Washington Times | Washington DC Leads nation in infidelity

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has lived, worked or interned in  Washington that the city has been named as “America’s least faithful city,” according to a poll conducted by an online dating  website tailored for “married dating.”

Infidelity has always been rampant in the nation’s capital. Who can forget  the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Gary Hart’s “Monkey Business” or former Sen. John  Ensign’s affair with the wife of one of his top staffers?

This form of Potomac fever strikes members of both parties, but Washington’s  real infidelity is typically not between politicians and their wives, but  between politicians and the people they purport to represent. Many lawmakers  view commitment as nothing more than a marriage of convenience that lasts only  through Election Day. Where else can a presidential candidate run for office  proclaiming “Read my lips: no new taxes” and within months of assuming office,  support a massive tax hike on the American people?

Politicians including President Obama, Vice President Joseph  R. Biden Jr. and Sen. Robert P. Casey  Jr. of Pennsylvania pledged fidelity to the Second Amendment during their  campaigns, yet now these Democrats propose and support the most comprehensive  attack on gun ownership in generations. The National  Rifle Association gave Sen. Joe Manchin  III, West Virginia Democrat, an “A” rating for his support for gun rights,  but he had a dalliance with the idea of banning guns in a December appearance on MSNBC.


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