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Conservative HQ: Gov. Palin, Rove, and 100-Year GOP War on Grassroots

(The following is a guest submission from Ron Devito.)


The Republican Party has been waging war on its own grassroots for over 100 years and winning, because up till now, those targeted had no idea they were even in a fight, the staff of Conservative HQ wrote March 22, 2013.

Because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has rallied the GOP’s grassroots conservatives, she has drawn their anger. The fight against cronyism "is as much, or more a fight with Republican insiders, like Karl Rove, than it is with liberals and Democrats," the staff wrote.

The Tea Party is not merely a rebellion against Obama, but is equally a rebellion against the GOP abandoning its principles. "When the election was over and McCain’s content-free campaign went down in flames, the grassroots looked to Sarah Palin for the conservative leadership and inspiration that no other major Republican figure was offering."

ConservativeHQ staff said the grassroots conservatives with Gov. Palin as their leader were akin to peasants with pitchforks and scythes rebelling against a king and his lords in the castle, making them unhappy. Establishment insiders make money whether Republican campaigns win or lose. Gov. Palin and her supporters are a mortal threat to them, because by educating conservatives that "content-free" campaigns are worthless, "the entire feudal system of the establishment Republican Party would collapse, and [the establishment insiders] would be out an awful lot of money."

Gov. Palin’s message goes back to the days that Teddy Roosevelt founded the progressive Bull Moose Party, which went defunct eons ago.

"What is new is that, perhaps for the first time since Ronald Reagan became a national candidate, the grassroots conservatives who supply the votes, manpower and contributions to elect Republicans are beginning to understand that to get governance according to conservative principles, they first have to throw-out the current Republican establishment and then elect principled limited government constitutional conservatives as their leaders.

Leaders such as Sarah Palin."

Whether Gov. Palin will run for elective office again is an unknown, ConservativeHQ staff wrote, but "right now Sarah Palin is performing a service greater than almost any she might fulfill in public office, and that is rallying grassroots conservatives to reject the inside “business as usual” elite of the Republican establishment and demanding leaders who are willing to stand for, and fight for, limited government constitutional conservative principles."

ConservativeHQ staff said if Gov. Palin helps conservatives win this 100-year war "for the soul of the Republican Party…she will have earned her place among America’s great political leaders whether or not she ever again holds public office."

The ConservativeHQ petition to Rove demanding that he stop disrespecting Gov. Palin is still running, and Palinistas should sign it.

H/T Sue Lynn for story lead.

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  • $7566967

    If the Dems win back the House in 2014, then the national GOP is finished. It looks like that is going to happen, because Obama is raising millions for the party and the Obama Thug Machine is mobilizing its base for war.

    Meanwhile, what is the GOP doing?

    Karl Rove is in a food fight with Sarah. That moron Reince Pribus (whatever his name is) is talking about how the party needs to "rebrand", which is code for saying the party needs to be a diet-Democrat party. I find that interesting, because the party has been RINO since Reagan, so if it needs to be rebranded, then it needs to be rebranded as a "conservative" party.

    Furthermore, the GOP is far behind the Dems in fundraising and the RINO elite – under King Jeb and Crybaby Boehner – is doing everything possible to alienate the base.

    The GOP either needs to wise up (fat chance) or quit and get out of the way for a new party.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Amen. But they won’t go gracefully. Fine, then they will go kicking and screaming.

    • heshtesh

      Apparentley it requires a lot of money to remain the "STUPID" party!!

    • mark1955

      "if the dems win back the House in 2014, then the national GOP is finished". No, the national GOP should be considered "Finished" by us now! The repubs have proven and continue to prove with their Treasonous collaboration on virtually all of Obama’s Rockefeller/Rotschild agenda, that they are a mirror image of the dems. If anyone gives a dime to anyone running in the repub party, they are speeding up our Republics demise. Almost everyone who ran as a "Tea Party" Conservative and won in 2010 and 2012, has turned around and stabbed us in the back politically and turned out to be an establishment lefty. We can all help ourselves tremendously by refusing even to give to ‘Sarah Pac’ ( Which I have donated to, since the beginning ) if the donation is going to a repub. The ONLY candidate I will ever support if she runs as a repub is Governor Palin, but even her candidacy at this stage in the repub party, given the Bushie Rule changes implemented at the Convention,make a run by her as a repub a kamikaze mission.
      We have to start depriving the repub party of oxygen immediately, on the way to creating a 3rd political party. We can start that process in masse,by as I mentioned previously, refusing to donate to any repub candidate and refusing to vote or support any of them.We also have to make it clear, that the inevitable 3rd party runs for President, if we start a 3rd party, by candidates like: Rand Paul,Bachmann, Herman Cain, etal are totally unacceptable. We can speed up all of their unacceptability quotient,by refusing to buy their phony filibusters and other stunts which are just meaningless words and calling them out on it.
      We need a new Constituitionally Conservative 3rd party and we need it now!

      • lanahi

        We should support those who fight for our Constitution, like Ted Cruz, whatever their party identification. It’s the mushy middle we have to deprive of oxygen. Actually, they are already brain dead from lack of oxygen.

        • mark1955

          Sorry, don’t agree. We have to first start a 3rd party, then challenge Ted Cruz and others, to prove to us, the Sovereign, that they are really Constitutionally Conservative by leaving the repubs and joining us in that 3rd Party.

          The repub party is DEAD as a Conservative entity. Not saying Ted Cruz is pretending to be a Conservative,but it’s easy to speak with your Right hand and even vote for the Right things, when you know they have no chance of passing. Let’s put Cruz, Rand Paul and the other’s "Feet to the Fire", by as I said starting a 3rd Party and challenging them to cast the repubs aside.

  • Patriot41

    How happy I am to see the staff of Conservative Headquarters, finally acknowledged the work Sarah has done for the conservative cause. However, it is still very discouraging for me to read that Richard and his staff, still think there is an opportunity to change the hearts and minds of the GOPe leadership. Richard, it is never going to happen! If you need proof, just read about McCain’s latest praise for Obama and his comments about compromise and raising taxes. If that is not enough, contemplate Boehner’s acceptance of Obamacare and his refusal to fight it. Conservatives are not about to get representative government from the likes of such leaders.

    Richard, you need to join the grassroots Tea Party movement and Sarah, to effectively implement a third party movement that consists of support for our Constitution and our Republic, our God given individual rights, a smaller and less interfering federal government, and the conservative values that once made this country the greatest nation on the face of this earth. The current GOPe stands for none of these valued and proven attributes.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Here is another story on the very same topic:

      "Is there anyone remaining with an IQ above room temperature who actually believes that the Republican Party believes in limited government, as defined by the U.S. constitution? If so, they have either been hibernating or have been in complete self-denial.

      "Every election cycle the Republican Party counts on its “conservative base” to dutifully turn out and mark their ballot for whatever candidate has been selected by the GOP leadership. We are told ad infinitum that doing so will keep the Democrat liberal demons from furthering their agenda. The inside-the-beltway establishment has been chanting this mantra for years and in the process we keep getting Republicans who stand for nothing except their own political gain. Many of us knew the only hope was to change the status quo. The “tea party” became the embodiment of that hope for many, and for a brief moment in 2010 it actually seemed possible that there was some momentum for taking back the “party of Reagan”.

      "What happened?

      "There were many things, of course, including John Boehner’s lack of a spine; not to mention the pressure exerted on freshmen congressmen to “go along to get along”. In addition, no fresh faces emerged as a presidential standard bearer and just as in 2008, the GOP nominated yet another “it’s my turn” moderate in 2012 to run against Obama. Given the Obama administration’s “achievements” of record sustained unemployment, the first downgrading ever of our national credit rating, bailouts, record numbers on food stamps and a national debt of Mt. Everest proportions amassed during the previous four years, the GOP establishment candidate was still unsuccessful in persuading enough voters to give the administration their walking papers. It should have been a slam dunk. Yes, a dumbed-down electorate replete with low-info voters wanting “goodies” was a factor, but perhaps even more so was that millions stayed home because they didn’t view Mitt Romney as anything other than just still another politico espousing bigger and better government. Once again the choice was the lesser of two evils.

      "So what have these geniuses in the GOP decided they should do? Get back to sound constitutional principles and actually oppose the opposition? No, in their infinite wisdom the power broker elites (think Karl Rove, Reince Priebus, Ari Fleischer, etc.) have decided that to defeat the Dems they must act more like the Dems. Another Dole-McCain-Romney clone is certain to be the blueprint for the GOP establishment.

      "While many have written for some time now of the GOP becoming “democrat lite” and have posed the question, “why would people vote for pseudo-democrats when they can have the real thing” – they are in reality posing the wrong question…a better question would be, “what do the establishmentarians hope to gain from positioning themselves further to the left?”

      "The answer, plain and simple is that the party elites are far more concerned with retaining power than they are with standing on anything as risky as principle. The two-party system has become nothing more than a dog and pony show – complete with public grandstanding in order to distract Joe Six-Pack into thinking that voting for a “party” has anything to do with a “choice”. The media has been complicit as well. Take for example their characterizations of the current GOP as being “extreme far right” when nothing could be further from the truth. The Democrats have moved so far to the left in the last several years that George McGovern would now be viewed as a “moderate”. It is only by comparison with the Dems that the GOP could in any way appear “extreme far right”."

      Read the whole thing.

      The thesis that Obama won last November because of his superior ground game flies in the face of the actual voting totals, which show that his wonderful get-out-the vote effort resulted in millions of fewer voters casting their ballots for him in 2012 than did in 2008. People walked away from Obama by the millions, but the GOPe’s chosen savior could not pick up any of those disillusioned voters because the GOPe candidate was not seen as a viable alternative to the status quo.

      The voters are sick and tired of the lot of them, and still we get more of the same old same old from the same old same old crew at the GOPe HQ.

      • Patriot41

        Excellent article and thanks for the referral.

      • alien4palin

        Totally agree!!!
        Canadafreepress is a great source of worthy information. Their publications are excellent and give much food for thoughts.

        • $35927229


      • Leroy Whitby

        If the GOP establishment can keep the party on the left and away from the Tea Party they get to keep the corrupt gravy train going. Federal $’s being shoveled out to the point that individuals can make hundreds of millions of dollars from it without the public even being aware. With the Tea Party in charge, government is smaller, corruption is fought.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Excellent piece and right in both the general sense and in each particular. Sarah Palin is the difference maker, and the Karl Roves, Steve Schmidts, Nicole Wallaces, and their kind, are the rear guard of a corrupt, self-serving culture of insider, elitist crony corporatism.

    Sarah Palin has single-handedly put this issue front and center, because if the GOPe cannot be reformed, then they represent no one outside of the cronies whose interests are the principle purpose for their existence, as Sarah knows all too well. For the good of the country as well as the party, those people have got to go. They can leave, on their own, or we can try to push them out, but they do not, and will not, be allowed to represent us, or pretend to represent us, until hell freezes over, and not even then.

    They either go, or we will find another way, and to hell with them.

    • alien4palin

      Status Quo must go!!!

    • Amanda Dawson

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  • RebinTexas

    I’m glad staff at Conservative HQ is recognizing Sarah – but they imply that she is a better cheerleader in this role – than the LEADER she has shown in so many other ways. Obviously, I don’t have any idea what direction Sarah will go – but for anyone to help lead our beloved country in the manner necessary, this needs to be fixed first. Sarah is smart enough to realize one needs fixing before the other. I pray she then boldly marches forward…….as our Leader…….and future President.

  • ZH100

    Excellent read. Thank you.

  • MaMcGriz

    " “right now Sarah Palin is performing a service greater than almost any
    she might fulfill in public office, and that is rallying grassroots
    conservatives to reject the inside “business as usual” elite of the
    Republican establishment and demanding leaders who are willing to stand
    for, and fight for, limited government constitutional conservative
    principles.” "

    This is where the rubber meets the road.

    And it’s the epitome of true leadership.

  • RedDaveR

    Very good piece. I signed their petition.

    If Gov. Palin decides to run for POTUS in 2016, these Reaganites are the type of people whose support she will need. It does appear that some of them are waking up to see what a disaster the GOPE has become.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    The Tea Party movement would have to be able to merge its different organizations and thru it, its different beliefs and idiosyncracies into a single entity which would be able to accomodate the most popular beliefs of the group such as make the federal government as lean as possible, take care of the trllion dollar deficit that is staring us in the face ( the 2 basic beliefs of the TP) and other popular beliefs such as Sarah Palins’ Platforms:

    1.fighting the legal corruption (or as Sarah said nicely, crony capitalism)

    2. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment

    3.Repealing Obamacare

    4. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.

    5. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”

    6. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.

    The merging of the different organizations into a single organization must be next stage for the Tea Party if it is to withstand the test of time because if it remains as separate organizations, the clashing of its different beliefs will create animosity which will in turn dissipate the goodwill that has been created by the different organizations within the TP.

    The formation of the different organizations when the TP was formed and undergone its 1st test of fire during the 2010 mid term election and the 2nd test during the 2012 presidential election must be considered as baptism of fire and thus adolescent grumblings of the group. We are ready for the next step then, which is adulthood or the formation of a confederation or alliance that would be capable of going head to head with either the Dems or the Repubs.

    So what do the commenters here think of the observation that the TP has outgrown its adolescence of being comprised of different organizations and is ready to enter adulthood of which these different organizations would have to merge into a confederation or alliance?

    • lanahi

      No, don’t reorganize the tea party…leave it as grassroots. Once you formalize a movement, it loses its energy and gets involved with minute details or formal platforms rather than powerful heartfelt ideas. And then there is a fight amongst those who would seek to be leaders of the organization, making it a personality thing rather than a movement.

      Let’s continue to inspire Americans like Sarah Palin is doing. The tea party will increase in strength as the inspiration increases, and then we win.

      • Lemuel Vargas

        So you are on the side of those who would rather have Sarah Palin "cheer-lead" (as the libs are wont in saying), or "inspire"? If she would rather do that, it would be better for her to create a 3rd party with the main platform being fighting to decrease the crony capitalism in Washington, D.C.

        That would separate the peoples’ perception of her party with the Dems perception that their party are for the employees and the Repubs are for the employers (even though the lines have become blurry recently.)

        Or she could start an insurgent campaign for the heart and soul of the Republican Party (just like what Reagan did.)

        • lanahi

          Don’t try to spin my words, Lemuel.

          Her whole leadership will come by inspiring support from others, whether as a leader or as a "cheerleader"…whatever HER choice is. She did it in Alaska as governor with a Democrat congress, and she will continue to do it in and out of office. That is who Sarah IS…an inspiration to others to do what is right. That goes far beyond being a cheerleader and is why she is also a great leader.

          My preference and hope is that Palin is our next president in a new party. I would like to see a clear and clean break from the GOP so voters will not tie her in with the rotten GOPe camp. Like the Democrats did Ronald Reagan, the GOP has left Palin too…they no longer stand for the same things they once did and have nothing in common with her anymore. I would like her to totally reject that party. But whatever she decides to do is right for her.

  • lanahi

    "McCain’s content-free campaign", lol!

    That’s a description of the GOPe…content free.

  • tp517

    Don’t expect any help from the presstitutes in the lamestreams to help us Teaparty members. They will keep giving a megaphone to the Roves of the GOP. Witness today’s round of Sunday Dope shows.

  • bejocy

    What did Rand Paul mean by “I think the legislature is about 10 years behind the public,”.
    Also, Rush Limbaugh said that the general population will agree with conservative ideals…until the word ‘republican’ is somehow attached.
    It’s like the word ‘republican’ has become politically toxic.

    • bejocy

      …oh…now he’s talking about drugs…..oh, yeah….

  • bejocy

    Did Tea Party Rallies Add 5 Million Republican Votes in 2010?

  • friskyness

    I can’t believe that witch, Nicole Wallace, was on Chris Wallace’s Sunday show! She hasn’t been on for a long time, she was on a differenct station….now they have her back………I guess the GOPe doesn’t care that she didn’t vote for McCain in 2008. Not only did she stab Sarah in the back, but she also stabbed the guy she was campaining for, McCain, in the back….the GOPe frustrate me so much, they hire the losers like Wallace, Pribus, Romney, Rove, Paul Ryan, and let the winners like Michael Steele and Sarah Palin go away………I can’t stand them anymore, may they always be in the wilderness……Plus, the voters can’t stand Rove, he has no credibility and that’s who FOX has on all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME……..I agree FOX needs to be permanently boycotted…………….

    • $7566967

      I always hated Nicole Wallace, even in 2008. She always struck me as being a phony, empty-headed bimbo, who oozed insincerity. The reason she was on TV today was to send a symbolic message of how much RINO Fox News despises Sarah.

      • friskyness

        I agree, but it is so illogical, Palin has done nothing to receive such hatred……she always tries to get republicans elected, conservatives, but still republicans……….

      • blueniner

        Thats all we need, Wallace back on FOX, I am sure she will be back on Hanutty playing footsey and flirting with him as she did many times in the past. If she is rehired we ought to bombard the emails lines to oust her!

    • myfairlady

      Yeah. Now cheek-a-dee is cheerleading for same sex marriage. It’s no coincidence that Rove and Wallace are speaking the same language on the same day. What a team! They really learned a lot from the last election–NOT!

  • blueniner

    It would be great if Sarah Palin continues to lead this Grassroots Conservative movement against the Establisment GOP. Lets hope it continues to gain steam.

  • wisetrog

    Ah, another "Sarah, get our candidates elected" but don’t dream of becoming president piece.
    Why the last snivelling equivocation on her future prospects? WHy not open heartedly push her for 2016?

    • section9

      Everyone has their own swinish agenda. Nobody wants Palin sucking up campaign dollars.

  • conservativemama

    Karma. The Left and GOP thought that running Palin out of office would be the end of her. All they did was give birth to a Palin that can do more nationally than she could have from Juneau. Office or no office, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      There is really nothing holding her back, now. She has nothing to lose by taking on Rove & co., and everything to gain. They have chosen to make war with her. She can’t lose that one, and they can’t win.

      She has a great chance to remake politics in America. For the better. Really, she is the only one who can do it.

      • conservativemama

        Completely agree with you.

        • Laddie_Blah_Blah

          CM, Do you happen to know anyone else going to the state GOP convention in May? I mean, specifically, other Palinistas? I am sure there will be many, and we may as well pool our resources when we have the chance to get-together in the flesh. The locals in my precinct are really pretty conservative and are squarely in Cuccinelli’s camp, and are not too happy with the state GOPe, either.

          Now that Bolling has thrown in the towel, Cuccinelli has the upper hand, I think, over McCauliffe, and the convention will just be a rubber stamp affair for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Our gubernatorial election is scheduled so as to be the opening salvo for 2014.

          • conservativemama

            I don’t know anyone who’s going. I’m so happy that Bolling opted out. I’m definitely with Cuccinelli.

            I won’t be going to the state GOP convention because it’s such a bad time for me as a parent and a teacher. We’ll be deep in last minute preparation for testing at that point.

  • Pete Petretich

    Ron, thanks for this summary:

    Btw, you were quick on the draw with your Liberty Pose. Here’s mine:

    If Ted Cruz’s "Big Gulp" amendment passes then Sarah’s joke will forever be enshrined in the public law of the United States of America!

  • section9

    Let’s be clear about something.

    Many of the people rising to Palin’s defense in Official Conservative Circles are people who would rather Palin be comfortable in her "Cheerleader" Role who don’t want Sarah Palin anywhere near Washington D.C..

    Ted Cruz will become a rival really quick if Palin ever reenters the political arena. Don’t think for a moment that present allies will remain the same way in the struggle for power.

    There are very few people Palin can trust. If the period after the 2010 elections didn’t teach you all that, you weren’t listening.

    • DeeDEEthree

      I don’t believe that about Ted Cruz. I think he is the real deal and can be trusted, but then again what do I know about Politics.Not much.

      A few days ago you said this about Richard Viguerie. Richard Viguerie, like Pat Buchanan, was an Old School ’70’s Reaganite.
      He is the Father of Direct Mail and was one the granddaddies of the
      Reagan Revolution. He’s a sworn enemy of the Bushes and wants Palin in
      the game in the worst way. He’s an ally.

      Have you changed your mind about that because Viguerie is the Chairman of Conservative

      • section9

        No. There are exceptions to the rule. Viguerie is one of them. Buchanan is another.
        Cruz has been a great ally up to now. But I keep my guard up in the knowledge that Perry and Bachmann were great allies in 2010, and look how that turned out.

        • DeeDEEthree

          That is true about Perry and Bachman. I think that Cruz coming out an introducing Sarah at CPAC was something akin to Sarah saying she was not for sale at I think it was at Indianola where she said that. I think that is what Cruz was telling the Rino Establishment at CPAC that he was not for sale and was going to stand by Sarah.

          I could be wrong about that because like I said I don’t have a clue about Politics.

          • section9

            That was an important tell on Cruz’ part, and a promising sign. For Cruz to do that was an important "up yours" to the GOP leadership and to Cornyn.

            They hate Palin. Cruz DID pay her back in a big way whereas Perry and Bachmann turned on her after 2010.

            The reason I bring this up is that after the Tucson affair, VERY few Tea Party people actually stuck up for Palin during the hurricane of attacks against her. Almost no one she campaigned for in the GOP did, which surprised me at the time.

            It doesn’t surprise me now.

          • lanahi

            I agree with that, DeeDee. That was a very strong action by Cruz and I think highly significant.

        • JApost

          buchanan was flacking for romney on msnbc and negating Palin’s electability from early 2009 until 10-5-11. The same is true of rush limpballs(roger ailes’ yes-boy).

          • section9

            Au contraire. Buchanan was very loyal to Palin up to the time he knew she wasn’t going to run. I heard him on MSNBC several times supporting her.
            Sarah and her husband were Brigadiers back in the Nineties and never were friendly to Bushite attempts to block Buchanan from organizing in the state.

        • lanahi

          They were allies, with all their baggage and egos and all their political posturing and ties to others less principled. All politicians are in it for power, usually for themselves, so they are easily tempted into unsavory actions and backstabbing, at first just a little here and there until they are in too deep. That’s true from county road commissioner on up. Yeah, these are the folks who run our country. You have to have an ego greater than most to run for power in the first place. When they allow their personal standards to be eroded by that, and eventually most do, anything goes.

          But, like you say, there are exceptions to the rule. I have hopes for Cruz that he is one but nothing is guaranteed.

    • friskyness

      Explain something to me, I just don’t understand. Imagine just for a second, the impossible…Sarah Palin becomes president…….doesn’t that make all republicans have power? Don’t they all benefit?

    • lanahi

      There might be intense pressure for Ted Cruz to run against her someday, but I think he might have enough backbone and standards to stand up with her instead. Personal standards are rare among politicians, but some manage to hang on to them.
      In any case, it would be to Cruz’ advantage to run with her on the same ticket instead of against her, and he knows that.

  • Founders1791

    Great article!
    When I read this it was like Yogi Berra and deja vu all over again…

    I will forfeit this election to Obama ON PRINCIPLE if the RINO Establishment ..doesn’t get ‘their’ minds right.

    …..immediately, if not yesterday!

    The correct answer to that… is more than an olive branch to Governor Palin …at the Convention.

    HW Bush, Dole, McLame, and now Romney are RINOS of the first order
    and ARE THE PROBLEM because it is "they" who have been complicit for 100
    years in being submissive little dolts on ALL the Socialist Agenda we
    now live with.

  • AJ40

    The other day I was listening to Michael Medved’s radio show. I’ve mentioned him before as he comes on during my lunch hour. I’ve never considered him a conservative in any final sense but listen just to find out what I don’t agree with him about and I’m almost never disappointed.
    Last week he was pontificating on CPAC and all the great speeches, thn almost losing control of his bodily functions , spent the first hour waxing exstatic over clips opf Jeb Bush (who wasn’t even formally part of CPAC). When a caller referenced Sarah Palin as the best speaker, Medved made a backhanded swipe at her qualifications by mentioning that 2008 minor flub she made during Couric’s interview.

    What I’m pointing to here is that I’m begining to think there is no pointing the Republican Establishment in the right direction with all of the rebranding, autopsies , outreach, immigration reform plans or anything else. There’s going to have to be an open warfare (political type). Mark Levin has alluded to the possibility of a Reb. split and Rush Limbaugh has pointed out specific fallicies in Republican thinking. But it gets discouraging when listening to shows like Medved’s who respects Karl Rove so much, he addresses him as "Mr. Rove." Finally, "Lord, please not another Bush in the WH." We faught a revolution to do away with dynasties.

    • blueniner

      You are kidding, I know he turned sour on Sarah but bringing up that bogus interviw with Couric, and not acknowledging Sarah Palins CPAC speech.
      Look up nerd in the dictionary, and you will see Medveds face, what a putz.

    • bejocy

      Sarah Palin’s was the only speech I wholely listened to.

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