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Palin vs. Clinton, Why Wait Until 2016?

PPP’s latest poll states that Hillary Clinton is “competitive in Alaska.”  It reflects the former Secretary of State winning against Governor Palin in a hypothetical 2016 matchup by 53-37 in the state of Alaska.  Further, it places Clinton ahead of Marco Rubio and behind Chris Christie by a single point.

When you consider that even Romney beat Obama in Alaska by 14 points and if this poll were accurate, the future for Republicans would be virtually hopeless if the rest of the nation correlates with these results in 2016.  If the GOP is going to lose that big and it’s all the same to them, I’d rather run a true conservative like Governor Palin for once so the party can finally return to its core principles.

Of course though, the poll has a problem.  When combining the liberal portion of respondents with the moderates, it outweighs the conservative participants by 57-43.  In fact, the “moderates” are the biggest chunk of the sample taken in a solidly conservative state.

While it’s true that elections include the votes of moderates, their opinion today can change within an hour.  That is why both parties concoct various methods of attempting to win them over in every election cycle.  It’s why media narratives sometimes work.  It’s also why galvanizing members of the Tea Party like Governor Palin usually leave those in the media banging their heads against the wall waiting for their fantasies of her demise to finally eventuate.

(For more on what drives them, click here to read an amazing piece by Adrienne Ross).

Therefore, it’s beyond ironic at this point when liberal polling institutions trash Governor Palin’s relevance or political power.  In fact, it’s beyond pointless.  After all, if half of what they said were true, they wouldn’t spend so much time, money, and energy repeating all of it.

Moderates are simply playing off the media’s current love fest with Hillary Clinton.  Of course many feel sympathy for her with her recent medical issues, as any decent person would.  But the media is also building her up as the party’s next Messiah by releasing more polls showing the former Secretary as being more popular than Obama.  Of course most moderates won’t take into consideration the fact that the media would have never done such a thing before Obama secured his second term.

But regardless of how Hillary is currently perceived, she cannot rely on questionable opinion polls alone if she wants to make it to the White House.  Now that she’s free from the policy restraints of Secretary of State, she’s free to re-enter the arena of political opinion.  And there is no better place to start than next year’s midterm elections when Democrats try to retain seats in the Senate and attempt to re-take the House.

This will occur after one more calendar year of growing deficits and another trillion or two added to our already mountainous national debt.  One more year of stagnating (and rising) unemployment will be there.  A good fight over our second amendment rights will be there and perhaps the loom of yet another credit downgrade to our nation.  As aggressive as Obama seems to be, the sad possibilities are endless.

Opinion polls that over-sample moderates don’t last when issues begin to impact Americans. But when these definitive moments occur, the last thing liberals or their surrogates want is a messenger like Governor Palin to continue taking her message across the nation to broader audiences now that she is unshackled from the constraints of Fox News.

As such, we know where Governor Palin will be.  She’ll be right there in a midterm election year leading the fight for liberty, for smaller government, lower taxes and regulations, and to serve as a voice of common sense connecting to millions upon millions of grassroots Americans who find it refreshing.

We know this because despite countless negative opinion polls concocted by other liberal organizations in the past, Governor Palin led the Tea Party to a historic sweep of Congress in 2010.  In 2012, while the establishment was forcing Mitt Romney on us as a presidential candidate, she helped lead good conservatives like Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer right to the U.S. Senate and others to the House – proving that her political instincts trumped Karl Rove’s.

But where will Hillary be for her party?  Will she voice support for Obama’s failed policies?  If she goes against the grain of the Obama regime, how quick will Americans forget that she was part of his administration for four years and that her own husband was instrumental in Obama’s reelection?  If she truly wants to be a viable candidate for the presidency in 2016, she’s going to have to spend the next few years defending Democrat policies and be willing to put her name on the line as Governor Palin has in the case of the Tea Party.

Recently, Governor Palin said “we [the Tea Party] delight in those who underestimate us.”  What the left will never get about Governor Palin is that she’d gladly welcome a challenge from Hillary Clinton.  But instead of waiting for 2016, let’s hope it starts on 2014’s campaign trail if Clinton dares to show her face.

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  • carmtom13

    Hillary Clinton is a student of Alinsky no difference between her and BHO. Lets not forget she is responsible for the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi along with Panetta and BHO. How do these people live with themselves? Hillary is part of COA Liars Inc. Hillary LIED before the congress when she said she didn’t blame the video there is video tape of her saying this and our tax money paid for her speaking on their tv station saying that it was the video and the government had nothing to do with it. Truth be told it was about gun running and supplying guns to the rebels. How come no one has written about that?

    • Betsey_Ross

      I have never understood the fear that Republicans and others seem to have of Hillary Clinton.  I do not understand the blind following that she has unless they are lofovo’s.  The woman has no personality, is slovenly in her appearance, is an Alinsky accolate, lies with imputnity, is not a problem solver, has no plan for America except the wrong one which she will not articulate, seems to be fascinated with Islam, and the list goes on and on. 

      One more interesting point of intrest…..her campaign debt was paid off in full right before her testimony on Benghazi.  Shocker of shockers.  Are we even a tiny bit surprised?  There is no comparison to Sarah except they both share the same gender.  I do know from a couple of Liberal friends that Sarah Palin scared the waddin’ out of them when she was was nominated as McCain’s VP.  They were sure that Hillary would be the first female Pres.  They ‘knew’ just as we did that Sarah will be the one eventually.  That’s what the whole fuss was about back then.  That is why they thought they had to destroy Sarah.  They didn’t succeed and they know the inevetible will happen. 

      • Independantminded

        She has a secret weapon and his name is Bill. Bill Clinton still a rock star for the Democrats, from being a Democrat for most of my life don’t underestimate the power of the Clintons. The powers that be sandbagged her in 08 and we see what that got us. Sort of scary when you think that a group of shadowy people can pick out an unknown and defeat the Clinton faction.These people scare the hell out of me and I’m uncertain of their ultimate agenda but I’ll guarantee you it is not good. That’s my personal little conspiracy theroy

  • Lennart Bilén

    Palin or Clinton? A question;
    a 2016 suggestion.
    Let’s start it right now
    Sarah Palin knows how.
    For with Clinton I get indigestion.

  • Jthom26837

     Let us all not forget what close to two-thirds of the Democratic Party did to Hillary Clinton in 2008. They, The Democrats along with the loonie libs have an awful lot of house cleaning over there. The stench of the 2008 muck is still strong, and a lot of people are still upset over that. Well, nothing else to say but:

  • palinsupporter1

    Great article Steve! The midterms will definitely be a defining moment for the direction of the country and I doubt Marco Rubio will be sticking his neck out for candidates like the Governor has.

  • ZH100

    Great read!  Thanks

  • goldenprez

    Steve … Where to begin … where to begin …?

    Hillary Clinton will not be involved in any House of Senate races outside of incredibly solid blue states. She will show her face only in those incredibly solid blue states where she has nothing whatever to lose. She will never, ever put her credibility on the line in any situation where there is the slightest chance that her influence will mean nothing to a candidate.

    Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton, period. End of paragraph. End of story.

    That Mrs. Clinton is currently the nominal Democrat nominee for President is a given. Every socialist beat of the Ministry of Propaganda drum will be for Mrs. Clinton from here to 2016. And it will entail lying as much as is humanly possible, and then multiplying by 100.

    However, Mrs. Clinton was in the same position in 2009. And managed to lose the nomination to "old whatisname." While you can absolutely count out Joe Biteme, do not count out Andrew Cuomo.

    The Republican nomination is going to go to …. Jeb Bush. Just as I predicted in 2010 that Willard Romney would be the Republican nominee, you can take the Jeb Bush nomination to the bank. Marco Rubio? He is a stalking horse for Jeb Bush. He owes his political career to Jeb Bush, and he is a "card-carrying" member in good standing of the GOP.

    All of the positions Mr. Rubio is currently espousing are Jeb Bush positions. Anyone who thinks he will not give way to Jeb Bush is in need of a brain transplant. He will be one of Jeb Bush’s strongest adherents and supporters.

    Mrs. Palin will begin her independent run for President in 2014. She will continue to back grassroots patriot conservatives in House and Senate elections. Mrs. Clinton will not dare go head-to-head with Mrs. Palin in any venue. And, once again, Mrs. Palin will be responsible for the election of constitutional conservatives in overwhelming numbers. Simultaneously, Mrs. Palin will be setting up her "ground game" and GOTV organizations for 2016.

    "Moderate" Republicans got their candidate in 2012, and they will get their candidate in 2016. They were unable to win the election without the conservative base, way too many of whom rejected Willard Romney.

    We are well past the time when an establishment Republican candidate will be able to win the Presidency. We are at the time when a truly conservative candidate is the only candidate who can win the Presidency. And it will have to be done against the Government Party, on both sides. If anyone had any doubts, Karl Rove should have disabused them of that last week.

    The war in on!

    I understand why you are quoting the phony-baloney, plastic banana, good time rock ‘n’ roll, totally bullcrap "polls" of the Ministry of Propaganda. However, their "polls" are total nonsense, and every conservative with one working brain cell knows so. They are preaching to their choir, which, as I have pointed out previously, is also their "total congregation."

    If they actually believed that an independent run by Mrs. Palin would "split the vote," they would be trying to encourage such a run at every opportunity. Yet, they are trying with every trick and tool at their disposal to discourage such a run. They know that the only way Mrs. Palin can be beaten is if she doesn’t run.

    It is going to be incredibly exciting to see everything unfold over the next 2-4 years. We are going to see some "unconventional" and "out-of-the-box" campaigning as has never been seen in U.S. history before. Get ready for the "earthquake."

    When it comes to the Ministry of Propaganda, and their candidates for both sides of the Government Party, always keep in mind that you are reading, and hearing, from incorrigible and congenital liars.

    Also, keep in mind that conservatives have the total numbers to beat any/all of the Government Party candidates. We do not need to "split" any vote. We just need to "unify" the conservative vote. And not behind the "most electable," or "big government conservative" Republican.

    Enough with the establishment Republican Party. Time for conservatives to "go our own way."

    Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carburundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

    • Steve_Flesher

      That is all true, sir.  We know that, but sadly the moderates don’t. 

      When Hillary fails to show for her party next year, we’ll have to point it out, won’t we?  ;-)

      • goldenprez

        Steve … As the lack of enthusiasm of the grassroots conservatives in 2012 proves, the "moderates" do not have sufficient numbers to swing any election.

        The concept that "moderates" are the swing votes in elections is pure, unadulterated poppycock. It is the horse pucky that drives the GOP through their "consultants." That they believe it is not a question. That it is total, unequivocal balderdash is proven beyond a "reasonable doubt" by the performance of all the candidates that they backed in 2010 and 2012.

        If the "moderates" had the numbers, we would have President Romney, Senator Allen, Senator Thompson, Senator Berg, Senator Rehberg, et al, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

        It is not "sad" that the "moderates" are low information Republican voters. It is academic. The conservative base doesn’t need them to win elections, as witness the tsunami of 2010. If the conservatives remain united and unified we will steam roller the "moderates" right into the macadam.

        As to "pointing out" Mrs. Clinton MIA next year, again academic. Why waste the time and energy. She actually has no influence whatsoever where other candidates are concerned. Her endorsement is totally meaningless.

        Let us not get side-tracked any longer by supporting Republican candidates who parade in front of us as "conservative," but are in reality nothing more than "big government" advocates. A President Santorum, or President Gingrich, would not stop the overwhelming growth of government, just slow it down a tad. It would still be "business as usual."

        Let us concentrate on bringing unification to the conservative base. As we know, and has been proven, conservatives will rally around a charismatic, common sense conservative, with exceptional retail voter skills.

        And we know, for certain, who that person is.

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        • Steve_Flesher

          Well I stated that above when I said that it was time to run a true conservative like Governor Palin.  I think we all agree we need to rally around real conservatives so long as the choice is there. 

          But I do believe moderates are needed to win elections for one reason in particular: most moderates are conservative in their personal lives.  Arguments can be made which persuade those to want something better.  Thatcher did it most impressively in my opinion by letting the perils of big government unfold in front of Britain with the Winter of Discontent in 1979.

          Sadly, as a realist, it’s all we can do as well.  Like it or not, Obama’s aggressive policies are going to dictate.  Folks like you and I know how it will play out.

          I am a firm believer in the polls which reflect conservatism as the number one ideological group in the country,  They are consistent.  But when it comes to being asked by a pollster, more people seem content on saying they are moderate for some reason.  I suspect some of it has to do with the fact that they want to appear open minded to issues.

          But these competitors are going to be lurking.  Pretending they aren’t a factor in a long term strategy doesn’t help.  Hillary will be there and she will get away with murder and the media will be there to slaughter Governor Palin as they always have.  That’s why we’re needed to point out the truth when these issues occur.

          Bringing unification to the conservative base with already-identifiable conservatives isn’t enough.  We have to bring the "conservative" out of others, too before we can win elections just as Thatcher did in 1979 and just as we did in 2010.

          • goldenprez

            Steve … If you wish to buy into the "moderate" meme, there is obviously nothing I can do to change your mind.

            I will point out, however, that you need to brush up on the "Socratic Method," the first principle of which is "always challenge the basic premise."

            Every talk show host is as familiar with the "Socratic Method" as they are with their own name. They use it all the time. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be on the air very long.

            With all due respect, the most frustrating thing about corresponding with you is how easily you accept the "basic premise." Once you do that, you are gone.

            I am not "pretending" that the "moderates" aren’t a factor, I am citing evidence all over the place that show that is, indeed, the case. I do not know which "polls" you are citing that show more people describing themselves as "moderates." Every unbiased poll I have seen shows that 40% plus voters describe themselves as "conservatives." Only 30% describe themselves as "liberals."

            Unless I have totally forgotten how to add, that means that only 30% describe themselves as anything other than the two mentioned above. 30% compared to 40% does not say to me "more people seem content on saying they are moderate."

            To "bring the ‘conservative’ out of others," is not as difficult as you seem to think. A straightforward espousing of conservative principles, by a candidate who’s sincerity and record is unquestioned, has done the trick every single time it is tried. Reference the 2010 election cycle.

            As to the Ministry of Propaganda, I believe you are giving them too much credit. They failed miserably in 2010, and they were not able to defeat Deb Fisher and Ted Cruz in 2012. They succeeded more in 2012 because the targets were "moderates." Not to mention that the "polls" show the credibility of Ministry of Propaganda at an all time low, and dropping as we write.

            I have stated, in many posts, that it going to take some unconventional and out-of-the-box ideas to neutralize the Ministry of Propaganda further. I fully expect that, in 2014, we are going to see the beginnings of these ideas put into play.

            I do not believe in surrender before the battle has begun.

            Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

            Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

            Illegitimi non carborundum.

            Barracudas Maximus.

            • Steve_Flesher

              I’m not sure why you feel the need to point out you don’t believe in surrender. 

              Thatcher herself said that first you win the debate, then you win the election.

              Surrounding yourself with conservatives so you can preach to the choir is one thing.  But I’d rather surround myself with conservatives in order to develop strategies required to A.) combat our opposition and B.) convince the moderates. 

              Thatcher and Reagan both had to do exactly what it is I am suggesting.  "Out of the box" at the end of the day means winning with what you have.  What we have is reality: the media loves Hillary, they hate conservatives.

              That hasn’t changed in decades and it’s not going to change anytime soon. 

              You win by winning the ideological argument among the masses.  You first do that by running a conservative who can tap into that. 

              And with that, I am grateful that we at least agree on that part of the debate and will be fighting on the same side despite everything else.


              • K-Bob

                "You win by winning the ideological argument among the masses.  You first
                do that by running a conservative who can tap into that. "

                Not at all.  You win by explaining why the Constitution works the way it does, why Capitalism is the path to prosperity, and why our current troubles are the result of a trampling of our unalienable rights.  You don’t "tap into anything," you create something.  Romney failed exactly because he was trying desperately to "tap into" what’s going on.

                Like Steve Jobs famously said: It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.

    • rdman_VietVet

      … only if King Obama abdicates "his" POTUS throne. The Esteemed and Honorable Maxine Waters of the ghetto Watts has already announced that King (Dictator) Obama isn’t going anywhere… he’s likely going to do a FDR!!

      • goldenprez

        rdman_VietVet … To quote FDR, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

        If you think there are no politicians in the Democ-rat Party who want to be President in 2016, and will stand for Obamao attempting to circumvent the Constitution, I suggest you think Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, among many others.

        Maxine Waters is not exactly the intellect I would quote in this regard. She may be "hot stuff" in Watts, but she doesn’t even swing much weight in the House among her own.

        There isn’t much I can do to allay your fears, so I guess you will just have to live with them.

        I assure you, however, that should such a thing be attempted, the American Revolution will look like an afternoon picnic compared with the reaction.

        P.S. – Obamao doesn’t even like the job. He has his sights set on being able to make scads of money doing nothing. He knows he can make tens of millions once he no longer has any responsibilities, and is free to go anywhere he wants, and do anything he wants.

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carorundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        • rdman_VietVet

          Maxine Water’s intellect or lack thereof is not the salient point. IMO, Maxine Waters is an imbecile who doesn’t have the sense to keep her mouth shut. She was no doubt taken to the woodshed by Obama’s gangsters for blabbing the private WH conversations on how to create a sufficient crisis to justify an Obama 3rd term. Don’t under estimate their tactics… we are dealing with radical, dedicated Alinskyites!!!

          Since 2008, Obama has been usurping the Constitution… name the demo’rats who have taken exception to his un-Constitutional executive orders. On the contrary, the cretins you quote and others along with their LSM accomplices have defended his un-Constitutional actions.

          No Fear here… just HOPE that the Republicans will get the strong message from the Tea Partiers, get their act together, win the Senate in 2014, hold the House and take Obama on… Resign or Impeach!!

    • K-Bob

      No, Jeb Bush won’t make it any further than Jon "I Endorse Barack Obama" Huntsman. Not unless he learns to deliver a speech as powerfully and as loaded with solid, core principles as Allen West (which is never gonna happen).

      Rubio is the great, white hope of the Republican party machine.

    • CharInOhio

      As Ann Barnhardt said in a video about Romney……"Go Home Willard" and told him …..He is far from being a "Conservative" LOL !

      Ann is great…… thoughts EXACTLY Ann :)  Time for Sarah ……..

      • CharInOhio

        Let’s run Ann Barnhardt as VP and Sarah as POTUS …….. :)  Talk about wakin’ up Washington? LOL ?  The liberals and liberal light Republican guys would be runnin’ for the hills lol !


  • BostonBruin

    You might want to watch this video by ZoNation entitled "Don’t let liberals elect the first woman president!"

  • Dan C

    The media has deified Hillary’s lies and will continue to do so, forever.

  • onparade

    hillary will be for more govt.checks to the people….how do we beat the govt. check….

    • Steve_Flesher

      By winning the debate when people are feeling down.  Like Thatcher, we prove how individual power can accomplish anything.  We put hope back into the eyes of the hopeless.  We do it with truth, grace, and true dignity.

  • blueniner

    Hillary Clinton will continue to play the victim card as she contiues to look dowdier and dowdier, she already looks like a tired out old gluehorse.

  • cuttingboardblues

    I’m certainly not going to get as emotionally invested as last time.  Plus I know it’s a LONG WAY off.  And I’m just asking for a gut opinion.  Anyone have this gut feeling about 2016 besides me?

    • Steve_Flesher

      My gut feeling says there’s going to be a fight.  What it entails, I cannot predict. 

  • viewfromalaska

    Palin loses to Clinton 53-37 in her own state? It’s easy to figure out why.  The major newspaper in
    Alaska is the Anchorage Daily News. As soon as McCain picked Palin, the A.D.N. (owned by the McClatchy News Group) printed everything the Associated Press writers submitted. Those AP journalists travelled to Alaska and when they couldn’t find any dirt on Palin they just made it up (as mayor, she’d banned books, charged Wasilla rape victims for the rape-test kits, she “spoke in tongues”) and the A.D.N. printed it all. They printed these things daily … multiple stories a day. Their news saturated the impressionable liberal minds of the city dwellers.  Many of us conservatives were in a rage, but how do you counter something like that. The main stream
    media (TV and print) feel no restrain slaughtering someone’s good name and hiding their accomplishments. They have all the power and all the money. How would one stop the A.D.N. – torches and pitchforks? Not a  bad idea really.

    I spoke with a colleague a couple of weeks ago who called her a “quitter”. I said, “Yeah, she’s clumsy, too.” (I actually posted this following somewhere recently, but I can’t remember where). “She’s  so clumsy, that as she was leaving office after less than 3 years, she dropped $2 billion into our new rainy day account. And because of her financial policies, it has now grown to $18 billion in four years. Incidentally, it’s the highest such account in the nation. The next
    highest rainy day account is Texas at $8 billion (which equates to 15% of their
    annual budget). Our $18 billion equates to 237% of our annual budget.”  He didn’t know that. The Associated Press would know that as well as the Anchorage Daily News.  But unless big money would allow us to take over MSM, how would that word ever get out? Where’s my pitchfork?

    • lanahi

      We need a conservative TV channel.  How do we do that?

      The MSM isn’t going to change, you know, so we might as well quit complaining and do something to bypass it with our own network.

      You would think that Alaskans would have been able to rise above the MSM propaganda, since they knew her record.  Scary.

      • goldenprez

         Ianahi … You are definitely on to "something."

        Although a Conservative TV Channel may be a "bridge too far," for a number of reasons, mostly money, there are a number of ways to use the existing television media and reach tens of millions of "everyday" people.

        As Ross Perot proved way back when, time can be purchased on the existing networks for individual shows and series. The money will be returned by "advertisers," of which there are quite a few who wish to reach a mass audience, including many with a "right leaning" political philosophy.

        A television series hosted by Sarah Palin would certainly attract millions of viewers. She is already a proven ratings winner on cable tv, and I have no doubt that would translate to broadcast television.

        Syndicated radio shows such as Rush, Hannity, and Levin do not even bother to sell time from a "rate card." They do what is called "per inquiry." That is, they get paid for every customer who purchases the product of an advertiser. In this way, they take in almost 5-10 times the amount that they might have accrued through "rate card’ sales.

        There is nothing to stop a similar television show from being syndicated across the country. I have also suggested a syndicated late night talk show hosted by someone like Dennis Miller. Again, mass entertainment but with a "right leaning" bent. Parody, satire, etc., but with the left being the targets.

        You are thinking unconventionally and out-of-the-box, and this is exactly the kind of thinking we need to neutralize the Ministry of Propaganda.

        We need more ideas, including the neutralization of the newspapers nationwide.

        While I have no inside knowledge of what Mrs. Palin is planning, in conjunction with grassroots conservative patriot organizations, I would be very surprised if she is not already working on such unconventional ideas.

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        • lanahi

          I would like to spread these ideas so that we can get something done here.  Otherwise it doesn’t matter if truth gets spoken or not…if few beyond the actively politically concerned hear it.

          How do we reach the guy who works hard all day, comes home tired and eats, then plunks himself in front of the TV for the rest of the evening?  He gets his news from whatever TV channel he is watching.  These are the masses of voters we need to reach.  And many don’t pay extra for cable.

          I think when Sarah gets active, what she says will be reported and her speeches and interviews aired.  However, it is possible for the MSM to be so disciplined they freeze her out, since nothing else they have tried has worked for them.

  • qtdbseven

    About attracting voters (men, women, Asians, Hispanics, etc.):
    If you tell the TRUTH, they will come.

    The TRUTH hurts. The TRUTH will set you free.
    The TRUTH will defeat Obama/Clinton/democrats/liberals and RINOs.

    A lot of presidential candidates (Romney, Ryan, …)
    and other Republican politicians MISUSED the word CONSERVATIVE.
    Their records CONTRADICT their CONSERVATIVE messages.

    2016 will belong to us (Gov. Palin and We the People).

    It’s our time now.

  • cuttingboardblues

    I do have to say you were very kind and generous for the picture you chose of Hillary.  

  • $7566967

    It’s hard to believe that a woman who basically said, "Who gives a damn!" regarding the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Libya is the most popular politician in America. It’s even harder to believe that the GOP screwed up a golden opportunity to indict the entire Obama foreign policy since 2009 during her hearing. No wonder Hillary is in great shape for 2016.

    As far as 2014 goes, I’m confident that the GOP will lose the House, more Senate seats, and most of the governorships – especially since many RINO Republican governors like Brewer, Kasich, Martinez, Sandoval, and others have agreed to implement Obama’s health care exchanges. 

    As long as Karl Rove plays Don Corleone and John "Crybaby" Boehner is in power, the GOP is guaranteed to lose every single election.  

    They’re already prepared to capitulate on amnesty for illegals.  They’re silent about Obama’s desire to raise taxes again.  They’ve done NOTHING to support the NRA against Obama. They’ve done nothing to de-fund Obamacare.

    What they have done is start a RINO PAC to wage a "holy war" against all TEA Party candidates.  Are any of you willing to donate money, knock on doors, and make phone calls for this party?

    The GOP"s irrelevance will – hopefully – pave the way for an independent run by Sarah in 2016.

  • raiderlou

    I don’t think Sarah will run for president. I believe she will continue to speak out through whatever medium she has access and she will continue to fight for congressional candidates. I just don’t think it’s the role she wants to play in the fight for conservatism.

    • 01_Explorer_01


        Seen your hit pieces before.

  • 01_Explorer_01
    • K-Bob

       My eyes! My Eyes!

  • K-Bob

    Massive Headwound Hillary is being gift-wrapped, to be shoved down our throats, just like Marco Rubio is. We need to jump out in front of these runaway trains.

    I invite folks over to Scoops, to participate in a thread by 911Infidel (He’s now coblogging there), concerning Karl Rove and the conservatives.  It’s not getting heavy comment participation, because it requires some serious reading.  But this is a serious matter, and we need more minds focused on it.

    I added a comment to the thread which addresses a few major issues about "The Conservatives."  While it is not focused squarely on Gov. Palin, you all know I have her in mind as the person most likely to drive events.

    If you can manage the time, I’d love to keep the discussion going (no, Scoop isn’t hurting for page views, this is something 911Infidel and I and a few others are really passionate about).  I’d really like to see the concepts either developed better, or destroyed (either works for me!).  None of us is as smart as all of us.

    (EDIT: By the way, good article, Steve!)

    • Freempg

      My visits to Scoop have fallen to zero for having been banned after calling out a moderator with Montana in his name as a pompous ass for insulting posters on a Palin article as "tin foil hat" wearers without cause or provocation. It was thin-skinned that I was banned for something like that. His post reminded me of a smarmy Romneyite type shilling for the cause. It was a disservice to Scoop. You suggested I write an email and ask to be unbannned. I haven’t gotten around to it. I can see "timeouts" which you recommended, but permanent bans and ass-kissing mae culpas to be let back in is ridiculous as I wouldn’t take back a word of it.

      • K-Bob

        Ah well.  That’s the internet for you.  I almost got banned at Ace’s because a mod insisted I was partaking in "revolution talk" with several other Morons a few years ago. A) My participation was limited exactly to one comment telling folks it was not the time to talk about "that kind of solution." B) He refused to read what I wrote, claiming "we all sounded the same" or some bizarre garbage. C) Now everyone is talking revolution, so I guess it’s no longer taboo there.

        Sometimes communication is just not going to work.

  • RightMom

    …and let’s not forget that, according to all the polls, Romney had the best chance of beating Obama…

    …and let’s not forget, that according to all the polls, McCain had the best chance of beating Obama…

    …and let’s not forget that Hilary, according to all the polls, was going to be the nominee in 2008…

    STOP WORRYING ABOUT 2016.  It is a long, long, long way off.  No one has a clue as to who the nominee will be on either side.  I’m hoping for a third alternative.

    • Norcalo

      I agree, but let’s stay away from the word "third" in this context; best to say "NEW." 

      3rd, as in 3rd party, contains the idea  "also ran" and "looser, spoiler."  It’s self defeating even to say it, as it puts BOTH democrats and Republicans ahead of you.

  • CharInOhio

    " If the GOP is going to lose that big and it’s all the same to them, I’d rather run a true conservative like Governor Palin for once so the party can finally return to its core principles."

    EXACTLY….what I have said ALL ALONG…..IF you feel you are going to LOSE, AT LEAST…..GO DOWN FIGHTING AND WITH THE BEST YOU GOT …..not some liberal "light" Republican like Romney……..WHY JUST HAND THE VICTORY ………to your opponent ?   Make them WORK for the VICTORY………IF indeed……….they get it ……..which……..I can not assure you if you run Sarah :)    I think they may find a bigger battle than they THOUGHT ………Just sayin :)Charolette

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