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Gov Palin at CPAC: Never Before Were Challenges So Big, Leaders So Small – Devito

(The following is a guest submission by Ron Devito.)

Dispatch filed by Kevin Scholla, Pennsylvania State Coordinator, American Grizzlies United / Organize4Palin, who was on location.

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD – On the day before St. Patrick’s Day, Sarah Palin again demonstrated just how lucky we are to have her leading the fight for liberty. Speaking at CPAC 2013, former Alaska Governor Palin wowed a packed ballroom in Maryland defending freedom and touching on the issues conservatives and freedom loving Americans care so much about.

Gov. Palin said blaming guns and bullets for crimes in like saying “that fork made me fat.”

On background checks, Palin said to President Obama “we should’ve started with yours.”

She welcomed the left-wing media members saying they had the right to be in attendance.

Palin called out scripted politicians on both sides of the isle. She challenged the GOP saying “We’re not here to re-brand the part , we’re here to rebuild the country.”

She said Obama is considered a good politician, which is like saying “Bernie Madoff was a good salesman.”

Palin hammered away at Obama’s lackluster record by highlighting the high prices of everything from gasoline to diapers.

The Governor didn’t mince words when commenting on Obama’s promise to be transparent. Barack Obama, you lied,” said Palin.

Palin called on Obama to “Step away from the teleprompter and do your job!”

Palin mentioned Margaret Thatcher in her speech and encouraged Americans to keep faith. She defended our Constitution and our Second Amendment.

While waxing poetic about Christmas, Palin quipped that Todd got the rifle and “I got the rack.”

Perhaps the loudest cheers came when Palin whipped out a Big Gulp filled with soda pop. A clear shot at Mike “Nanny” Bloomberg and his failed attempt to ban large sugary drinks in New York City.

Palin told College Republicans to be “thinkin’ Sam Adams, not drinkin’ Sam Adams.”

The Governor called on CPAC attendees to leave no American behind and to share our message with all.

Palin said it’s time to put race and titles away. “There are only American issues,” she explained.

Palin blasted Karl Rove with a comment about not needing “architects”.

She told Washington politicians to get over themselves. “It’s not about you,” Palin said.

She touched on the drones issue and ripped Obama for canceling White House tours.

“If we have faith in We the People,” Palin told the crowd we will save our country.

As usual Palin spoke with passion, common sense, humor, and patriotism.

When Palin was initially introduced, Senator Ted Cruz, the keynote speaker for CPAC 2013, came out instead to say a few words about her. He drew laughs and applause when he said Palin drives the Left “batcrap crazy”.

The ballroom had a rock concert feel to it, as Palin’s comments were met with raucous cheers and enthusiastic chants. Governor Palin received multiple standing ovations during her remarks. Today’s speech from Governor Palin serves as yet another example of just how relevant and important she is in the conservative movement. Liberals are shuddering everywhere. The Mama Grizzly is alive and well and it appears her loudest roar is yet to come.


Complete Video Transcript of Gov. Palin’s CPAC Address

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  • AyePatriot

    "Palin called out scripted politicians on both sides of the isle. She
    challenged the GOP saying “We’re not here to re-brand the part , we’re
    here to rebuild the country.”

    My first thought was that was a gentle swipe at McCain’s "whacko birds" show on the Senate floor. I hope so.

  • RightMom

    Sarah’s speech was the best at CPAC. She was witty, profound, engaging, enthralling and electrifying. Palin has demonstrated, time and time again, why she is who we need to take the GOP back from the power brokers in DC and the country back from the the secular socialists. America needs Sarah Palin.
    Thank God, she is back!!!

    • DocBarry1

      I agree 100% , but please react to my previous post

  • RightMom

    Ted Cruz described Palins effect on the left most aptly saying she drove them "bat crap crazy." I love that analogy.

    Also, Sarah Palins "Liberty pose" is trending worldwide. How great is that?

    • DocBarry1

      Where did u see this trending

      • v.l.

        I’ll take a stab at it. Try:
        #PalinLibertyPose on Twitter

  • palmerguy

    Think she said lie not lied, so he still is not past tense. Love that lady.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "Palin blasted Karl Rove with a comment about not needing “architects”."

    Caught Fox News Sunday this morning, and the beltway version of the Corrupt Bastard’s Club was well-represented in the persons of Bill Kristol and Mr. Potato Head, himself. Karl offered that if he were to run for office in Texas (he won’t) and somehow get elected (to what?), then he would "serve out his term in office." Ooh, good one Karl, and Kristol just beamed. Take that, you mean girl, you!

    Those clowns have so marginalized themselves that their endorsement, their money, or even any attempt of theirs to play a substantive role in the 2014 mid-terms will fail, utterly and completely, and will doom any candidate unfortunate enough to permit himself, or herself, to be associated with either one of them, or any of their corrupt insider cronies, from now until Kingdom Come.

    They will have no role in deciding the party’s candidate in 2016. Thank God. Jeb is dead on arrival, even BEFORE he arrives at the starting gate.

    • Exgunman

      Wonder how ol’ Karl would handle 1) day after day of irrelevant FOIA requests eating up his staff’s time, 2) handling daily lies/ smears regarding his record,, also eating up staff time, 3) poisoning all his working relationships with both his own party and demoncrats, 4) having corrupt members of his own party working against him (much like he has done to other people)(prob would have just joined them vs fighting for the people of state who elected him) 5) handling ethics complaints which he knew to be false, but was forced to deal with and personally pay to defend with only his own limited monetary resources. All of which was done by his political enemies who wanted him politically if not actually dead. Would Ol’ Karl have had the political courage to do what was in the interest of his constituents vs his own political self-interest?? His response answers that question, i think. Then after that could this man withstand a nitpicking review of thousands of pages of copies of his official emails and have his enemies concede that he was a man doing a good/conscientious job. I think he is in no position to make a judgment regarding her actions in resigning until he has walked a mile in her shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Karl, don’t go away mad, just go away

      • viewfromalaska

        Absolutely right! Everyone in politics knew her record and accomplishments, yet none of them articulated those things when the pressure was on. The cowards sat back and let her get attacked by Dem scum and said nothing about it. She doesnt owe these beltways any courtesy at all. None of them would have the fortitude to withstand those things you mentioned. She needs to pay them back by lining them up and kicking their asses.

        • KSEMBB1

          Right on!

      • KSEMBB1

        Rove should thank Sarah profusely for "quitting". Had she not "quit", the 2010 Repub election tsunami would not have happened and the Repubs would not have the House today. She could not have supported and campaigned for all those winners confined in the Gov’s office in Alaska.

    • lyndaaquarius

      Kristol’s silly big faced grin was so elitist. He’s definitely part of the past.

      • friskyness

        Rove looked so happy with himself and Kristol was beaming from ear to ear………..embarrassing………….

    • DocBarry1

      Fox news strikes again with these 2 that are embarrassments

    • $7566967

      I’ve never liked Kristol. He’s incredibly arrogant and seems to think he’s the funniest and wittiest person in the room. He’s neither.

  • DocBarry1

    Excellent post but so many are dissing her – the gope, the lamestream media, republican consultants, look at the straw poll vote – so disappointing

    • v.l.

      Of course they do and they will continue dissing her and other conservatives. They will be loud! Stop listening to them, don’t get discouraged! Don’t let them get to you! Get rid of cable if you must;)

    • friskyness

      straw poll means nothing……it’s people who were paid to vote for certain people. It just means Palin didn’t bribe anyone to vote for her………….

    • KSEMBB1

      Not to worry. All that dissing just makes Sarah stronger. Whoever the criticism comes from, when Sarah responds, it usually backfires and they end up with egg on their face. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Sarah had made the "architect" remark, knowing it would cause a reaction from Rove that would serve to expose him as a GOPe rat.

  • friskyness

    I hope Rove did so much damage to himself, that any candidate associated with him and his group would LOSE big time………worse than 2012! Rove is a Rat!

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