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WaPo’s Suzi Parker Demoted to "Blogger" After Publishing Satirical Palin Article as Fact – Update: Gov. Palin Weighs In

Today, former "journalist" (now "blogger") Suzi Parker, posted another snark-filled article at The Washington Post trying to trash Governor Palin. The most obvious problem with the piece is that when WaPo first ran the "story," it looked like this:

Parker’s source for that scoop?… The Daily Currant, which describes itself as the "global satirical newspaper of record." As astounding as it is that someone who (until today anyway) calls herself a "journalist" didn’t catch this fact while gathering her research, it is even more outrageous (yet, completely typical) that her editors missed it as well.

Currently the same article, complete with a bunk poll and some know-nothing academic speaking for Palin supporters everywhere, has the following new headline and bold correction:

Notice that WaPo’s correction states that Parker is now just a "blogger" while her actual bio at the bottom of the page reads:

Suzi Parker is an Arkansas-based political and cultural journalist and author of “Sex in the South: Unbuckling the Bible Belt.” Follow her on Twitter at @SuziParker

Way to ruin your career, Suzi. Bravo!

The new media, and even some in the old have been taking Parker to task over this today.

Chad Sinclair at the DailyDownload wrote:

One click. That’s all it would have taken for Suzi Parker, the author of this phony gem, to discover that the entire site is full of fake news.

Is this what the Washington Post has come to? Stooping so low that neither its reporters nor its editors can perform the most basic fact checking?

Parker and the Post made a second egregious mistake: They waited too long. The Currant story was published on February 4. The Post’s story? It published eight days later.

Now, if Sarah Palin was in fact joining Al Jazeera American, don’t you think more news outlets would have picked up on that? Perhaps MSNBC or her old chums at Fox News? Let’s be honest, it’s not as if the Post was sitting on the story for eight days to triple-check the facts.

The gross oversight in editing, the lazy reporting and the utter lack of common sense at the Post is astounding.

Dylan Byers wrote:

Parker calls this "a cautionary tale about what can happen when politics and celebrity meet."

But Parker’s report is a cautionary tale about what can happen when writers cite satirical websites, such as The Daily Currant.

John Hayward wrote:

But the marquee element of Parker’s post – the entire reason she wrote the silly, contemptuous piece – was the revelation that Palin would become a contributor for the TV network al-Jazeera bought from al-Gore.  Supposedly Palin hoped to use her new perch at al-Jazeera to “reach millions of devoutly religious people.”

It’s a blockbuster revelation that turned out to be based entirely on a hoax… which Parker fell for hook, line, and sinker, apparently making no effort whatsoever to substantiate it, not even through the minimal practice of searching for a single corroborating source online.  Parker’s sole source was an obvious parody sitethe Daily Currant.  She probably didn’t even bother to visit the site, instead building her story around a cut-and-paste of something she received via social media.  At the time of this writing, the top story on the Daily Currant is “Catholic Church Considering Jerry Sandusky as Next Pope.”


So it turns out that this is really a “cautionary tale about what can happen” when sloppy reporting, liberal prejudice, and Internet comedians meet.  It’s really not that hard to lead mainstream media reporters, pundits, and editors into phony stories – just give them something that fits the “narrative” they already believe in.  Just yesterday, on Sarah Palin’s birthday, Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post announced the Pope’s resignation on Twitter as follows: “Pope Benedict, following Sarah Palin’s lead, resigns.”  Maybe it’s time for the top brass at the Post to do some soul-searching about its unhealthy obsessions.  Or could this be more fairly characterized as a desperate search by their writers to “find ways to stay relevant?”

It does not speak well of the Post that they would leave the story in place without a full retraction and apology to Palin, or a complete explanation to readers of where the false material came from.

Doug Powers writes:

Michelle mentioned it this morning, but I thought I’d elaborate…

A WaPo “journalist” reported earlier — in a piece claiming Sarah Palin’s star has fallen and she’s now engaged in a desperate search for attention by thanking people for wishing her happy birthday or something — that Palin would be joining up with Al Jazeera (the Al Gore costume Sarah wore last Halloween was way too convincing).

Iowahawk posted the following over at Breitbart:

Something called "Suzi Parker" who writes something called "She The People" at something called "The Washington Post" bagged the scoop of the century earlier today, in a report originally entitled "Sarah Palin’s plan to reach ‘millions of devoutly religious people’ through al-Jazeera"


Maybe a more accurate correction would have added "because we are psychologically incapable of disbelieving about any story the voices in our head tell us about Sarah Palin."

Another proud moment for the Washington Post’s layers and layers of fact-checkers. Take a bow, Suzi! And a 500mg of Xanax.

And Twitchy has covered it here and here.


Update: Heh! Governor Palin sent out the following two tweets in response:

 Update II: And another:

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  • Joe Durnavich

    Excuse me.  Is it OK to laugh out loud in this forum?

    • patnatasha

      yes it is okay to laugh out loud.

    • Guest

      might as well join the rest of us. :-))
      SP keeps us all chuckling how to be the Undefeated …..with class….

      • wodiej

        Undefeated with class…well said and Amen to that!!

    • alien4palin

      Oops!!! I was laughing out loud all the way through reading the article.

  • PetePetretich

    Suzi Who?

    • c4pfan

      LOL Exactly.  Just someone trying to stay relevant.

      • i8Nunya

        Notice how hard THEY try to stay relevant by picking up and running with ANY story that has Sarah Palin in it?  Doesn’t have to be true, as long as the VERY RELEVANT SARAH PALIN is in it… 

        Silly leftards.

  • Jthom26837

     Man, o man. I do believe it’s time to put out this Warning: PDS( Palin Derangement Syndrom) may be hazardous to ones Career opportunity, as well as your current Occupation. Failure to heed this warning, er advice will result as a permanent resident at Bellevue Hospital taking up paper mache, or Basket weaving. In addition, you may be allowed to partisipate in the Annual Fasion show modeling the latest design of straight Jackets. Otherwise, get with the program. It’s useless to resist the Palins.

    I stand with Sarah Palin!!!

    • wodiej

      this kind of behavior can also lead one to eat checkers.  

  • lyndaaquarius

    when will they learn that if your intention is to harm Governor Palin,it’s going to bring you down not her? Sooner or later these liars will experience retribution. It can be no other way. Of course they don’t want to compete with Sarah Palin out in the open.They just attack from the shadows. Don’t let them get away with it’

    • indemind

      Linda… So true… "Of course they don’t want to compete with Sarah Palin out in the open.They just attack from the shadows.

      These people don’t hate Sarah because of the lies,…the lies exist to justify the hate

  • Cindy09

    They’re right!!! Suzi Parker needs a massive dose of Zanax to recover from her delusion!

  • patnatasha

    let sarah have her fun with poking fun at them like only she can.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Another life damaged by Palin Derangement Syndrome. Remember ladies. Palin is smart. She’s successful. Palin is loved by millions; she’s listened to and respected by millions more. But she does not work for Al Jazeera.

    • i8Nunya

      …and she was OFFERED a chance to renew her contract at FNC but saw the handwriting on the wall and wisely turned it down.  See now FNC?  You move left, YOU LOSE.

  • dmac8889

    PDS on display.  Without a thought in her brain she was looking for a Sensational story that she thought would draw attention to her Page.  Without thinking that quite possibly someone else who is suffering from PDS in the world of journalism and the Internet (which is certainly packed full of PDS)  might just make something up (just for the kicks of it), because in their closed world Palin has no one that is legitimate supporting her.  Doesn’t matter that a falsehood go out in the airways of legitimate journalism (is there such as thing?) about Palin, she is free pickings to be mocked.  It will fit their narrative of just hating on Palin.  So what is to stop this women from making a fool of herself trying to slam Palin one more time?.   Not a thing.

    Did her editors check her facts?  Did they require her to check her facts?  Don’t they hire people who check the facts of a story, or is Sarah Palin not worthy of anyone’s salary to get the story right.  Just blast away nobody cares.  We have plenty of Low-Information Voters out there who will believe what they read and someday on another blog comment Palin working for Al-Jazeera as if it were fact.  These Haters are continually being EXPOSED. Someone should be fired, and not just the lying numskull, that repeatedly puts out useless BS.

    • lyndaaquarius

      Remember what Governor Palin warned the media"quit making stuff up!"

    • Marianne

      Suzi Parker is the perfect person to be writing for the low-information voter. After all, she is a low-information journalist.

  • Lurker

    and they call Sarah the stupid one LOL

  • TSM_Admin

    That was the most obvious error, but there are many other errors in articles about Sarah.   Looks like another one bites the dust for this stuff!  Yea!!

    BTW: Sarah, could you get Elvis autograph for me? /sarc

  • DocBarry1

    Shame on the wapo

  • n4cerinc

    Oh oh, per her last tweet, she is just getting started. Will be taking on the #idiotmedia and Obama during #SOTU

  • 01_Explorer_01

    New tweet

    "WaPo & like-minded MSM entities, you’re about as credible as, well, Barack Obama. Can’t wait for tonight’s SOTU to point out more examples"

  • MaMcGriz

    Jump back, barky.

    Sally and Chuck’s baby girl got that night stick out and she’s comin’ fer ya.

    And we’re comin’ with her.

    • patnatasha

      I wonder if the washington post will cover her tweets.

      • MaMcGriz

        LOL.. I bet they’d cover them UP if they could. 

        • patnatasha

          of course they would or print something she didn’t tweet.

    • GatorNavy

      Oh yeah! when she gets done they wont just be beat; they’ll be WHUPPED.

      Give ‘em hell ‘Cuda.

  • Guest

    How we luv Sarah for calling out the credibilty of BHO !!!!
    When SP speaks, we breath in the relief of truth….

  • happymullah

    But…but they so want to believe the worst about Sarah Palin.  They can’t help themselves.  It’s obsessive compulsion.


    • Jasmine Clark

      if someone told them "sarah palin eats little children for breakfast every morning" they’d believe it XD

  • PAWatcher

    Sarah can handle the LSM like no other………………her humor is so refreshing, not a harsh word in it, but, she redressed that spiteful "blogger" like a truly confident and happy champ, she never stoops to their level.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Irrelevant people, unite!

    The LSM Post gets our spite

    The Tea Party’s brewing

    Our sentiment growing

    Tell Washington Post: Fly a

  • lanahi

    This is incredible that they even can automatically believe ANYTHING negative about Palin, they are so far gone with their PDS!

    What’s so great about this is that the media was caught big time posting anything negative they can about Sarah, true or not.  How can anyone believe anything the media says about Sarah now, if they did before?  This is a wonderful moment to make this viral.  Keep this SuziParker spoof going!  Let’s come up with as much as we can to add to it!  Ridicule them as much as we can for their flights of fantasy so it is obvious to all the stupidity of it.  What a gift to us and to Sarah! 

    Thanks, Suzi.

    • happymullah

      Yes, they got what’s coming to them!  Laugh at them.  Ridicule them.  Mock them.  It’s pay back big time.

    • Ed from justice

      Yeah they sit in Starbucks discussing how they can change the world and blogging away and they don’t even bother to call the subject of the article………. or was it a post.  Either way if Suzi would have called, she would have known that Sarah was having coffee with Elvis.  Maybe Elvis could have even spoken to her… then she could have blogged about it and that one would have gone viral. They just never know how to find opportunities.

    • alien4palin

      Totally agree!!! Best treatment for people like her as well as Muslims is to ridicule and laugh at them.

  • indemind

    Hey Wo/Po, Sarah Palin has her nightstick …. ba da bing – ba da boom!…. *_*

    SarahAmerica-“Our freedoms are being compromised, our common sense insulted, and our children exploited. We must be vigilant and engaged, and we must remain hopeful that a better day is coming."-… "But we delight in those who underestimate us.”

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