets of prose.

    She would quote biblical proverbs and ask me to tell her what I thought. She found clever ways to encourage my love of the written word-by reading cookbooks, and jokes out of Reader’s Digest together, and writing letters to grandparents. My siblings were better athletes, cuter and more sociable than I, and the only thing they had to envy about me was the special passion for reading that I shared with out mother, who we all thought ranked somewhere up there with the female saints.

    When the VFW announced that I won a plaque in its annual flag poetry contest for my third-grade poem about Betsy Ross, Mom treated me like the new Emily Dickinson. Years later, when I won that patriotic group’s annual college scholarship, she was just as proud.

    My appetite for books connected my school reacher father and me, too. For my tenth birthday, his parents sent me The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Dad read it to us at night, I appreciate that now even more, realizing he spent all day teaching elementary school science and coaching high schoolers and then came home no doubt a bit tired of kids".

    Wes Vernon has written an excellent review of America by Heart for the Washington Times. He wrote this in his review: (December , 2010)

    From the article:

    "Sarah Palin has read the writings of such intellectual giants as Milton Friedman, Alexis de Tocqueville and Whittaker Chambers and such historical leaders as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

    In “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and the Flag,” she cites the published letters between John and Abigail Adams in this nation’s infancy as well as the speech of Calvin Coolidge (probably one of America’s most underrated presidents) on the occasion of this nation’s 150th birthday."

  • Joseph Agibinik

    This might not be appropriate, and yet I am going to do this anyway.  I wrote a poem that is not well written, the timing sucks, the rhyming is aweful, and yet…….to me it is good,true, has a message,a warning, hoping our country gets a clue.  So here goes.

    "Blessed to be born in the United States of America."

    My soul, my mind, my heart is crying.
    I hear the news, I read the blogs.
    Talk to my neighbors, strangers.

    Our country is in debt, and yet,
    Our politicians say it isn’t spending,
    That is the problem…..just need to tax more.

    Our country is corrupt, who do you trust?
    Schools getting shot up, theaters, resturaunts…..
    So the answer is to take our guns away?
    When have criminals ever followed the law?

    The greatest nation on earth.
    That is where I was born, now I am torn.
    We have slipped.  Caught off guard.
    Is it too late for us to stay GREAT?

    Be safe America, be prepared, stock up on supplies.
    Times are tough, and will only get tougher.
    Watch out for one another.

    Thank-you God, for letting me be born here.
    Thank-you soldiers, thank-you nurses, thank-you….
    Americans who love America.
    Thank-you. Thank-you.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      And thank YOU, Joseph, for sharing this with us!

  • wodiej

    "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, wodiej!!  Have a great Sunday!

  • ZH100

    Bristol post.

    ‘5 PHOTOS: Dad, Scott, Grandma, Grandpa, and the “Alaska Bushman”

  • ZH100

    Excellent read!

    ‘State of the Union: Incestuous Business Partnerships and Forced State Partnerships’ (by Whitney Pitcher)

    From the article:

    "Following President Obama’s State of the Union address earlier this week, Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rand Paul gave Republican and Tea Party rebuttals respectively. Both of them spoke on important points like outrageous spending, high taxes, and the need for choice in education. Senator Paul rightly highlighted both the GOP’s complicity in big spending and the President’s wrong stances on civil liberties and foreign policy while Senator Rubio barely touched these issues. However,there were two very big issues that the two Senators either insufficiently discussed or did not discuss at all–corporatism and federalism.

    True to form, during his State of the Union address, President Obama railed against corporate tax loopholes and deductions for the well connected, proving later in his speech that this was only talk. As Veronique de Rugy noted at the National Review, President Obama later called for special incentives and tax breaks for certain industries and sectors of his own choosing–manufacturing, clean energy, infrastructure and construction, housing, science and innovation, and education suppliers among others. Sadly, as Tim Carney at the Washington Examiner notes, neither Senator challenged the President on this sufficiently nor offered alternative solutions’

    Read the whole piece:

  • Pete Petretich

    REMINDER: Don’t forget to attack Karl Rove today.


    • RedDaveR

         Speak of the devil:  Rove is on RINO News Sunday now, getting very defensive about his record and his new PAC.  He knows he’s been stepping in it, but it’s a bit late for him to fix it now.

      • Margie Albano

        I like when Bob Woodward said his new book is going to be about people that won’t go away in politics then turned to Karl Rove and said he was going to devote 2 chapters to him. Karl looked red faced and a little bit squeamish. Bob got after him pretty good. 2 cheers to Bob Woodward, saying it to Karl’s face.

        • AZStandingBy

          someone needs to keep reminding rove that while his and many republican azzes were getting kicked in 2006 elections, there was one bright star winning in alaska for gov

          • Margie Albano

            I salivate just imagining how Sarah will school him when the time for endorsing candidates draws near. I don’t know if he will even make it that far, he is taking on water right now and his ship is sinking. Some of these pols are already disassociating themselves from him. He has become a source of ridicule.

        • dave7777

          I wonder how many chapters were devoted to Dick Morris?

        • john norton

          Sending Rove into obscurity wld suit me, us, the conservative movement jst fine … ~ !

      • jester2939

        Good. He should be defensive – apparently his endorsements aren’t worth snot.

      • Audrey_I

        The Romney presidential campaign was a total disaster.  Karl Rove was partly responsible for this election disaster.  Instead of being humble, Karl Rove is doubling down on his failed policies.  "Pride goeth before the fall".

  • daisy_mae

    Wow C4P!  Interviews on Sarahnet Radio, Ladonna Hale Curzon and Mr. L!  Put a smile on face without even listening yet :)  Thank you!  Prayers for all competing in the Iron Dog, go Team Palin/Davis!

  • mark1955 Two meteors and an astroid, all of a sudden. Call me cynical, but  i smell a Big, Fat, NWO Rockefeller/Rotschild ‘False Flag’ Rat in our future, over these so-called "Meteors" which look man made. Just a big Heads up on this and don’t buy any panic to take away more of our Right’s or declare martial law over an "Asteroid strike". Don’t believe anything Obama and company are trying to tell us. We already expect another Obama False Flag, in edition to this, over Firearms Bans is probably coming soon and don’t fall for any of that nonsense either!

    • WilliamShipley

      Meteors are real.  Look at the moon.  We get hit every once in a while.  They are a rare but serious threat, especially if one of any real size hits.

      • john norton

        And with cutbacks in Nasa we dont hve the eyes out there tht we need to notif we all had to get ofin this rock in a hurry we wld all be in trouble… !

  • stlouisix

    Obama administration winds down plan for ‘uninsurables’
    I’m certainly disappointed we won’t be able to serve everyone who has a need for this coverage

    Translation: "I’m certainly disappointed that you’re discovering what a sociopathic liar I was in regard to Obamacare!"

    Draft Immigration Bill Draws Criticism

    "Last month a bipartisan group of senators announced they had agreed on the general outline of an immigration plan. For his part, Obama has said he would not submit his own legislation to Congress so long as law makers acted ‘in a timely manner.’ If they failed, he said, ‘I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away.’

    "Clark Stevens, a White House spokesman, said Saturday that Obama still supports a bipartisan effort to craft a comprehensive immigration bill. ‘While the president has made clear he will move forward if Congress fails to act, progress continues to be made and the administration has not prepared a final bill to submit,’ he said in a statement."

    The unconstitutional arrogance of Obama and his minions is unbounded as they brazenly continue to flout the just laws of America for political advantage – the common good of the country in not securing its borders be damned!

    There needs to be an uprising led by "We the People" encouraging those members of the House and Senate who are still Americans in more than name only, which, sadly, excludes the present sorry GOPE leadership, telling Obama, in no uncertain terms, that he’s not going to get away with being a dictator willfully trashing The Constitution on a daily basis WITH TEETH!

    Here’s a novel thought! How about cutting off every penny of Obama’s funding which you should have started to do as a result of the election of 2010, Boehner, as you promised an electorate who gave you the power to do so, an angry electorate which you betrayed by continuously kowtowing to a two-bit commie punk who laughs at your impotence, Read, LACK OF GUTS, to stop him after going through your usual worthless bluster to do so?

  • Al B.

    Just for fun, here’s my personal take on the odds (if I were making book in Vegas) of winning in this year’s Irondog race:

    Team 17 (McKenna/VanMeter, defending champs, Ski-Doo sleds): 3-1

    Team 10 (Morgan/Olds, Polaris sleds): 9-2

    Team 2 (Sottosanti/Zwink, Polaris sleds): 6-1

    Team 11 (Davis/Palin, Ski-Doo sleds): 6-1

    Team 8 (Aklestad/Johnson, Ski-Doo sleds): 8-1

    Team 16 (Minnick/Olstad, Polaris sleds): 8-1

    Rest of field (33 teams): 16-1

    Obviously from the above, I think one of the six teams listed — which includes four of last year’s top five finishing teams — is a virtual lock to win the race. Seven of the twelve drivers listed above have crossed the finish line as an Irondog winner at least once in the last six years, including Scott Davis & Todd Palin.

    Handicapping aside, I think Todd and Scott Davis have a great shot this year.  They’ve got eleven Irondog titles between them in a contest where experience is a huge factor, and should be riding very competitive sleds this year.  There’s always an element of luck involved — avoiding major breakdowns is one of the elements — but they should be in the hunt ’til the end.

    Best wishes to all the racers for a safe and enjoyable race.  I’ll be "watching" on the GPS feed.

    • jester2939

      I think the fact that Palin and Davis came in 5th last year, despite all the mechanical problems, is a testament to their capabilities. Go guys!!! I’ll be watching too.

      • Al B.

        From what I can gather, Arctic Cat fuel consumption issues ate them up last year.  They apparently had to dial their speed back on the Yukon River legs just to avoid running out of gas, which gave them no chance to make up any ground.  They must have been extremely frustrated with the Cats to abruptly make the switch to Ski-Doo like they did.

      • AZStandingBy

        palin davis didnt ride together last year and i think todd came in second or third

        • Al B.

          Yes they did.  They came in 5th.

          • AZStandingBy

            geez. i could swear last year was when todd was running first or near first the whole way then his sled broke a ski right at the end. how did i miss a whole year? i guess i did

          • heshtesh

            It appears i’m like AZStandingBy and managed to miss the 2012 race as i was sure AZStandingBy was correct,talk about time flying by.

      • LibertyLass

        The race starts at 11:00 am Alaska time, is that 3 or 4 our time (East coast) ?

        • jester2939

          Should be 3:00.

    • john norton

      God Speed & Good Speed Team # 11 … ~ !

  • hrandym

    I asked for clarification on the Dick Act of 1903 regarding gun rights, a subject brought to my attention in an e-mail from a friend.  After reading the reference to the so-called "Dick Act", I felt discouraged.  It appeared to me to be a direct attack on State’s Rights and a usurpation of power over the National Guard for Federal purposes.  To me, it was and is a dangerous piece of legislation and has little to do with the Second Amendment, unless I have unwittingly misled myself.  Sorry to have cause anyone to waste their time, but at this juncture I see little if anything in the "Dick Act" that supports the Second Amendment. 

    IMHO the Second Amendment is sufficiently clear without need of sophisticated interpretation.  We have too many sophisticated interpretations of the Constitution already.  Language doesn’t get any more clear than stated in the Constitution.  Agreed some issues have come and gone, but the basis of the Constitution remains sound. 

    Many heralded interpretations actually contradict the Constitution, for example those regarding  "Civil Rights".  All that was and is needed are the first Ten Amendments.  Thank goodness race wasn’t part of those Amendments, and race has no place in the Constitution nor in any of our legislation: race was not to be a factor and should not be, yet it has been made a MAJOR factor.  Shame on us.  We even have a president who was elected based primarily on race.  That was a very poor way to select a president, or any other elected official, but the practice has become rampant.  We have some very accomplished and qualified citizens of all races, but selecting them on the basis of race is an affront to all they may have accomplished.  Of course this only applies to those who have NOT used their race as their ticket to success.

    Cases involving "Civil Rights" can easily be addressed by the first Ten Amendments, and sound judgement.  The ‘sound judgement’ seems to be a missing factor in the equation.

    There I go again.

  • palin45potus

    ABC News this morning gushing about the wonderful new world that we’ll have once Illegals flood the country and the Dems have an unbreakable majority.

    I told ya the GOP doesn’t mind being the minority as long as they get their share of the booty.

    • Ceejay

      Third Party?

      Need to not only change the uniform but change the team!

  • palin45potus

    ABC News reporting that the GOP is now prepared to allow Hagel to be confirmed next week.

    Told ya so!

    • paul

      It may have somethinmg to do with him having ownership in ESS(election systems software) a voting machine company that is used in 50% of the voting places. Elections are control by the gobal elites they control the money it doesn’t matter who makes the laws.

      • paul

        Katheen is that you.

      • CBDenver

        If you really believe that the global elites are all-powerful, like Olympian gods with supernatural powers, then what is the point of even posting here?  Obviously the omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Global Elites cannot be defeated since they are so much more powerful than us mere mortals.  Why, they can do anything they set their minds to.  It is uncanny.  They rig all the elections, control all the politicians, dominate all the media, make the economy go up and down at their will, control the weather, can cause earthquakes and tsunamis at the flick of their hand.  Why bother to resist? 

        I am getting weary of your paranoid nonsense.  Yes, there are powerful people in the world who try to influence events.  No, they are not all powerful as you seem to believe.  If you really believe they are then either make your peace with being a mere cog in their machine or go live in a cave.  The rest of us who realize life is not as simplistic as you conspiracy nuts claim have work to do and we can’t go on trying to quell your hysteria.

    • Pete Petretich

      In this case who exactly is speaking for the GOP? If it’s Drunken Boehner then Dr. Bachmann shares the guilt for everything Hagel does to ruin the Pentagon…

    • john norton

      Their Spines are MUSH Sarah wld say … ~ !

    • John_Frank

      This was apparent shortly after the vote.

      AP published a story quoting Lamar Alexander who stated the reason Republicans opposed cloture was due to the failure of Hagel to make full disclosure.

      The bigger question is whether any of the Democrats will break ranks and vote against Hagel in light of his "questionable" comments.

      Democratic Senators running in red states in 2014 who vote for Hagel will find their vote will hurt them when they come up for re-election.

    • technopeasant

      Our masters ride roughshod over the GOP rank and file while bowing and scraping before its political opponents. They opposite is what should prevail.

    • Margie Albano

      I said the same thing when they held it up. Dog and pony show, nothing more than that.


    • Cat Got Your Tongue?

      McCain only talked about blocking Hagel to help out his friend, Lindsay Graham, who is up for reelection next year. All that talk about Benghazi is to help out Graham as well – Graham doesn’t want to be primaried by the Tea Party in SC.

      I hope this all backfires big time on Graham, and he gets primaried and loses the nomination next year.

  • palin45potus

    ABC News pretty excited about the chance to get a cool new Pope that’ll be on their side!

    • Budvarakbar

      I would hope that the Catholic Church is above letting the US and Brit media pick the new Pope — especially the All Bastard Communists News

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