Governor Palin gets not one, but two introductions at CPAC

I was surprised as anyone today when Governor Palin was formally introduced at CPAC and Ted Cruz walked out. What’s he doing there, I thought. That question was quickly answered when Cruz delivered a brief but fantastic “second” introduction of the Governor to the standing room only crowd. I probably wasn’t listening as closely as I should have since I wanted to hear from her, but in listening to Cruz’s introduction again, I thought it was worthwhile to transcribe exactly what he said:

Well as all of you know, I am not remotely cool enough to be Sarah Palin. But I couldn’t resist coming out here for a brief moment to say a word about my friend, Governor Sarah Palin.

The mainstream media wants us to shut up. The mainstream media wants conservatives to accept defeat. The mainstream media wants us to be timid and hide in the corner. And the mainstream media is absolutely convinced that women cannot be conservatives. And if they are, they especially cannot shoot really big guns and hunt grizzly bears and moose. Let me tell you, that’s why Gov. Sarah Palin drives the mainstream media bat crap crazy.

It shakes up their entire world view. And you know what? She can pick winners. Sarah Palin jumped in early and supported Rand Paul. She supported Marco Rubio. She supported Tim Scott. She supported Pat Toomey. She supported Nikki Haley. And this last election cycle, there were three Republicans who won new seats, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, and myself. She supported all three of us. Let me tell you something: I would not be in the U.S. Senate today if it were not for Gov. Sarah Palin. She is fearless, she is principled, she is courageous, and she is a mama grizzly.

Now that’s an introduction. And from CPAC’s keynote speaker, no less. It’s clear that Cruz’s praise of Governor Palin comes from the heart, and one gets the distinct impression that, unlike some of Governor Palin’s previous endorsees, Cruz won’t forget the importance of her support when it counted.

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