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Dear Feminists


I root loudly for my football team. My favorite drink after a stressful day is a scotch neat. Preferably Glenlivet. Infants scare me, but I don’t call them “things” or “it.” I don’t turn up my nose at friends getting married. I celebrate with them, and I demand an open bar at their wedding reception if they want a present. I will not wear suits with shoulder pads. I will not take back saying that my stay at home mom had a harder job than any TA at Bryn Mawr. Ya’ll didn’t raise me.

I do not think I’m better than a man simply because I have mammaries and he doesn’t. I never see myself as a victim of the patriarchy. I see my self as a victim of my own stupid decisions. I don’t see the world in terms of men vs. women. I see the world in terms of kind people and assholes. I try to be former and minimize the inclination to be the latter. I’m sorry you think that my support of Sarah Palin is traitorous. I’m not sorry I can defend her record better than you can defend Barack Obama’s. I don’t apologize for adhering to conservative principles. I’m told that makes me an apostate. I never belonged to your faith to begin with. I don’t need activists, politicians and bored, guilty celebrities ”empowering” me. I can do that my damn self. I don’t need to run around saying that I am a “strong and independent woman” fifty times a day. I know I am, and that’s really the only person to whom that should matter.

I refuse to tear down another woman simply because I disagree with her. I will always give her the courtesy of a strong argument. I know that I need to work hard, pick my battles and accept there are some things in this life that are always going to be unfair. I won’t fight that. I’ll ride with that.

I don’t expect any welcome to the Feminists’ Playground. I just want them to know, that the playground just got a little more crowded.




Thanks to my far more eloquent political sister @whitneypitcher for reminding of #InternationalWomen’sDay and my feelings about it. I like this sisterhood. It has cooler members.


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  • Budvarakbar

    You go girl(s)!!!

  • Freempg

    Our grade school girls should recite that every morning after pledging allegiance to the flag. Thanks Michelle

  • joseph agibinik

    Ummm. You said a bad word. That was an awesome reaction article to Gloria Allred. Thank-you.

  • indemind

    Sarah Palin – Frontier Feminist

    Hey Mich….How did you get my mother in-law picture up there ^^^?…haha

    • Mich McCormick

      HAHA! So bad ;)

  • Mich McCormick

    I just realized that I didn’t bleep out the A word. Hope most folks aren’t too distracted by that. Grant me this one editorial license :)

    • Mary Beth House

      I’ll provide cover fire for you today since it’s your birthday after all. ;)

      • Mich McCormick

        Thanks, MB :)

  • conservativemama

    A millions Amens to what you say!

  • Jthom26837

    Amen! You tell’em, Michelle. Don’t hold anything back!

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!

  • golfmom3

    It’s the women that talk catty about Gov. Palin that make me maddest. They’re either easily seduced by girl gossip which they don’t bother to verify, or they’re posers who don’t give blue collar women the dignity they deserve. I know and I came from women who made their own way just like Gov. Palin — resilient and tough and capable of whatever they put their minds to do.


    • conservativemama

      Don’t forget simple envy.

  • Guest

    Way cool!! … love it
    bottoms up!! :)

  • Lynda

    Love it

  • Whitney Pitcher

    The best response to feminists ever!

  • Escaped_Teleprompter

    TexMex joins C4P and starts off with a sharp riposte to the Leftist-Feminist agenda.
    Conservative women such as Gov. Palin are showing that there is a smarter and more attractive alternative to what has become the socialist women movement.

  • RomanBarbarian

    You are my hero, Michelle. Can’t wait to meet you in person!!

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