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Scarborough: Ted Cruz’s pointed questioning of woefully unqualified candidate for Defense Secretary was a "clown show"

A typical week for MSNBC buffoon Joe Scarborough. On Monday, as Adrienne noted, Slow Joe embarrassed himself by attacking Governor Palin. Today, he and the rest of the Lefties on his little-watched cable show discussed the Ted Cruz-Chuck Hagel exchange, and somehow concluded that it was Cruz who looked bad. I’m not making this up, via Newsbusters:

Newsbusters provided a partial transcript of Scarborough’s latest brilliance:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: John McCain, Mika, didn’t let him answer a question. I’m sorry, out of that exchange, it was not Chuck Hagel who looked  bad.
UNIDENTIFIED[Richard Haass?]: Ted Cruz looked even  worse.
. . .
SCARBOROUGH: By the way,  there’s a way to ask Chuck Hagel tough questions. We showed clips of Roger  Wicker who is very conservative but very respectful. And then you  see–and I don’t even mention his name, the new senator from Texas who  turned it into a clown show –
SCARBOROUGH: — during his questioning and other senators that just were  playing for the cameras and were trying to get a headline.
. .  .
SCARBOROUGH: And these attackers, these three, four, five Republicans  that were just really openly hostile to him, they weren’t talking about matters  of substance moving forward.
SCARBOROUGH:  One of them goes, you know, gets an old call-in show. You know, Jane from  Topeka, you’re on. I mean —
BARNICLE: First-time caller.
SCARBOROUGH: First-time caller, long-time listener. Again, a clown show.

According to Scarborough those evil Republicans weren’t questioning Hagel over matters of substance. Therefore the only possible conclusion is that Slow Joe doesn’t consider Iran and Israel to be matters of substance.  What, then, does Scarborough consider to be a substantive topic for a Secretary of Defense nominee? Think about that. While you mull that over, go here and watch video of yesterday’s Cruz-Hagel exchange and ask yourself a question: Which one of the two’s comportment more closely resembles that of a clown?

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  • crunchingk

    saw the "faux"s attack this morning!one sick puppie!next week he will explain how "quitter" hillary is unstopable in 16

  • CBDenver

    The sad part is that most Americans won’t actually watch the film clip to verify what actually happened.  The media know this.   They know that their interpretations of the event will become reality for many.  That is why they play this game.

  • c4pfan

    This is the guy NRO picked to tell the GOP what to do.  NOW do you get why people like me can’t stand the GOP?

    • conservativemama

      Oh, I see that I copied your NRO thought.  I’m with you.  The GOP is nauseating.

  • socon

    It’s a clown show alright, and you’re the star, Bozo.

  • misterlogic0013

     Slow Joe all wee weed up .. aha not feeling the love ?  ..  How does that intern they found in your office feeling ??  seriously Slow Joe you should be in jail .. facts have a way of getting in your way for a while now, haven’t they ? your done .. fork time for another Rino lib talker fake .. another casualty of Sarah,s army, slow Joe "easy" light work  ..

  • RedDaveR

    Joe Scarborough:  Another example of what is wrong with the GOP.

  • Nancy6

    Betchya, Joe believes that Dad of the little boy murdered in the Newtown attack, was heckled, too.

  • conservativemama

    And remember, National Review put this clown on the stage to talk about conservatism.

    Let’s play a game.  If Mika were a Barbie doll, what barbie would she be?  I say Echo Chamber Barbie……………you know, because of the great emptiness between her ears and her need to repeat words to compensate for her total lack of an original thought.

    And one more thing, he dare not speak Ted Cruz’s name because it was Palin who helped put Cruz in that seat.

    • alien4palin

      Echo Chamber Barbie!!! LOL……..appropriate and perfect description of the woman. I have seen a couple of videos of her and Brain Donor Ken doing their spins but my blood pressure can’t handle  any more.

      • conservativemama

        Brian Donor Ken………….that’s awesome!

        Your blood pressure and my stomach.  There’s enough time in this life to spend on stupid.  Avoid at all costs.

  • John_Frank

    Sigh … shakes head … Scarborough …. a card carrying member of the Obama media …. the Ministry of Truth … guard dogs for the Obama administration.

  • cuatrocinco45

    Maybe Ted could have asked Hagel if any interns were ever found dead in his office

  • nkthgreek

    Scarborough fair? (No, not Paul Simon’s song)

    • wandrako

      Many years ago he was a good conservative.  Then he started appearing on Chris Matthews show a lot as the token conservative and wouldn’t you know it he became a Chris Matthews!!  Turned totally lib and cannot be critical enough of conservatives.  Makes fun of them all the time.  Nasty man.

  • royroyo

    GOPe is Done…

    It’s Tea Time 

    Palin 2016

  • heshtesh

    Doe’s Scarborough think Ted Cruz is there to hold Hagels hand to the coronation, here’s a hint for you Joe, Ted Cruz is not a Democrat!!!!!!!!

  • blueniner

    Joe, "bowling ball head", please join the Democrat party, you are an embaressment. We still want to know what happened to the dead intern in your office..Schmo….

  • MarkRNY

    The shadow cast by Sarah’s shadow has more impact on events than Scarborough has.

    The story here is NRO. They’re done. Scatch them. Exposed…this is actually the only influence Morning Junk has! Any "Conservative" outlet/site that has him comment on a damned thing is instant bird cage liner.

    Be proud Joe! Way to go NR-O!  

  • Guest

    Up yours slow joe… 

     lol   Sen. Cruz ticking off the right people…love it!!   Go Ted.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    I love Ted Cruz.  Hagel is up for Secretary of Defense at a time when our military is engaged in multiple counter-terror operations and Israel is under imminent threat from radical Islamic fundamentalists.  He has poor-mouthed his own country, and our best ally, and spoken sympathetically of our worst enemies. He wants to be the head guy at the Pentagon? He’s got some splainin’ to do.

    Hagel is out of his depth, and he was exposed by Cruz and others. He is ill-equipped by experience, background, temperament and policy orientation for the job.  I respect Hagel for his service, but he is unsuited to be Secretary of Defense.  Obama wants him at the Pentagon because he needs a marionette to jump whenever Obama yanks his chain.  Hagel essentially said as much, himself.

    • HuntingMoose

      Cruz is just warming up.

      And pretty sure his constituents in Texas are loving it too

    • alien4palin

       You are absolutely spot on!!!

  • HuntingMoose

    Time to setup the anti scArborough facebook page.

    And yes, you can add a cartoon of him putting a gun to his head, adding comments like how much you crave for him to be dead. It is all OK according to the latest facebook guidelines as they apply to sarah palin so can you apply them to others as well

  • Tango Echo

    That’s why I call it Morning Joke.

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