Palin vs. Clinton, Why Wait Until 2016?

PPP’s latest poll states that Hillary Clinton is “competitive in Alaska.”  It reflects the former Secretary of State winning against Governor Palin in a hypothetical 2016 matchup by 53-37 in the state of Alaska.  Further, it places Clinton ahead of Marco Rubio and behind Chris Christie by a single point.

When you consider that even Romney beat Obama in Alaska by 14 points and if this poll were accurate, the future for Republicans would be virtually hopeless if the rest of the nation correlates with these results in 2016.  If the GOP is going to lose that big and it’s all the same to them, I’d rather run a true conservative like Governor Palin for once so the party can finally return to its core principles.

Of course though, the poll has a problem.  When combining the liberal portion of respondents with the moderates, it outweighs the conservative participants by 57-43.  In fact, the “moderates” are the biggest chunk of the sample taken in a solidly conservative state.

While it’s true that elections include the votes of moderates, their opinion today can change within an hour.  That is why both parties concoct various methods of attempting to win them over in every election cycle.  It’s why media narratives sometimes work.  It’s also why galvanizing members of the Tea Party like Governor Palin usually leave those in the media banging their heads against the wall waiting for their fantasies of her demise to finally eventuate.

(For more on what drives them, click here to read an amazing piece by Adrienne Ross).

Therefore, it’s beyond ironic at this point when liberal polling institutions trash Governor Palin’s relevance or political power.  In fact, it’s beyond pointless.  After all, if half of what they said were true, they wouldn’t spend so much time, money, and energy repeating all of it.

Moderates are simply playing off the media’s current love fest with Hillary Clinton.  Of course many feel sympathy for her with her recent medical issues, as any decent person would.  But the media is also building her up as the party’s next Messiah by releasing more polls showing the former Secretary as being more popular than Obama.  Of course most moderates won’t take into consideration the fact that the media would have never done such a thing before Obama secured his second term.

But regardless of how Hillary is currently perceived, she cannot rely on questionable opinion polls alone if she wants to make it to the White House.  Now that she’s free from the policy restraints of Secretary of State, she’s free to re-enter the arena of political opinion.  And there is no better place to start than next year’s midterm elections when Democrats try to retain seats in the Senate and attempt to re-take the House.

This will occur after one more calendar year of growing deficits and another trillion or two added to our already mountainous national debt.  One more year of stagnating (and rising) unemployment will be there.  A good fight over our second amendment rights will be there and perhaps the loom of yet another credit downgrade to our nation.  As aggressive as Obama seems to be, the sad possibilities are endless.

Opinion polls that over-sample moderates don’t last when issues begin to impact Americans. But when these definitive moments occur, the last thing liberals or their surrogates want is a messenger like Governor Palin to continue taking her message across the nation to broader audiences now that she is unshackled from the constraints of Fox News.

As such, we know where Governor Palin will be.  She’ll be right there in a midterm election year leading the fight for liberty, for smaller government, lower taxes and regulations, and to serve as a voice of common sense connecting to millions upon millions of grassroots Americans who find it refreshing.

We know this because despite countless negative opinion polls concocted by other liberal organizations in the past, Governor Palin led the Tea Party to a historic sweep of Congress in 2010.  In 2012, while the establishment was forcing Mitt Romney on us as a presidential candidate, she helped lead good conservatives like Ted Cruz and Deb Fischer right to the U.S. Senate and others to the House – proving that her political instincts trumped Karl Rove’s.

But where will Hillary be for her party?  Will she voice support for Obama’s failed policies?  If she goes against the grain of the Obama regime, how quick will Americans forget that she was part of his administration for four years and that her own husband was instrumental in Obama’s reelection?  If she truly wants to be a viable candidate for the presidency in 2016, she’s going to have to spend the next few years defending Democrat policies and be willing to put her name on the line as Governor Palin has in the case of the Tea Party.

Recently, Governor Palin said “we [the Tea Party] delight in those who underestimate us.”  What the left will never get about Governor Palin is that she’d gladly welcome a challenge from Hillary Clinton.  But instead of waiting for 2016, let’s hope it starts on 2014’s campaign trail if Clinton dares to show her face.

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