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So who’s going to CPAC to see the Governor on the 16th?


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  • cudaforever

    No comments yet :) Good morning. I will be attending CPAC !!! Can’t wait. Hope to see other Palinistas !!!

    • c4pfan

      That’s really cool cuda!

    • indemind

      Billy… wish I could be there with you.. injoy

      Go # 11

    • senator20526

      Go to P4A and tell Firelight…she wants to have a get together there…Her e-mail is at the top of the open thread…

      • cudaforever

        Thanks Senator. I will do that. I would love to have a get-together like we did last year !!

  • John_Frank

    Good morning.

    Not sure if the link to the following article was posted yesterday.

    S.E. Cupp and the Freezing of the Conservative Mind

    (h/t Mark Levin)

    Jeffrey Lord rightfully takes S.E. Cupp and others to the wood shed for some inane statements she and others recently made.

    A good read.

    P.S. I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • john norton

      I saw it posted here yesterday,thanks for reposting… !

  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    ‘Rush – McCain Staffers Trying to Destroy Sarah Palin ‘- Nov 6, 2008

  • ZH100

    Excellent read!

    ‘As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned’

    • Pete Petretich

      Whenever I see excellent articles like this one in Forbes I am reminded that our Sarah supported Steve Forbes for President in 2000.

    • Guest

      Just received a request from the Republican Party of Florida. I printed out this awesome essay and sent it to them in their prepaid postage envelope.

      In a country class act of defiance everyone should print out a copy and send it to their gopE masters every time they ask you for money.

      Long live the Reagan Revolution!

      Revenge is sweet!

      • Pete Petretich

        Great idea!

      • misterlogic0013

        I reply Sarah Palin on the envelope, send it in.

        • Guest

          They have to be informed that their antics are transparent and we will no longer be voting for their Ruling Class candidate.

        • wodiej

          good idea. I always write "no money until you endorse Gov. Sarah Palin."

      • senator20526

        I received a call last night from The RNC….I told the man to tell Boehner to stop caving to Obama and that I am not giving a dime to those bunch of losers and then I hung up…..

    • palmerguy

      Listened to Mark Levin read it yesterday, well worth a read.

    • wodiej

      millions of orphaned voters means 3rd party. thanks for link.

  • Pete Petretich


    "Biden Advises Gun Owners to Act Illegally"

    (Again, serious people need to ask "What if Sarah Palin had said something like that?")

    • c4pfan

      The GOP needs to be the ones saying it!

  • Pete Petretich

    Btw, I sometimes re-Tweet these C4P Open Threads. I hereby resolve to try to re-Tweet them every day from now on.

    Who knows where they might end up? Right now I have 755 followers, some real, some fake…

  • Guest

    The Ruling Class Want Your Retirement Account AGAIN.
    They ran out of other people’s money.

  • Pete Petretich

    Has this cost been factored into Obama’s budget? Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have a budget…

    "New Dreamliner Headache: Parking Space"

    "When Mary Kirby, the editor of an aviation magazine, attended an industry conference in Washington last week, she could not resist taking a drive by Paine Field in Everett. She said she was shocked at what she saw: “Parked Boeing 787s are everywhere…”

    "Boeing 787 Dreamliner"

    As Jerry Seinfeld might say, "Just write it off!"

  • golfmom3

    There is a very good review of the Rubio/Obama amnesty bill over on HotAir:

    "[O]n the single most important issue — instant amnesty — there is no real difference between the proposals.

    Rubio calls it “probationary legal status.” Obama uses the term “lawful prospective immigrant.” But both would instantly legalize the 11 million illegal immigrants living here today. The moment either bill is signed, the 11 million become eligible for legal residence, the right to work, and relief from the prospect of deportation.

    Their life in the shadows is over, which is what matters to them above all. Call the status probationary or prospective, but, in reality, it is permanent. There is no conceivable circumstance (short of criminality) under which the instant legalization would be revoked.

    This is bad policy. It repeats the 1986 immigration reform that legalized (the then) 3 million while promising border enforcement — which was never carried out. Which opened the door to today’s 11 million. And to the next 11 million as soon as the ink is dry on this reform…

    Regrettably, there appears to be zero political will to undertake this kind of definitive solution. Democrats have little real interest in border enforcement. They see a rising Hispanic population as the key to a permanent Democratic majority. And Republicans are so panicked by last year’s loss of the Hispanic vote by 44 points that they have conceded instant legalization, as in the Rubio proposal."

    Bonus: a great photo of the 4 amigos on the home page.

    • c4pfan

      Duh, that’s the point. Plus, I’m not going to take anything seriously that is put up by a man being investigated like Menendez!

    • fb274

      Rubio’s "bill" is the works of John McCain and Lindsey Graham—they found a water carrier they thought could get it through——using him for their ends. McCain referred to the immigration as "my bill" when he had his heated townhall meeting this week. Amnesty is what it amounts to, once again.

      • john norton

        President Reagan went tht rd and was sorry for it afterwards…

    • dave7777

      Who are the fools using the down arrow? At least they are being exposed to the truth on this site. Who knows, maybe they will learn something besides just hating America.

    • john norton

      First seal the border thn deal with whts here,shouldn’t be a big mystry abt it but they mke it so… !

    • senator20526

      Janet Nincomepoop was in Arizona with a bunch of Democrat congresscritters and flew over the border and pronounced it secure…this is all we will get…

  • stlouisix

    White House Dismisses Battle Over Hagel Nomination As ‘Posturing’

    Hagel’s anti-military policies make Obama’s benign by comparison which, no
    doubt, is why Hagel was chosen by Obama to complete his destruction of
    the military from within, a military that he despises! If Hagel is
    confirmed we will have a Secretary of No-Defense with America’s
    national security perilously on the brink of being non-existent!

    Here’s Hagel’s resume, per Eagle Forum.

    "Hagel would be our first "anti-military" Secretary of Defense.

    "He has consistently declared that he believes in a “pared down” Pentagon.

    "He voted no on a measure requiring separate barracks for men and women during basic military training.

    "He is a director of an elitist globalist movement called ‘Global
    Zero,’ which advocates full-scale nuclear disarmament, a philosophy
    President Obama agrees with. This is especially dangerous at a time
    when North Korea is testing nuclear missiles.

    "Hagel serves on the board of the Ploughshares Fund, a George
    Soros-funded group that advocates getting rid of our nuclear weapons,
    opposes U.S. development of a missile-defense system, and promotes
    global governance.

    "Hagel believes that a U.S. missile defense system should only be
    deployed with the cooperation of Russia; he does not consider such
    cooperation from Russia as important when it comes to reducing nuclear
    weapons. He has called for “sharply reducing the number of U.S. nuclear
    weapons, possibly without equivalent cuts by Russia,” according to the
    Associated Press.

    "While Hagel wants to pare down the U.S. military and voted for
    legislation that is detrimental to U.S. military readiness, according to
    his nomination questionnaires, he advocates that the U.S. and the U.S.
    military have much more involvement with the United Nations. In his
    2008 book, America: Our Next Chapter, Hagel wrote: ‘The United Nations can play a central and critical role in forging connections. The global challenges of terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, hunger, disease, and poverty require multilateral responses and initiatives. The United States should
    therefore take every opportunity to help strengthen global institutions
    and alliances, including the UN…. No international conflict is simple
    or easy to deal with, but each requires attention and the United Nations
    is the only international organization that can help bring the
    consensus that is indispensable in finding solutions and resolving

    "Hagel’s internationalist philosophy also led him to support the
    discredited Law of the Sea Treaty which would diminish U.S. sovereignty,
    and amnesty for illegal aliens which weakens national security."

    How could you be an American and nominate such a man, let alone vote
    for him? Easy if you’re a communist, and are communist enablers who
    couldn’t care less!

    Are you listening you worthless GOP pukes who being full of bluster without substance invariably cave in to the despot masquerading as president – the common good of the country be damned? It will be interesting to see how many of those decrying Hagel’s nomination for very good reasons end up voting for him which is an unconscionable breach of trust of the American people for their representatives in the Senate to do the RIGHT THING for a change!

    • indemind

      Excellent Post… Thanks

      GO #11

  • Akabosan

    Vets first to have weapons confiscated?

    Has your vet received his / her letter yet?


    • john norton

      I hope they try… !

  • c4pfan

    I won’t be going to CPAC (never been to one of those type of things), but I am hoping at least CPAN shows it!

    • Margie Albano

      CSPAN has usually been good about carrying it.

  • c4pfan

    Now the excuses for a cave will be coming soon from Hugh Hewitt.

  • c4pfan

    I didn’t even know about this! Where are our 1st Amendment rights? Can they sue the NAACP for this?

  • stlouisix

    Obama: Republicans’ Refusal to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy Is What ‘Binds Their Party Together’

    All the worthless commie puke masquerading as president knows is class
    warfare as he will not be satisfied until no one is wealthy in America
    after his scorched earth destruction of our economy, i.e., Obama
    couldn’t care less about the seminal fact that the wealthy serve a
    purpose in providing capital investment for companies, in particular,
    start-up companies, to fuel the engine of the economy by providing jobs
    instead of destroying them!

    Obama is all about increasing his all-encompassing government dole
    where we the serfs will be beholden to him for our sorry existence as he
    controls every aspect of our lives with individual "success" being a
    necessary pariah in Obama’s Marxist Socialist vocabulary as a result!

    • Margie Albano

      "worthless commie puke masquerading as president" SNAP! You had me choking on my coffee.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Careful milady! Those keybords cost money after spewing your coffee all over them!

        • Margie Albano

          What’s the problem? Obama is giving out free cell phones, I should be able to obtain a lap-top for FREE. NO fee to the taxpayers, right? This is right isn’t it? Won’t cost anything? Of course it is true cause Obama said so.

    • john norton

      If there are no ‘big money’ investors tht leaves us all with the short string…

  • isabel matos

    RHiNO NEWS now has SCOTT BROWN and possibly MITT ROMNEY on board. WHICH RHINO do you predict will be asked to join the Network next?

    UPDATE (11:58 a.m.): No sooner than I had posted this, that Herman Cain is announced to join Fox. This is just a continuation of the attempts by the EVIL GOP to recruit more on their side. HERMAN Cain as we all know is a self-promoter. GOP smells compromised politician a mile away. Anyway, PAUL BROUN is running for Senate in Georgia to replace Retiring Senator Chambliss.

    The Republican (In)Security Council who banned me from commenting on their page is pushing CAIN against BROUN, just fyi. It makes perfect sense! Paul BROUN, fiscal conservative, voted AGAINST BOEHNER and FOR ALLEN WEST for Speaker.

    • crunchingk

      Leave a message…lisa muckoski !

    • crunchingk

      Leave a message…lisa muckoski

  • RightMom

    Twitchy directs you to this article by the liberal Media Matters regarding Dr. Ben Carson. The left is loathsome, racist and so devoid of intellectual honesty that they are becoming a caricature of themselves. In this, they claim that Carson is being "propped up" by conservatives because he is black. NO, you ignorant jerks, he is not being propped up by anyone. Dr. Carson worked his way out of the welfare system that you and the democrat party have used to enslave minorities and HE HAS SAVED THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN with his innovations in neurosurgery. Propped up? Funny, coming from a group that has been propping up the least qualified person ever to hold this nations highest office.

    • c4pfan

      No, that’s what the LEFT does!

    • john norton

      Media Matters a well known left-wing site and there commenters most of them are lost souls…

    • Margie Albano

      Dr. Carson is intelligent and strong in spirit, he understands much like, Sarah that this sort of blow-back would be directed at him. Their pathetic attempts to marginalize him are predictable, which in a bizarre way, only stands to reaffirm what the gentleman advocates for. No worries here folks, Dr. Carson is a soldier in the army of Christ and he is more than capable of overcoming their many futile obstacles. Our prayers are what will defend and protect him and his honest message. I do not fear what the left or the media throw at him or Sarah, don’t you either. Rejoice! Much like Sarah Palin, this is the time that the good Doctor was being prepared for. NO enemy can defeat what God has ordained. This nonsense has no power, not unless we give it to them. Going forward, have joy in your hearts knowing that we are EXACTLY where our Lord led us to and that HE will be most certainly be victorious. No Man or principality can thwart what God has determined to be GOOD. You know it, Sarah knows it, the Dr. knows it, and you can certainly bet the devil knows it. What or who should we fear? NOTHING and NO ONE.

  • palin45potus

    I was so happy listening to the Mark Levin audio replay last night, as he read and commented on the superb piece written by Prof. Angelo Cordevilla about the theft of the whole term Conservative by the GOP side of the Ruling Class.

    When I read a book by Fred Barnes about how George Bush was making Big Government work as a Conservative mode of Governing back in his Presidency, I began to realize that the GOP wasn’t what it was back in those halcyon days of Ronald Reagan.

    The TEA Party was born anywhere from Aug 29th 2008 to Feb 18th 2009, depending upon which event you mark as it’s beginning. I’m not really sure that it matters, other than a finger-pointing exercise, and blame-casting by the Ruling Class as "Racist".

    For me, I can tell you that it was a cascading series of events, culminating in the TARP bailouts. Sarah Palin’s response to a "Gotcha" question in the VP debate about that program was a defiant declaration of outrage from the heartland of America. Frank Luntz measured the impact on his bipartisan audience as the highest that he’s ever seen.

    I bet that in many ways, that might have been the moment that the Beltway recognized her as a monumental threat to their entire scheme, as she didn’t just speak for us, she IS one of us.

    The idea that the CPAC Dinner is going to reward Jeb Bush for his Conservatism is a testament to how far the encroachment of the RINO’s into the conservative movement has gotten.

    In a real world, Sarah Palin would be rightly recognized as the true motivating force of conservatism, but the Ruling Class has taken over all the media outlets but a few, and have infiltrated the movement with that Big Government Conservatism idea that George Bush was the epitome of, and his Brother Jeb intends to follow. It’s not a mistake that he chose Lyndon Johnson as his governing model, other than the terrible optics. (Yeah, next time, it’s "The great Ronald Reagan, who my Father served with" Jeb. That’s the line that you will repeat ad nauseum, even as you wink and nod to the "In Crowd" that you think Ronald Reagan was a dunce)

    I’m so happy that the intellectual heft of Mark Levin, Angelo Cordevilla, Peter Schweizer, Jeffrey Lord, Michelle Malkin, Steve Bannon and so many others at Breitbart are beginning to call out the differences in the GOP that can’t be ignored any longer. The political figures like Palin, DeMint, West, Cruz and others who must be the leaders of a new group of true conservatives who will stick with it through thick and thin.

    If you haven’t yet read the piece by Cordevilla here’s the link:

    Here is the link to Cordevillas essay from July 2010 called simply "The Ruling Class"

    And finally, here is the link to the Mark Levin audio replay. Just find the one from 2-21-13 and the first hour (App 40 minutes long because of no commercials) covers the topics

    • c4pfan

      I listened to that Mark segment too. I listened through iheartradio where he has his own channel!

    • john norton

      Did ya hear the latest… TP is doing the missives of the Tabacco industry… LOL Whats next…? almost hit the bloody snooze alarm…

      • golfmom3

        That was written by a dedicated progressive who is totally ignorant on the subject (Tea Party). She was writing on the behest of her mentor as a critic of "Big Tobacco". Because there are links between people who lobbied for Tobacco and those who glommed on to the grassroots energy of the real (and unfettered) Tea Party (like FreedomWorks, etc.), the ill-educated pointy heads think they have an Ah!Ha! paper to publish. Dummies. They think they are smarter than you. They’re dummies.

    • 1776er

      Last night I was reading the introduction to Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks and I am startled by the similarities experienced by today’s Conservatives and the 1920’s Communist Party of Italy in terms of getting organized and finding a focus.

      There were at least 3 or four strains of Commie thought back then. The Communist Party of Italy was squeezed out of the Socialist Party of Italy. The Socialists grew out of the labor movement largely in the industrial north of Italy in the city of Milan around WWI. The unions were a problem for the Socialists. In the end they wanted to work with the industrialists and were reluctant to join the revolutionary effort. They, uh, wanted work. They staged strikes which quickly collapsed as the Capitalists running the country in Rome sent in the troops. The Unions wanted to Reform the existing political system not "transform" it in the revolutionary sense. They were not prepared to take up arms in a violent revolution. During the most momentous city wide industrial strike in Milan–barricades in the streets and all– the union leaders actually went to the Socialists and offered to resign and turn the leadership of the unions over to the big mouthed "Serious Journalist LSM" of the day to arm and lead an actual honest to gosh armed revolt. The big socialist talkers in the media swallowed their tongues and politely declined the glory and honor of leading the charge against the machine guns of the Capitalists in Rome and went back to hiding behind their typewriters urging the masses "Onward". Power is the ability to ACT. The big mouth Socialists turned out to be all talk and no POWER.

      This all went against the hard core Commie grain.

      The hard core Commies wanted an ideologically pure form of communism–workers councils, soviets, the whole bit to be the governing model. They broke away from the Socialists. Trouble was the "purists" were the intellectuals, the big thinkers, the writers and the salon and bistro wine drinkers and dreamers. Talkers not doers.

      Here is the interesting part: Lenin and Trotsky in Moscow running the international Comintern overseeing all the international commie movements came crashing down on the hard core commies. They urged and schemed to get the Italian Communist Party to form a "United Front" with the Socialists and the Reformist labor unions to generate enough political muscle to overthrow the Capitalist 1%ers who ran Italy at the time. It was a cabal of CC and PPC literally running Italy not any kind of organized political party like the Democrats or Republicans. They were wealthy, high profile, name recognition Individuals–a sort of now familiar political aristocracy of a who’s who of old Italian families– who either bribed or bought their way into Congressional seats in Rome.

      The for the lack of a better term Gramsci’s 1920s "Conservative Commies" found themselves isolated and under attack by the "Mushy Middle" Reformist leaning socialists and the "let’s get along with the Industrialists cuz we need the work" labor unions. The found themselves at odds with Lenin and Trotsky. They were on the outs locked up in their own purist Commie ideology. Their Founding Charter of Liberty–their Declaration of Independence and Constitution all rolled into one– was Marx’s Communist Manifesto. They were going to stick with it come hell or high water. Sound familiar?

      The thing those Conservative Commies feared most was that the pure Communist faith would be severely watered down or even "liquidated" through compromise with the Reformists willing to play footsies with the enemy 1%ers fat cat Rich people in Rome.

      The strategic problem for the Conservative Commies was isolation from both the industrial workers in the North of Italy represented by the Reformist Unions who just wanted to get along toghether and isolation from the agrarian peasant class of the South of Italy who had been organized by the Catholic Church. The Conservative Commies of the 1920s found themselves isolated, weak, divided, unsupported and on the defensive.

      Gramsci’s solution which should serve as a model of the Palinista strain of Conservatism in 2013? Here is the kernel of his thinking:

      "It is a mistake to ally oneself with untrustworthy elements. I am absolutely convinced that at present no useful results can come of any discussion that is limited by us to organizational aspects …… such a discussion could only make things worse and render our task more difficult and dangerous.

      What we need to do is to work concretely to prove, by Party activity and political work that is wholly adapted to the Italian situation, that we are who we claimed to be; and that we abandon the attitude of "unappreciated geniuses" that we have maintained until now."

      The difference between Gramsci’s Conservative Commies of 1921 and Palin’s Conservatives of 2013 is that Gramsci had already made the break from the political status quo to form a "Third Party" movement.

      We are behind the curve in February 2013.

      Gramsci became the Chairman of the Communist Party of Italy in 1924 in his early 30s. His slogan–"To the masses!" He wanted to prove to workers in the North and agrarian peasants in the South that his Communist movement was what it claimed to be.

      Conservatives face a very similar problem today. We cannot simply remain "unappreciated geniuses" hiding behind computer keyboards, swilling our Makers Mark, or pontificating on the radio or blogging in pajamas from the basement. That way leads to "liquidation" watering down of the message and power to the RINO Reformists who seek compromise with the Devil in the White House. .

      The Mark Levins, the Rushs, the Jim Demints, the Ted Cruzs, the Rand Pauls, the Marco Rubios and, yes, the Sarah Palins have got to understand the "liquidationist" tendencies of the Bush/Rove GOPE. They must not ally themselves with untrustworthy elements. They must not worry about organizational issues. They must prove to be what they claim to be. They must abandon the attitude of "unappreciated geniuses" of Conservative ideology. They must begin the hard Party and political work to connect to the basic elements of the American situation –the Middle Americans who are the balance of Power in the U.S. today.

      "To the Middle Americans!" should be the slogan and the driving energy of the New Thing.

      What a lesson to have to learn from a dirty rat Commie who pointed the way to the destruction of the United States of America. It is very nearly accomplished. Not much more time for dithering.

      • blueniner

        Interesting piece. Thanks

  • c4pfan

    This new disqus is strange. Sometimes I can post and other times I can’t.
    Does the Daytona 500 usually fall at the same time as the Iron Dog?

  • c4pfan

    Don’t forget to check out the Porch on Chuck’s site:

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