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Todd (and Scott) Hit the Iron Dog Trail, Update: Bristol Posts Photos from Past Events, More Photos from Today, Honoring Chris Kyle

Governor Palin shared the following photo and message this morning via Facebook:

Just snapped this pic of happy, healthy, adrenaline-pumped race team #11 (Scott & Todd) in my living room – one final bit of warmth before these former champs hit the trail in the world’s longest snowmachine race: 2000 miles across Alaska’s unique terrain and amazingly challenging conditions. It’s competition at its finest!

Todd and Scott

Update I: The Governor also posted a link to Bristol’s blog where she posts some great photos from past races.

Update II: Governor Palin posted more photos from today on Facebook.

Todd and Trigg…

Todd and Trig


Trig says, "See you later, Dad!" at the start of the Iron Dog.

Todd Trigg Piper


And they’re off…

Iron Dog

Running hard in honor of our lost warriors. God bless America’s finest – our troops.


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  • amaze830

    You can follow the Iron Dog race at this website.

    • ZH100

      Thanks !

  • DocBarry1

    Good luck

  • Guest

    Kick azz Team 11 !!!!! …… so exciting .. :)

  • amaze830

    I was just viewing the current standing in the Iron Dog race and it looks like Team 11 (Palin/Davis) is in 8th place. This is pretty good for a team that started in 15th place. I hope I am reporting this correctly.

  • onparade

    todd win the iron dog race for our iron lady…..

  • AmazedOne1

    The Iron Dog Race is long and arduous. It takes a whole week, and will last until NEXT Saturday. As they race north now, they are required to take four rest periods. Three are for eight (8) hours each and they can choose when to use another “flexible layover” of (6) six hours. The flexible layover may be used on its own or in combination with one of the fixed eight (8) hour locations. In total, they must rest for thirty (30) hours. The racers usually arrive at the half-way point – Nome — on Tuesday or Wednesday. They are required to reach Nome by 11:59 pm on the fourth day of the race (Wednesday). Then, they rest for 24 hours (they get a longer rest, of course, if they arrived earlier). The race is restarted in Nome at 8:00 a.m., Thursday morning. They go out in order, according to the order in which they arrived. During the second half of the race, two 10-hour layovers are required (for a total of 20 hours of rest time). They expect the first team to arrive sometime around 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 23rd. Here’s a link to the pro team rules:

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thank you for sharing these photos.

  • onparade

    looks like todd and davis finished 3rd on the first day

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