Open Thread

Good day to you, my friends.  How is this weekend going for you all so far?  Hard to believe we’re near the end of the month and March is fast approaching!

Here’s some neat news items floating around the internet in case you missed it:

Thomas Sowell:  "Eventually, the truth will come out that there is just not enough money in the till to pay what retirees were promised. But eventually can be a long time."

The February 22 Cliffhanger:  "the next time you hear a political hack insisting that the first dollar of government spending cuts has to come out of meat inspectors and paramedics, remember that a lot of money is being spent on using government agencies as incubators for left-wing lunacy."

Republicans set to cave on Hagel.  Gosh, who coulda seen that coming?

Michelle Malkin asks: "Why do Democrats hate American manufacturers?"

Rush Limbaugh: "For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country."   You and me both, sir.  He explains why here.

While we’re excited that Governor Palin will be speaking at CPAC, for some reason, bastion of conservative thought Mitt Romney will as well. Sigh.

Star Parker and other black leaders speak out on gun rights: “How do you take a gun away from the underground? The criminal? A racist cop? Or a tyrannical government?”




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