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Tony Lee: Facebook Refuses to Shut Down Vile Anti-Palin Page

More great reporting from Breitbart’s Tony Lee:

In what seems like a double standard against conservatives, Facebook has not taken down a vile page depicting former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin holding a gun to her head while allowing users and "fans" to post messages on the page that wish for Palin’s death.

The social networking site has banned conservatives and conservative pages for lesser "offenses."

The website Pundit Press, which monitors Facebook pages that target conservatives, found a Facebook page titled, "I hate it when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive."

The page shows "a cartoon caricature of Palin holding a pistol to her head" and has over 3,000 likes. The page, though, claims it is not advocating Palin’s assassination.

The page claims that it is simply "a page about venting dislike over Sarah Palin" that in "no way advocates an assassination of Sarah Palin in any way, shape or form." The page’s ground rules include "no epic trolling" and spamming.

According to Pundit Press, though, the page has incited fans to post that they wish Palin were dead. In 2011, for instance, a 54-year-old named Mark Hamblett posted: "PS Sarah Palin is still breathing which distresses me."

As I noted a few days ago, if it weren’t for double standards the Left would have no standards at all. Read Tony’s entire piece here.

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  • Freempg

    Shut it down? Heck, Mark Zuckerberg probably set it up personally on behalf of his new BFF, Chris Christie.

  • Carolyn Dixon

    time to boycott facebook and all the advertisers.

    • Jthom26837

       I hear you, but if we boycott ‘Facebook,’ how will Sarah Palin post her commentaries to all of her supporters and the ones who are interested?

      • HuntingMoose


        It is called ‘a link’ to another website without all advertisements that this leftist zuckerberg makes rich, without the creepy monitoring of you as facebook is doing.

        Looks mom can learn something from daugther:


      • alien4palin

        If there’s a will, there’s a way!!! How did we ever do anything before the digital age, fb and social network…….

        Grassroots, Grassroots, Grassroots ………your local communities.The tools that we have at our disposal in the Digital Age is very useful and wonderful but the downside is that we can become comfortable and insular. No longer know nor speak to our neighbours like we once did.

        Inoculate your local communities actively wherever possible with TRUTH to counter the lies & spins they have been fed or continue to be fed. Many (with exception of folks in cities and major towns) are most likely are less exposed to the spins and lies . Most Americans and folks in Democratic countries do not make politics and the functioning of government as part of their daily diet. Too busy making a living and having a life. Except Political Junkies, myself included. Political Junkies are essential and can contribute positively to the discourse of society and humanity

        No matter how time marches on, face to face interaction and conversation will remain an extremely valuable and precious tool. Sarah is a perfect role model who can change minds without offending anyone except those who are already entrenched in the opposite views and values with their own agenda.

        Sarah will probably continue to use fb and parlay it with all tools at her disposal. She is a real fighter and will never allow someone or group to intimidate her from her Mission for America. She is a proven expert at weaving through the twisted less travel paths with unfiltered messages to We,The People. She has also proven her expertise in using the enemies towards her Goal for America.

        Sarah, May the Angels keep you and your family safe.

  • Lennart Bilén

    A gal from the forty-ninth state

    made liberals bristle with hate.

    She resigned from her post

    to accomplish the most.

    And now, she is Sarah the Great.

  • korn8131

    For what it’s worth;  

    There is  a double standard against conservatives, Facebook has not taken down a vile page depicting former Alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin holding a gun to her head while allowing users and “fans” to post messages on the page that wish for Palin’s death. On the flip side of this controversy, some Tea Party members subjected to censorship on Facebook have been suspended. In addition, Tea Party members also absorb a lot of abuse from liberals.

    Well, what do you know, Ken Crow has done something about it? He has started a social media site that has a  resemblance to Facebook. This resemblance to Facebook is no mistake. You can “friend’” people and “like” posts. You can also join pages and meet up with tea partiers in your state. Crow said: “That was intentional; We didn’t want there to be a learning curve for the new members.

    I’m a betting man and will give odds that Sarah will show up on this site. Anyway, I sure hope so!

  • HuntingMoose


    I guess than according to Facebook we can also create an identical page but replace ‘sarah palin’ with Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Zuckerberg, any one of the lying leftist deceiving media, you name it.

    Should not be hard to do, especially the cartoon of Pelosi since a normal picture would do as well too.

    ‘Fight fire with fire’


  • HuntingMoose

    Time to abandon facebook.

    Sarah should just put a single link on it to a website of her own choosing like Bristol’s

    ‘Fight fire with fire’


  • blueniner

    What did Kram-dem Christie have to do to get Suckerbergs support…..huuuummm?

    • socon

       Lip-locked Obama?


    Why is anyone on Facebook anyway?  Too hard to follow, with long mostly boring posts (like blogs), and too difficult to read with the 2 column format. Plus there’s the lack of privacy thing and the hating on Sarah Palin & silencing conservatives thing.

    Twitter is where it’s at:  if ya can’t say it in 140 characters (a.k.a. "elevator speech") you’ll never get your message out.  Plus it’s just so much fun! when conservatives highjack # hashtag trends!  LOL…

  • conservativemama

    Okay, because I want to share, here are my comments on the Breitbart page.

    It is a measure of the power, and potential power Palin has.  If she were not so feared she would not be so hated.  The Left knows what the RINO establishment is blind to.  Palin is a force who has yet to be unleashed.  The 2008 campaign was managed by idiots and Palin knows this.  She absorbs and synthesizes information better than anyone else on the political scene.

    Contrast Hillary with Palin.Hillary:  all the right schools, the best grades, the coattails of a man, a sycophantic press, and feminists who sit by in silence as the women her husband used and abused are trashed.  But, what are the results?  How is the world any better because Hillary Clinton served?  There are no measurable results.  All she is is a resume.  She is, as Nixon said of the elder Bush, someone you appoint to things.  There’s no achievement in her professional life.  She showed up.  She rode planes to many countries.  Wow.  I’m overwhelmed………………….not.

    Palin:  Small-town girl, state college, marriage to her high school sweetheart, 5 children and 2 grandchildren, worked at many jobs both blue collar and white collar, finished school without any debt, began a career on her own, no daddy or husband’s coattails, no rich and connected family, and she rose up and made changes in her town and in her state.  There are accomplishments that are listed in the public record.  She was and is consequential.  She came out of the blue, so to speak, in 2008 and took the country by storm.  Had she not been a threat all the powers that be in the media, Hollywood, NYC and DC would not have worked so hard, in collusion, to destroy her.  They keep telling us she’s gone, but what they fear is that she is simply plotting her next, unconventional, unpredictable move.  They won’t see it coming.

    Hillary is predictable.  She’s been hanging around, cleaning up the messes of the men in her life, (Lewinsky and the rest, Benghazi and the rest), waiting for her turn. Palin is a force.  No one groomed her, her background wasn’t supposed to place her in the national conversation, and her enemies are relentless and powerful.  And yet she’s still here, because if you think you can close your eyes and wish her away, you’re playing a fool’s game.

    • socon

       Hitlery’s corrupt to the core, too.  Sarah’s the exact opposite.

      • conservativemama

        Good point.

    • DocBarry1

      Remarkable post – I would like to suggest that you forward this to cnn, msnbc, fox news, abc, cbs, nbc etc and ask for a response – this is terrific thank you

    • alien4palin

      Brilliant statement of Facts & Truth!!!

      Sarah presents a major obstacle to the establishments’ Agenda & Status Quo. Regretfully, we can anticipate that they are going to get uglier.

      • conservativemama

        And it is truly frightening to know that simple fact, that they will get uglier.  Nothing, absolutely nothing will be off limits.

        • alien4palin

          You are absolutely right. Sarah’s supporters and right thinking Americans need & must recognize this if good is going to win over evil. Our sense of fair play and treat others as we would like to be treated which is virtuous but also our Achilles’s Heels.

          Sarah has a natural talent of recognizing & sensing evil when she sees it and treats them accordingly with the utmost subtlety of sticking it to them without lowering herself down to their Sewer Pits. Nor does she compromise or sacrifice her Values or Truth.

          • WSPISFA

            The Democrat Party has literally been taken over by Satan himself and his minions:  think about it, lying, cheating, false accusations against their enemies, murder, … all there.

            The Bible predicted this battle between Good (us) versus Evil (them), even Jesus Christ in the flesh was 100% perfect, innocent, without sin, and went through the same persecution. 

            Pretty sure Sarah too is aware of this and wears it like a badge of honor, which is why she just fights harder, on her own terms and using the gifts God gave her, rather than letting it get her down. That’s why she’s a role model for the rest of us to do likewise.

            "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.  Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." — Matthew 5:10-12

            The Good News:  Good wins in the end!  (see Revelation)

  • friskyness

    They are inciting violence!  I am surprised that Facebook isn’t forced to take it down, by the authorities.  Does Sarah have to "sue’ to get anything done about it?

    • socon

       I’m really sick of this crap.  There must be something we can do.

  • Mr.L

    Zuckerberg’s too busy giving the fat bastard money.

    • socon

       Isn’t that the name of that horrible man in Mike Myer’s awful movie?  ROFL!!

      • Mr.L

        LOL yep.

        • James A. Tyler

          The Mole Number 3 giving money to The Fat Bastard? "Holy mole-ee" somethings not right

        • socon

          He does!!

          I’ll never look at Gov. Crispie Creme the same way.

  • alien4palin

    Moral bankruptcy or lack thereof is a disease that is an inherent part of the left’s DNA. Sadly, FB is in OB’s pocket. Mrs.Z is originally from China, still has family there, and most unfortunate a sacred lesson not learn. Dereliction of duty and responsibility to future generations and those yet to be born

  • DocBarry1

    this is totally unacceptable – we need to write Facebook and all media sites that haven’t called for this to be taken down – where are The Tea Party Groups, Where are the GOP, Where are the ethical people???

    • nkthgreek

      Sadly the GOP and ethical people are becoming mutually exclusive.

      • DocBarry1

        So sad

        • alien4palin


    • alien4palin

       Where are the GOP???
      They have been MIA since 2008 election.

      Where are the ethical people???
      I have not notice too many among those who have a megaphone.

      Sad but that ‘s the Truth.

      • DocBarry1

        It just is so sad.

        • alien4palin


  • patnatasha

    why would they shut it down they agree with it.

    • felizarte

      For us PALIN supporters, we might as well get used to this and figure out  a way of dealing with or fighting it.  We should all be aware of all the places and sources of this kind of attack on the governor.  It will only get worse.  Those people are only too aware of the governor’s danger to their way of thinking.  We have to steel ourselves and fight, fight, fight.

      • alien4palin

         "We have to steel ourselves and fight, fight, fight."

        And organize, organize, organize quietly like Sarah keeping her cards close to her heart.

    • conservativemama

      Zuckerberg hearts Chris Christie.  Do we really need to know more than that?

  • 56Survivor

    Apparently the man responsible for this FB page is a pedophile???  Did I read that right?  And, a Satan worshipper to boot.  How does one respond to that kind of evil?

  • willegge

    That guy deserves a good old fashion beating, he is way out of line. That guy is a universe away from  chivalry, and for insulting a women like this he should have some fear put into him. But I guess we live in a different day. Oh for the days when real men would not allow this to go without consequences.

  • Lakerfanalways

    Its sickos like that that we should be worried about..I can totally understand why Sarah carries a gun who can blame her..all of these sick freaks out there..can anyone imagine a page like that about ANY Dem, it would be taken down immediately and no one on the GOP side would ever wish death to a Dem..but notice all the vile, disgusting garbage always comes from the left..because they are SICKOS and they have no lives

  • JV DeLong

    The existence of a such a despicable site is useful when talking with sanctimonious progressives, however. One can point out that they are the real party of hate.

    When talking with someone who is not part of the real hard core left, one can also ask if they really want to be associated with the people behind the site, because silence about the sickos is indeed consent.

    • alien4palin

      Agree!!! Life has it’s own equalizer……even bad deeds produce some positives, just as good deeds produce some negatives. The unintended consequences of choices.

      A reminder to oneself is that just because some sickos doing bad things is not a representation of all people. This sickos doing it on fb showed their true colours and speaks volume about the moral, integrity and complicity of FB and so call leaders in America.

  • CharInOhio

    She ain’t goin’ nowheres you libbys !!!!  Put on your big girl or big boy britches and DEAL with it !!!!! :)
    Sarah ROCKS and Sarah is HERE TO STAY !!!!!  By the way……..If Obama NEEDS skeet shooting lessons ……well ya know ……. :)   I would sure hate to see more pictures of him holding the gun like that, the WRONG way ….was that on a movie set with a smoke pellet ?  Or did the gun say "NERF" on the side of it ?   Just sayin’  :)Charolette

  • CharInOhio

    Liberals hate Sarah cause they NEVER COULD find ANYTHING on her …no dirt ……..and well, liberals are all about "dirt" and they have no clean records of any type……They read 250 pounds of emails and found NOTHING………they sent lawyers to Alaska and found nothing….a stalker moved in next door to her, and FOUND nothing……..WHEN will they learn that Sarah is a Godly woman of morals and character that NO liberal could ever match or come close to ?  Or IS THAT , the "problem" ?  


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