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Governor Palin Today at the Southeastern University National Leadership Forum (Update: News Article About Speech)

Here’s some photos and tweets regarding Governor Palin’s speech at the 7th Annual National Leadership Forum at Southeastern University today:

Sarah Palin is here. And I'm doing her audio. Ok. #seuForum

Sarah Palin here at SEU Forum! #seuforum #leadershipconference

Governor Palin at #SEUForum.

Update: Here’s a news article about the speech from the Ledger.

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  • joseph agibinik

    "Irrelevent", my butt.

  • PetePetretich

    Here’s a few more pictures of the Bush Chapel where Sarah spoke tonight……0.0…

  • EmeraldReporter

    Where’s the video?!

  • indemind

    Thank You Stacy, As you know, for most of us Palinistas even a little is O.K. I’m sure we will hear more on this, in the coming days..

    SarahAmerica – "We must be vigilant and engaged, and we must remain hopeful
    that a better day is coming."

  • shellymic

    Fantastic, where’s the video?

    • MaMcGriz

      Possibly not viewable on your planet.

  • shellymic

    Conservatives, when you attend a function such as this, USE YOUR CAMERAS……..if ONLY to capture AUDIO. Learn how to post it online so the rest of us can benefit from it. That would be fantastic!

    The old, "I was respecting their wishes" bs doesn’t WORK anymore (I’ve fallen victim to it myself). At LEAST turn your camera on, sit it on a chair or on your LAP…and record the AUDIO. Thank you!

  • freeperjim

    Some empty seats in photo above – that’s disappointing.

    • bucky321

      two yrs ago the place would have been packed but. times have changed. some have moved on.

  • irishcoins

    This speech at Southwestern may well be the teaser, in the same style, as
    Gov. Palin’s interview to the NYTimes on the Eve of last year’s CPAC
    address. May I predict the speech at CPAC this year will use the letter
    "C" to alliterate the Palin message?

    Just as the Indianola Speech used the rolling R’s to announce to the political world the Palin 5 Point Plan, and last year’s CPAC Speech used first B’s and then C’s, and then B’s and C’s together to drive home the point that a Brokered Convention would be a good thing. The Palin will be igniting CPAC this year with a C letter Speech.

    This talk here is the teaser for this year’s CPAC address, just as the line given to the NY Times on the eve of last year’s CPAC address, was, "A Brokered Convention would be a good thing." If only the dim witted Times had been able to see thru the message of
    that one liner preview?

    The next day, Gov. Palin brought down the house with the best political speech of the Presidential Campaign Season, a B and C alliterated masterpiece.

    • john norton

      **__** … U _ Betcha … ~ !

  • Exgunman

    At the update link, commenter sl johnson needs to be responded to, I don’t know enough info regarding it………..: "Here’s a news article about the speech from the Ledger." Above

  • patnatasha

    she is speaking to the country.

  • DocBarry1

    Since I am unable to get to the Governor’s speeches – it would be terrific if people from C4Palin could interview the crowd for their reaction to what the Governor shares – just a suggestion, especially, for the upcoming speech at the Conservative Convention

  • Quiet_Righty

    What is that yellow gadget that Sarah is holding in the third photo here? Is it an iPhone with yellow casing, or a camera?

  • Escaped_Teleprompter

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