BuzzFeed Praises Governor Palin’s CPAC Speech, Liberals Not Happy

BuzzFeed’s Evan McMorris-Santoro became one of the first reporters to actually report on Governor Palin’s CPAC speech accurately.

He says:

“The former vice presidential candidate had a Big Gulp in the palm of one hand and the crowd in the palm of the other.


For members of a conservative movement shuffling from lecture to lecture about what they’re doing wrong at this year’s CPAC, Palin’s speech to the faithful was clearly refreshing. She laid the blame for the Republican Party’s problems at the feet of men like Karl Rove, who she referred to as “the Architects.”


Palin was introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), a white-hot member of the conservative movement these days. He’s scheduled to give the keynote CPAC address Saturday afternoon. Bringing Palin to the stage, he said he wouldn’t be in the the Senate unless Palin had backed his insurgent campaign.

Once Palin appeared, it didn’t take long for her to bring the crowd to its feet by digging into her old playbook of winks and hints about a dark history for the president.

You can read the entire thing here.

You can enjoy the liberal comments.  One states that “Palin is the best gift the GOP could give to the Democrats.” while another whines: “what’s with the sudden & incessant pandering to conservatives?”  Another says: “Time for you to go away now Sarah. You had the fifteen minutes of fame” and another whines: “It is odd to see Buzzfeed falling for her tired old routine however.”

So, she’s good news for Democrats but they whine because BuzzFeed is enabling that alleged “gift” by saying they’re “pandering to conservatives” by posting it.  Then they claim she had “15 minutes of fame” while simultaneously proclaiming that “15 minutes” is long enough to qualify as “old and tired.”  Is it any wonder why they cannot pass a budget or think long term?

These characters are such fun but they sadly missed the point of Governor Palin’s speech.  There’s more we can agree on than we disagree on.  But when they choose to make fools of themselves, it’s all we can do to point it out — since it’s so easy!

Nevertheless, I thank Evan McMorris-Santoro for reporting accurately and telling the truth of her well-received speech despite the beating he’s getting from the usual product of alleged intellectual superiority.

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