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Twitchy: Governor Palin Introduces State of the Union Hashtag; SOTU Open Thread

Tonight’s speech should be a hoot, whether you’re in D.C. or Alaska.

Via Twitchy

Keep an eye on Gov. Palin’s Twitter feed and the #sotUGottaBKiddingMe hashtag. Should be a fun night.


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  • conservativemama


  • MaMcGriz

    Ooooh Sarah I love it when you fry ‘em up real crispy!!

    Roast ‘em and watch ‘em twitch!

    I’ve never loved you or Michelle Malkin more!!

  • cuttingboardblues

    WaPo couldn’t have picked a better day to turn up the spotlight a little LOL.  This is almost as good as death panels.  

    • MarkRNY

      Yeah! Was thinking the same! Real MENSA types we’re up against huh?

    • jester2939

      Funny how that happens, huh?

  • $7566967

    I’m glad Sarah’s watching this, because there’s no way I’d ever watch this guy talk for almost two hours about how great he is AND how stupid we are.

    • c4pfan

       Me either!

  • jester2939

    I’m lovin the hashtag!  The Guv’s got her nightstick out and she’s ready to go!!!

    • c4pfan

       Sure is!

  • MarkRNY

    Ner-O speaks! How’s his neck doing?? All that Tel-O-Prompter back and forth. It’s gotta take a toll–No! He’s not a head case!–the first man in history to develop Tennis Elbow Neck.

    All I’m interested in is the State of the Cuda! This geek can go…whatever.

    Civil dis-O-bedience!

  • blueniner

    Which thing do you click on to get the up to date tweet from Sarah?

    • MaMcGriz

       Gov. Palin’s Twitter

      See it at the right of the screen…all are displayed. She’s on fire. Beatin’ barky like a rented mule.

    • John_Frank

  • John_Frank

    Read the Governor’s twitter feed.

    Talk about taking the fight to Obama.


    P.S. I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • CharterOakie

    Wonder if they made sure there’s enough distance between the Speaker’s well and the teleprompter.

    It would be inconvenient if Pinocchio’s nose knocked over TOTUS again.

  • n4cerinc

    that was great!

  • myfairlady

    Right Scoop has a collection of the Governor’s tweets from tonight.

    Sarah Palins Response to the SOTU

  • conservativemama

    "Let’s “invest” in more “clean energy” because Obama has a lot of campaign bundlers to thank"

    One of my favorite tweets.

    Sarah didn’t let me down.  Fierce!

    • jester2939

      Mine too, lol!!!

  • DocBarry1

    Loved it_one question- was the tweet of 5.+ million right- not sure?

    • excopconservative

       Could be a gotcha?  Actual number is something like 5.9 trillion, but in order to criticize her for the mistake, the critics will have to point out how awful the debt really is which is what Gov. Palin is trying to do.  Moreover, a headline reading "Palin makes mistake" will attract Obama supporters who may not understand the level of the problem.

      Or it’s possible she meant to say 5.9 million since Obama started his speech.

      • DocBarry1

        thanks  her tweets were great – if she is off a few trillions – obama doesn’t care – but it caught my eye and I wasn’t sure  thanks again

      • John_Frank

        She subsequently sent out the following tweet:

        Sarah Palin?@SarahPalinUSA
        Should be $5.9 TRILLION. Sorry for the typo. RT $5.9 million was added to the national debt since Obama took office. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

      • c4pfan

         I know.  Don’t they get it makes him look worse?!

      • DocBarry1

        Governor Palin made the correction

  • happymullah

    ABC News reports Sarah’s tweets:

    Both Rubio and Rand have to wait for the president to finish before responding.  

    But not Sarah Palin. She tweets her response live while Obama speaks.  That’s what we call instant response.  She is using the social media versus traditionally boring decorum of the old ways.

    Sarah just started something new in our political world.  What a brilliant trail blazer!


    • John_Frank

      As Adrienne Ross tweeted:

      In case y’all didn’t catch the lesson, Gov. Palin just used Twitter to teach us why she doesn’t need FOX News! #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

      • WSPISFA

        Totally agree!  Unleashed and Unencumbered and On Her Own Terms is when the Sarahcuda is at her BEST!  She’s got her PAC, her facebook, her twitter, she can communicate with anyone who wants to be communicated with, and no selective editing or hatchet jobs from the irrelevant enemedia!


      She doesn’t sound very "irrelevant’ to me if the lamestream enemedia is reporting on her… oh wait, unless maybe the Demokkkratic lamestream enemedia is irrelevant…

  • MarkRNY

    Lol–just reading Sarah’s tweets. She’s burning up twitter with facts!–Not a Cudaprompter in sight!

    This kills me ya know. Krauthammer couldn’t rattle facts off after a full day’s show prep, staff, etc, the way she can with her thumbs in her living room, but he’s a "sage". You can’t be good looking with an Alaskan accent and charisma and be smart! You have to speak Beltway and look like CK! (or take your pick)…btw, maybe it’s like salt in their wounds, but why are most of the people I trust good looking women now??–Sarah, Jed, Malkin–this must hurt! A "Higher Power’s" at work here…what?! 

    Now the meme will be "Palin’s all thumbs"–fastest thumbs in the North!

  • PhilTan

    Way to go Guv. Loved the twitter feed. Spot On !!!!!

  • K-Bob

    You folks know I’m not (currently) a Rubio guy.  But I have been hoping he’d get more Tea Party-ish and less Rove-ish, and tonight, I think he took a solid step in that direction.  Here’s what I wrote about his "rebuttal" speech, over at Scoop’s:
    With one unfortunate exception, Marco Rubio knocked it out of the park.

    He definitely mentioned the Constitution at least two times that I remember, and not in that vague way all politicians do.  He specified Constitutional requirements and spoke directly about how government is the problem.  So kudos to him.

    As for the unfortunate part, the GOP needs serious, competent, help with stagecraft, presentation, and poise.

    1) The lighting for both the Rubio and Paul speeches was amateurish, at best.
    2) Both men were visibly nervous.
    3) Both men were in a hurry.
    4) Rubio suffered from poor physical preparation.  You don’t get flop sweats and dehydration if you plan properly for a speech.  (Hint: it’s EXACTLY the same routine singers go through.  This isn’t something new and unknown.)
    5) The Tea Party backdrop for Paul’s speech was inelegant, noisy, and distracting.
    6) Rubio looked like he was backed into some corner by a producer to get the window shot.  It looked like he was crammed into a nook.
    7) Audio tweaks (like they ALWAYS use on Obama) would help.  Especially for Rand Paul.  We don’t need the God-reverb that Rush and Beck laugh about, but a tiny amount of compression, some EQ, and a hint of reverb would have helped both speeches.
    8) STOP DOING THESE REBUTTALS SOLO!  Put these men (or women) in front of an audience!  Nothing looks as dorky as a political speech done solo.  The only time those should be used is for grave, executive announcements to the people. Period!

    I’ve noticed that even such a dynamic speaker as Allen West looks diminished and nervous when speaking into a camera in a closed room.  Put him in front of an audience, though, and the difference is amazing!

    Because the GOP never takes presentation seriously, you end up with the water grab that will live on in Saturday Night Live infamy.

    Sarah Palin, Allen West, please take note!  Get some pros to help with all stages of production and presentation.  This is coming at least a decade late, already.  The Dems are years ahead on this score.

    • lanahi

      Those may be good points. It would help first to get the right candidates before we try selling them, though.  Most of them arn’t worth a lot of good production effort.

      Whether or not Rubio is a conservative may not be relevant if he is under the RINOs thumbs, and I believe he is.  He would tow the establishment line regardless of his own personal philosophies because he already owes them for where he’s at now.  He can mention the constitution as often as he wants, but would he change the direction of the country back to what it was meant to be, even if the establishment wants something else?  This must be our litmus test, I think, for all candidates in the future.

      All we know about Rubio is that he is a pretty boy who talks up a very nonconservative immigration reform (does he even HAVE any other issues to talk about?) and who the establishment is now trying hard to push.  That makes his Tea Partyish credentials very suspicious.

      • blueniner

        The Establishment is really propping him up. I am dissapointed in Mark Levin, today on the air he read a great deal of Rooobios rebuttal and said he will be President, Roobio has accomplished nothing but talk. I guess Obama lowered the bar so low you dont have to legislate to be a President anymore.

        • K-Bob

          "…and said he will be President…"

          Levin really said that?  God help us.

        • jester2939

          Oh, Mark, come on!

      • K-Bob

        Yeah.  I still can’t commit to any sort of Rubio ascendency.  Besides, why throw Palin, West, and the others aside for him?

        • Budvarakbar

          Rubio ==== Boosche / Rove machine  >>> REJECT!!

          • JApost

            Marco Roveio.

      • Budvarakbar

        TP Credentials — are non-existent

    • n4cerinc

      Good points, K-Bob.


      Rubio’s out.  Where he once showed real promise he caved to the Beltway crowd. 

      The real future of politics and leadership are us hated and oft-maligned "outsiders" like Sarah:  

      Obama has divided us, and the American Revolution 2.0 is coming sooner rather than later.  When the dust on that clears, the freeloaders and criminals will be gone, the current Demokkkrat and RINO regimes will be thrown on the ash heap of history, and Americans will be free (and REQUIRED) to work as they want, keep what they earn, worship as they please, and protect themselves.  Pregressive-Communism will once again be a failed experiment. 

      Or in sum:  If you’re hated by the Hollywood and pregressive-leftwing masses (we are), consider it a compliment!

  • palin45potus

    A correction posted by Sarah Palin:

    Should be $5.9 TRILLION. Sorry for the typo. RT $5.9 million was added to the national debt since Obama took office. #sotUGottaBKiddingMe

  • John_Frank

    The Governor just posted the following on her FB wall:

    Here’s a telling reminder of what wasn’t said tonight. What Obama DIDN’T say reflects his values & priorities as much as what he did.

    Underneath, she posted a banner under the heading of SarahPac which has two panels.

    In the left hand panel:

    In the #SOTU, Obama talked about his favorite topic, Obama.

    In the right hand panel:

    Missing: Hero Soldier Chris Kyle Benghazi Chris Stevens Army Navy Marines Air Force.

    At the bottom:

    Share to make sure are heroes are not foregotten #ugottabekiddingme.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Brilliant innovation from a ground-breaking original. Now that she’s so irrelevant, it was Sarah who made the news, again.

  • MarkRNY

    So, as Sarah was thumbing O to death from her couch, what was Boehner doing?? Did he cry/weep? Did he applaude like a seal as a H/T to Pelosi? Did he have his fake Cary Grant wannabe tan in a can?…did he light up a butt?! If he had guts he would have! (O would have stopped the speech and joined him…could have been kind of an endearing moment actually…).

    Important thing is what the hell is he GOING to do?! Boehner and his GOPe have made this win in a squeaker, damaged goods non-entity into a "political Titan". Only the GOPe could turn a Charles Atlas "Before" poster into a "Titan".

    Meanwhile, in Alaska…

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