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What Sisterhood?

Lena Dunham, of HBO’s "The Girls" fame, tweeted this Oscar night:

Show of hands here who would qualify as "The ones who aren’t advancing the cause?" I never know what these "causes" are that feminists are always caterwauling about, and frankly, I don’t think they really know either. They just lurch from one emotion to the next. At best, I gather it’s advancing the cause of "I want to be an independent woman *ROAR* but be well taken care of," and if that sounds as contradictory to you as it does to me, then join the club of EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET.

Dunham tried to clarify her tweet a bit, but she, by her own admission, made it murkier:

I’m not a member of the Church of Feminists, so I don’t pray at the alter of St. Gloria Steinem and sing the "Girl Power" gospels. That’s their business. But they irritate me something fierce when they go on about "advancing the cause" and "sisterhood" because I know that "sisterhood" doesn’t include me, Gov. Palin, and most of you ladies who comment here. Most of that "bad attitude" gets directed at us because we’re doing the very thing supposedly championed by Ms. Steinem et al.: Thinking for ourselves. If doing so makes me fair game for them to go after my teeth, so be it. I have enough confidence in my coffee stained, slightly worn down enamel, Chiclet Chompers to weather anything they can throw at me. I got a pretty good bite on me, too.

It’s a big playground, my fellow conservative ladies, don’t let them chase you off it.


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  • jester2939

    She’s thinking about moving to Austin?!? God help us here in Texas!

  • Mich McCormick

    Honestly, she wouldn’t survive one summer

  • c4pfan

    That’s totally true, but I don’t give a rip what this woman says.

  • MaMcGriz

    Michelle it’s great to see you.

    Lena’s doing the full on girlywanna pitiful,ain’t she?

    Feminism? Liberation? Does she mean bucking my own hay bales and changing my own oil and doing my own tuneups….while raising a child alone? Do you think that would qualify for the sisterhood if I swore an affidavit that I did it all while not wearing a bra?

  • Guest

    Anything with a hood attached to it merely stands for more Democrat "Victimhood" (including one who wears a hoodie.) Which means more Robbin’ Hood. Robbin’ from those individuals who work to give to the poor victims.

    I am not a victim and don’t need a corrupt Big "Sugar Daddy" Government to protect me. And, I despise the poor me victim mentality. I don’t feel sorry for myself. Only I can empower me. I am fed up with the Democrat pity party!

  • Kathleen

    Will someone please explain to me why she found it necessary to comment on Anne Hathaway’s teeth, for pete’s sake? It sounds like an odd compliment to throw out there. And…what does she mean about "I saw your boobs?" Who the heck is she referring to?

    This woman is supposed to be a role model when she can’t even construct sentences that make sense?

    • alwaysfiredup

      It was a song by Seth MacFarlane at the Oscars. It wasn’t funny. However, the fact that it was sung by a gay men’s chorus, who probably couldn’t care less about boobs, did make me laugh.

  • Firelight

    LOL! I still can’t understand what Anne Hathaway has done that would qualify as being a feminist. What glass ceiling is she trying to break thru?

    I’m still trying to figure out what the definition of a feminist is anyway but I am thinking for Ms Dunham it is simply that Anne is a woman and a liberal… the haircut might get her some brownie points… just saying.

  • indemind

    Sarah Palin Once called herself A Feminist…. "A Frontier Feminist"

    P.S… Good to see you Michelle… *_*

    • alwaysfiredup

      She has long been a member of Feminists for Life as well.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      I believe that Camille Paglia called Sarah a "frontier feminist" in the most complimentary way. Camille, a liberal and a lesbian, has not lost her ability to think clearly on matters feminist.

      Sarah is, without a doubt, the outstanding example of a woman who has done it all, and done it all very successfully and very well – far more so than any of the self-proclaimed phony "feminists" of the so-called "progressive" Left of the entitlement culture.

      Who is more entitled than Sarah Palin to call herself a feminist?

  • alwaysfiredup

    Feminists have always split between the pro-life and the pro-choice. It’s pretty clear where Lena Dunham is. But the better question is, who is Lena Dunham and what on earth has she done to show she’s worth listening to?

    Love to see you writing, Mich.

  • Sheryl Hancock

    The sisterhood on the right is far classier, not to mention RIGHT on! I am NOT impressed with the whiny brats on the left. I could care less what they think of me. I hate the most to see so-called sisters on the right try to tear down Sarah, Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, etc. Now, that is just wrong.

    I’m an RN and I know what it is like working with women. It can be the best or worst experience. Mostly the worst, these days. Feminists oppose everything that we consider righteous, common sense, moral, and traditionally classy. They think they are, but they don’t realize just how crass they look these days.

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