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Scarborough: Ted Cruz’s pointed questioning of woefully unqualified candidate for Defense Secretary was a "clown show"

A typical week for MSNBC buffoon Joe Scarborough. On Monday, as Adrienne noted, Slow Joe embarrassed himself by attacking Governor Palin. Today, he and the rest of the Lefties on his little-watched cable show discussed the Ted Cruz-Chuck Hagel exchange, and somehow concluded that it was Cruz who looked bad. I’m not making this up, via Newsbusters:

Newsbusters provided a partial transcript of Scarborough’s latest brilliance:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: John McCain, Mika, didn’t let him answer a question. I’m sorry, out of that exchange, it was not Chuck Hagel who looked  bad.
UNIDENTIFIED[Richard Haass?]: Ted Cruz looked even  worse.
. . .
SCARBOROUGH: By the way,  there’s a way to ask Chuck Hagel tough questions. We showed clips of Roger  Wicker who is very conservative but very respectful. And then you  see–and I don’t even mention his name, the new senator from Texas who  turned it into a clown show —
SCARBOROUGH: — during his questioning and other senators that just were  playing for the cameras and were trying to get a headline.
. .  .
SCARBOROUGH: And these attackers, these three, four, five Republicans  that were just really openly hostile to him, they weren’t talking about matters  of substance moving forward.
SCARBOROUGH:  One of them goes, you know, gets an old call-in show. You know, Jane from  Topeka, you’re on. I mean —
BARNICLE: First-time caller.
SCARBOROUGH: First-time caller, long-time listener. Again, a clown show.

According to Scarborough those evil Republicans weren’t questioning Hagel over matters of substance. Therefore the only possible conclusion is that Slow Joe doesn’t consider Iran and Israel to be matters of substance.  What, then, does Scarborough consider to be a substantive topic for a Secretary of Defense nominee? Think about that. While you mull that over, go here and watch video of yesterday’s Cruz-Hagel exchange and ask yourself a question: Which one of the two’s comportment more closely resembles that of a clown?

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