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What’s going on today?


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  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    About the frivolous anti-Palin ethics complaints

    There were many "ethics" complaints filed against Gov Palin. All complaints ,but two ,dismissed as lacking any merit.

    The other two were settlements where Governor Palin was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Under Alaskan law these are dealt with by the Alaskan Personnel Board, which body gives a final determination.

    The members of the Personnel Board were appointed by Palin’s predecessor, Frank Murkowski–no friend of Palin.

    To cut a long story short Gov.Palin was exonerated from blame in all cases without exception.

    The two settlements where Gov.Palin was also cleared of any wrongdoing:

    1) Governor Palin Reimburses the State for Kids’ Travel

    There was no state law against the governor’s family traveling with her, and the personnel board found no wrongdoing on the part of the Sarah Palin
    Because no guidance was provided in the law, the Palin administration followed historical precedent in travel decisions for the first family.
    All of her travel expenses were originally approved by the Department of Administration!

    The administration had decided to have the Attorney General establish a clearer set of guidelines that established a new “state interest” test for protocol travel and based on this set of new (!) guidelines Sarah Palin agreed to reimburse the state.
    Sarah Palin has been exonerated of all wrongdoing (also) in this ethics act complaint. There was no finding of wrongdoing and there was no ethics violation.
    The Alaska Personnel Board found no wrongdoing, but Sarah Palin agreed to reimburse the state.


    2) The Legal Defense Fund Case.

    Associated Press: "No Wrongdoing on Palin’s Part was Found" in Legal Defense Fund Case

    No wrongdoing on Palin’s part was found. Investigator Timothy Petumenos said Palin acted in good faith and relied on a team of attorneys.

    The only thing the team of attorneys did wrong was use the word “official” while trying to help pay for all the legal costs involved with a merciless, politically motivated, litigious campaign from Democrat operatives against Sarah Palin.

    In essence, the investigator found that because of things such as the use of the word "Official" on the fund’s website, there is probable cause to believe that the fund itself could be in violation of Alaska ethics laws. However, Sarah palin did not do anything wrong since she acted on good faith on the advice of a team of lawyers who told her the fund was "unassailable" and in compliance with the law when it was formed.!


    Under Alaskan law Gov.Palin had to cover her own legal fees.

    Answering those lawsuits (and FOIA requests) took up almost all of her time and the time of her staff, meaning she couldn’t govern.

    Those lawsuits were filed to make it impossible for her to govern and to bankrupt her .

    Those frivolous lawsuits had already cost the state of AK close to $2 million; Gov. Palin had over $500,000 dollars in legal fees.

    Since then (2010) Alaskan law has been changed which now covers the governor’s legal fees for such legal proceedings. That didn’t help Gov. Palin as she still had to pay the fees she accrued during that time.

    About troopergate.

    The the Bi-partisan Alaska Personnel Board , which is the final authority(!), ruled that Gov.Palin did not commit any ethics violation

  • ZH100

    Sometimes Gov.Palin is smeared by the following smear:

    "She charged the state for “travel” expenses — a per diem allowance for meals — while living at her home in Wasilla and commuting to the governor’s office in Anchorage."

    As is Gov.Palin committed a crime.

    What is the true (factual) story about this "per diem allowance for meals"?

    The 90-something year old mansion in Juneau was greatly in need of repairs in order to make it serviceable as a chief executive’s home.

    With all of these renovations underway, Gov.Palin could have opted to stay at a hotel with her family, but instead she saved the taxpayers money by staying in her own home.

    So she could have forced the state to pay for her lodging (in a hotel or an apartment) in Juneau or in Anchorage. Instead she lived in her house in Wasilla and saved the state thousands of dollars by only requesting meal per diems. She asked for meal per diems, not lodging per diems.

    And she didn’t claim any per diems for her kids or her husband, though she was legally entitled to.

  • wodiej

    "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.”Isaiah 43:18

  • ZH100

    Chuck Heath, Jr. post.


    "Abby and Sophia with Todd and his Iron Dog trophy today at the Palin house. Todd was in great spirits after a week of hard racing and the long drive back from Fairbanks this morning. Sarah cooked her moose chili to go along with a great Mexican buffet. Many other Iron Doggers, family, and friends stopped by to enjoy the food and company too."


    • john norton

      All the Heath’s are lookers… ~ !

    • patnatasha

      that is nice.

    • viewfromalaska

      Regards to you from a mutual friend. He stopped me in the store a while back and spoke to me like he thought I knew you folks or how to contact you. Since I didn’t, and don’t, I’ve waited for you to post something that I could reply to. Laddy Shaw told me to tell Chuck Heath "hello". I don’t know if he meant junior or senior. He said he used to run with (one of you). He was with the State Troopers and the police standards council. So….. "hello".

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    Not sure if this has been posted already. If it has my apologies.

    Columbine survivor to Obama on gun control: your “ideas are the worst possible initiatives”

    Columbine survivor Evan Todd released an open letter to President Barack
    Obama on Wednesday in which he offers a point-by-point analysis of
    proposed firearms control initiatives, dismissing them as ineffective
    and dangerous to Americans’ rights. . . .

    P.S. I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • john norton

      Ps… : Continuing to stand with SP,U Betcha… ~ !

  • devitor
    • 56Survivor

      Excellent! Thanks for the link!

  • James A. Tyler

    So, apparently, there is some kind of cult, according to fan magazines, referred to as "Hathahate" which is directed at Anne Hathaway because she’s too perky or something. Every magazine article I read, the last week, talking about the people who don’t see her as a major talent in the industry as "haters." Meanwhile, I don’t see any Facebook pages titled "I hate it when I wake up and Anne Hathaway is still alive." Last time I checked, Madonna didn’t scream at the top of her lungs at a concert "you know whose not invited to my party? Anne *** Hathaway." Last time I checked Hathaway didn’t get accused of indirectly murdering nine people. I think Palin would prefer an Oscar win with a few wardrobe malfunctions and a class of nay-sayers to a slew of death threats every month.

  • stlouisix

    BBC Scandal: Transcripts Show Mark Thompson ‘Never Heard’ Rumors About Molester

    "On Sunday the London Sunday Times reported on claims that Helen
    Boaden, the outgoing director of BBC News, alleges that she told
    Thompson about the Savile abuse allegations in a December 2011
    conversation. That claim categorically challenges Thompson’s insistence
    that he knew nothing until after he left the BBC last September."

    You have to be a serial sociopathic liar to qualify for employment with
    PRAVDA USA to especially include its water carrying flagship for Comrade
    Obama, The New York Slimes!

    Uncertainty and Danger Escalate in Nigeria Amid Terrorist Kidnappings

    "The administration has so far resisted Republican lawmakers’ calls to designate the group as a whole as a “foreign terrorist organization.

    "More than 700 Christians were killed last year in attacks attributed
    to Boko Haram, which has described its violent campaign as a ‘jihad’
    against Nigeria’s Christians."

    No surprise here as killing Christians is not a terrorist act for the pro-jihadist radical Islam loving Imam Obama who encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of The Middle East with an acceleration in the burning of Christian Churches and their congregations resulting, and who has no problems persecuting Christians in his own country via draconian unconstitutional dictates and legislation that summarily trashes their freedom of religion rights!

    • c4pfan

      I haven’t been following about the BBC. So, I don’t know what that’s about.

  • Guest

    More corrupt Dumb-Ø Astroturf, even the NY Slimes admits it. LOL!

    Obama’s Backers Seek Big Donors to Press Agenda

    • PetePetretich

      I hope the Breitbart team is working on this…

  • TangledThorns

    Michelle is a creep for using troops as props for the Oscars last night. Hollywood hit a new low, again.

    • c4pfan

      The military has been a prop for a long time. It’s time they start saying something.

      • hrandym

        Michelle has been a creep for a long time.

        • john norton

          An example of one horrible human being,another her other half too… !

    • john norton

      Tht was hard to watch…

  • c4pfan

    Hi! Don’t forget to check out about the party at the Palins last night.

    My error. I guess it’s only on the facebook page. But, that is public. Thanks for posting the link down below!

  • PetePetretich

    Some of these are small pieces, but the puzzle pieces are forming a picture…


    • c4pfan

      Yet, I am sure Rubio and other members of the Senate will be glad to work with him!

  • PetePetretich
    • c4pfan


  • BostonBruin

    Good morning!

    Based on the comments from Todd, Sarah and Chuck Jr., it sounds like Todd really enjoyed the IronDog race. I thought they might be bummed and disappointed that they didn’t win. But it seems like they very much loved the journey across their beautiful state and met some great people along the way.

    The fact that they were able to finish 5th in a race that 20 of the 40 teams did not even finish is a great accomplishment. And Todd did share a $10,000 cash prize in which he could donate his share to Chris Kyle’s memorial foundation. As Sarah said, "It’s a good day!".

    • c4pfan


    • Trueblood33

      The iron dog isn’t about winning. It’s about adventure and challenge.

      • bucky321

        mostly right but winning is the objective

    • john norton

      U Betcha… !

  • c4pfan

    I’m surprised people here haven’t said anything about that Desperate Housewives Obama butt kisser actress is out there peddling Lays Potato Chips!

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Hey c4pfan The Tea Party Patriots has a Nationwide Leadership Council Call for local leaders 7:30 PM and the open call for anyone. I have been on both, the open calls theme is what would Reagan do. The closed call is to exchange ideas to the end result of pushing Congress to reduce spending. Some of the people on the call I met while in Wisconsin June 2012

    • john norton

      What would Sarah Do… ???

  • hrandym

    I wrote to the Governor of Virginia to express my disappointment in his recent actions.

    "Speaking primarily for myself, you really know how to bring disaster close to home. First you increase taxes with a ‘transportation’ bill and then you cave to ‘ObamaCare’, as it is called. Not what I expected of you when you entered the Governorship, and I voted for you. I hope we do better next time we choose. I must say that I have been sorely disappointed.

    Herbert R. Moore, PE Emeritus
    Former Captain, Army Corps of Engineers, Vietnam ’68-9
    VPI Class of ’63″

    I don’t think any more detail was required in letting him know where I was coming from. There are some very disturbing ‘tweets’ on his Governor’s site from some praising his actions. I can’t believe our Commonwealth has that many enemies within its borders.

    (VPI = Virginia Polytechnic Institute, sometimes referred to as Virginia Tech)

    • john norton

      Waiting for Ken Cuchinellie to get in there…

      • hrandym

        Amen. Couldn’t come a moment too soon.

        • john norton

          **__** … ~ !

          • hrandym

            John, you’ll have to explain your hieroglyphics to me some day. Let me guess: stars and stripes forever?

            • john norton

              I always use the same ones,friend… **__** = Right On… ^5 , is wht it says… : ) , sideways smiley face … : ( ,,,Sdeways sad face.. thts the usual ones I use,I got them from our good friend EEE…: )

              • hrandym

                What a relief. Thanks. Now I can stop imagining.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Well done my friend. You are speaking for many Virginians. I voted for Bob too, not nessessarily because I liked him but because he was the lesser of two damn fools!
      But I can tell you that I am looking forward to voting for Ken as Guv! Finally, a chance to vote FOR a candidate rather then against one!

      • hrandym

        Thank you, VG1. Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well for you.

    • patnatasha

      I can’t wait to hear what mark has to say about this.

      • hrandym

        Mark Who?

  • Guest

    Proof that the corrupt Bush mafia are corrupt crony capitalists. The "stupid party" should be all over this because the contempt for dirtbags like Lew crosses party lines. Paging Jeb’s bought and paid for corrupt Waterboy! Your RINO is showing.

    Jack Lew’s Golden Parachute
    His Citigroup contract paid him a bonus for returning to government.

    After Mr. Lew repeatedly responded "I do not recall" to key questions
    about his actions while working at New York University and Citigroup Mr. Baucus announced Sunday that Mr. Lew had answered the committee’s
    questions "in a thorough and fully transparent manner." Therefore, the
    committee will vote Tuesday on the nomination.

    This is a shame because Mr. Lew is well qualified to explain how the Washington-Wall Street axis of access really operates. And while Mr. Lew’s supporters talk about the quantity of paper traded between him and Senate Finance, there are at least two answers that ought to be demanded before Mr. Lew
    skates to the most powerful job in American finance. They relate to the
    paychecks he received from his last two employers before returning to

    We wrote recently about the oddity of New York University paying severance to Mr. Lew in 2006 when he left there voluntarily to work at Citigroup. NYU hasn’t
    explained why it would pay someone for quitting to take a job on Wall

    As for the Citi paycheck, the story is how Wall Street has become a get-rich-turnstile for Democratic political operatives. The terms of Mr. Lew’s original employment contract with Citi included a bonus guarantee if he left the bank for a "high level position with the United States government or regulatory body."

    Most companies include incentives for top employees not to leave, but in this case the contract was written to reward Mr. Lew for treating the bank like a revolving door. Citi says it likes to accommodate employees who do public service or work at nonprofits. But the Lew contract was specific about a senior job in the federal government. There would be no special payout if he left to run the Red Cross or the New York state budget office.

    Citi has been an especially nice landing spot for big-shot Democrats. Former White House budget director Peter Orszag is now a Citigroup vice chairman and somehow finds time to write a column for Bloomberg News. And there was former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who was paid more than $115 million while encouraging the risk-taking that would have destroyed Citi if not for a taxpayer rescue.

    Mr. Rubin was Mr. Lew’s patron at the bank. Mr. Lew’s contract suggests that Citi knew from the start that Mr.Lew was headed back to a powerful job in Washington, and that it wanted him to remember the bank fondly when he left. We have nothing against people making a living, but when they show up a few years later to do
    more "public service," taxpayers have a right to know what their private employers were paying them to do.

    All of this matters in particular in a Dodd-Frank world when the biggest banks are public utilities. They have little choice but to do what a Treasury Secretary tells them to do. A too-big-to-fail bank must be pleased to know that in a little more than
    two years it made the sacrifice of government so much easier for America’s most powerful banking regulator.

    • generictrainee

      The bipolar ruling class.

  • palin45potus

    Congrats to Heather Bruce for that outstanding time in a half-marathon!

    • MissMyGuy

      info please. dont know where you got this

      • c4pfan

        Chuck Heath Jr.

        • MissMyGuy

          Found it. It was a full Marathon.
          Participant Detail
          Finished In:
          Heather Bruce
          Anchorage, AK
          Age: 50 | Gender: F

  • polarfan

    Just reading that Crybaby House Speaker BONEHEAD will hold his "WE ALWAYS CAVE IN" press conference at 4 p.m.!

    Question is -WILL HE CRY??

    • 56Survivor

      My money is on "yes"!

      • polarfan

        Drunk and Crying -4 p.m. is DC Cocktail Time!!

        • 56Survivor

          Heck, he doesn’t wait for 4 p.m. Ha!

      • john norton

        Crying isnt gonna butter any more bread Mr. Speaker…

    • john norton

      Sooner we see this Boehner in our tailights the better…

    • patnatasha

      of course he will or come cloee to it.

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