Caleb Parke: I Would Not Be Involved in Politics Had it Not Been for Gov. Palin

The other day, while I was posting on Tucker Carlson’s asinine commentary regarding Governor Palin and what she “does,” I mentioned the fact that she has the ability to reach demographics most republicans could only dream of reaching. Young people being one of those demographics. Case in point, a young blogger by the name of Caleb Parke, who posted the following on his site after watching Governor Palin’s speech at the 2013 CPAC convention at National Harbor.

Take a look:

Sarah Palin has made it cool to be a conservative.The Lamestream Media had all but written off the former Alaska governor.

They called her irrelevant.But alas the Mama Grizzly came out of hibernation. She rose up and stole the show. I know. I was geeking out in the second row.

“I would not be in the U.S. Senate today if it were not for Governor Palin,” declared Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as he introduced Palin to a packed house of cheering fans.

And personally – I would not be involved in politics as a college student had it not been for Gov. Palin. Not only did she endorse a diverse and young batch ofcongressional candidates—who eventually won their seats, she also inspired thousands of young students to stop complaining about politics and do something about it.

Palin drew major accolades with a single act of defiance – she displayed a Big Gulp – and then gave a shout-out to young conservatives and College Republicans.”I am so proud of you guys, all of you,” she said. “You are so bold. You guys keep your courage up, and my only piece of advice, because I’m a Mom, is ya gotta be thinking Sam Adams, not drinking Sam Adams.”

Palin used humor to communicate policy that connects well with average, disenfranchised Americans. Her klout within conservative and independent circles is unmatched…

Unlike many of the politicians at CPAC, Palin understands what motivates young conservatives.

“We’re not here to rebrand a party,” she said. “We’re here to rebuild a country.”

Awesome. You can read Parke’s entire post here.


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