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Chicago Tribune | Dennis Rodman: Worm Dilomacy

It sounds like the setup for a joke: So, Dennis Rodman and the leader of North Korea are watching a basketball game … But this was no joke, except in the cosmic sense. There, in the capital Pyongyang, the eccentric former Chicago Bulls star known as "the Worm" was in the stands with Kim Jong Un, the two chatting like long-lost fraternity brothers.

The only thing that could have made the tableau more bizarre would be to include Donald Trump, which Donald Trump proceeded to do. Scoffing at those questioning Rodman’s judgment — which, to be fair, seems to have no other purpose but to cause people to question it — the opinionated tycoon defended the visit from afar.

"You look at the world; the world is blowing up around us," he said on Fox News. "Maybe Dennis is a lot better than what we have." Secretary of State John Kerry may not grasp that the great failing of American diplomacy is it doesn’t make enough use of people who used to be married to Carmen Electra.


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