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Chuck, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. Talk ‘Shoddy Journalism’ with Ladonna Hale Curzon

Chuck Heath, Sr. and Jr. sat down to talk with Ladonna Hale Curzon about the latest issues of "shoddy journalism" to come out of the Lamestream Media on Governor Palin.

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  • Escaped_Teleprompter

    It is worse than shoddy journalism — it is deliberate distortion and falsification.  The LSM use the same propaganda tactics practised by the propaganda apparatus of Stalin, Molotov, Mao, and sundry other communist regimes.  These are the tactics advocated by Alinsky, who was a self-professed admirer of Stalin and Lucifer.  As Mr. L said, this is war. 

  • MamaGrizz12

    From time to time this show has ok guests but the host is so bad it’s hard to listen to. She’s always making weird sounds in the back and she’s very unprepared. She didn’t even know when the iron dog is! She also interrupts. It seems like she makes up the questions as she goes along. Hard to get through a whole segment. Sarah Palin is a great American. If someone is going to use her name the product should be better. Luckily we have the other radio show and Mr. L and some other outlets out there.

  • Jthom26837

     I have a suggestion as far as field & Stream Magazine is concerned: Why don’t you and the people here at C4P feature the award that Sarah Palin received From Field & Stream Magazie back in 2007? It will absolutely contradict this jerk who posted this demeaning hit piece on Gov. Sarah Palin. If the magazine denys this 2007 award or strips her from this award, then all of us Palinistas who subscribe to ‘Field & Stream’ Magazine should discontinue their subscribtion as well as stop reading it all together.
     I stand with Sarah Palin!!!

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