Let’s ‘Clear’ Some Things Up for Tucker Carlson – Update: #SarahPalinDoes Trending on Twitter

Monday morning, Tucker Carlson took some predictable shots at Governor Palin while appearing on Larry O’Connor’s radio show. Via O’Connor (emphasis):

When asked about the exchange Carlson said that Rove’s jab at Palin about not fulfilling her entire term as Governor of Alaska was “indisputably true.” He also said, “Sarah Palin is a good speaker and all that.. but, I’m not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.”

To clear this mystery up for Tucker on what it is that Governor Palin “actually” does, just look at what Ted Cruz  had to say on the matter while giving the introduction to her speech over the weekend at CPAC (emphasis):

“I would not be in the U.S. Senate today if it were not for Governor Palin,” Cruz said in gratitude.

Cruz said Palin, like him, drives the mainstream media “bat-crap crazy” because she is “fearless,” “principled,” and “courageous” while the mainstream media wants conservatives to “shut up and accept defeat and be timid.”

Cruz also simply said, “Sarah Palin picks winners,” in reference to Palin’s early support of candidates like Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rand Paul (R-KY), Pat Toomey (R-PA), and governors like Nikki Haley (SC) and Susana Martinez (NM), and former Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC), who is now the state’s senator.

Governor Palin also speaks for many of us who don’t have the same platform. She is our voice when we receive little-to-no representation from most of our elected officials. She shines a spotlight on issues that are important to Americans, and she helps frame the debate in this country. Also, whether people like Tucker Carlson or the brain-trust at the RNC know it or not, Governor Palin has the ability to reach demographics they could only dream of reaching. Take it from someone who lives way outside of Beltway political circles, Governor Palin says what people of many political persuasions are thinking. Then there’s the fact that she is one of the only people out there with the courage to call out government corruption, no matter which party its coming from. In this day and age, that is an important and necessary voice to have in the public discourse.

Tucker Carlson’s voice? … Not so much. Especially when you consider that he has used it to make sexist comments about Governor Palin in the past, and is currently just repeating establishment (both Democrat and Republican) talking points about her resignation. Yes, it is “indisputably true” that she resigned from office. However, Tucker implies that she resigned because, as he said, “it was hard being governor.” If he truly believes that, he has no business being a pundit because he’s highly ignorant to the facts.

As Adrienne wrote the other day while discussing Karl Rove’s use of the same talking point:

Rove couldn’t help but roll out the old, tired “quitter” meme, further demonstrating that he really doesn’t have a clue. If he still has no understanding of why she stepped aside from the governor’s office, and how it served to benefit her state, there’s not much hope for him. But then again, the good old boys aren’t good at understanding those who selflessly do what’s right, fully aware that it just might cost them everything. When Rove takes a stab at her by saying he would have served out his term, he was not lying. He would have. Come hell or high water, that’s what most of the members of the permanent political class would have done. The thought of passing the ball to someone else so that progress isn’t hindered never occurs to them. The idea of making the difficult decision to restore sanity to what has become sheer lunacy on the part of haters is a foreign concept to people who, as Governor Palin pointed out in her speech, need to “get over themselves.”

Indeed. These guys will continue to be full of themselves, all while seeking creative ways to repeat their false narratives about Governor Palin. In the end, they just come off looking like petty establishment hacks to those of us who see things clearly.

Update: In response to Tucker, Twitter users launched the #SarahPalinDoes hashtag. It is now trending in the U.S.

Via Twitchy:

CPAC 2013 shaped up to be a smack-down between establishment Republicans and grassroots conservatives, with establishment poster boy Karl Rove standing in as the embodiment of all that’s wrong with the GOP these days.

Breitbart.com reports that the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson weighed in on the ongoing Sarah Palin/Karl Rove feud this morning on WMAL, confessing that while he admires her ability as a public speaker, he’s “not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.” This sounds like a job for a hashtag.

Check out the entire post with some good tweets here.

Update II: Governor Palin just sent out the following tweet:


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