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Mr. L: If Gov. Palin’s Big Flaw Is Resigning Then She Has No Flaws

(The following is a guest submission by Ron Devito.)

In describing his most recent segment, Mr. L wrote, "I wanna talk about this dig at Sarah Palin by Karl Rove which was in retaliation for Palin’s dig at him at CPAC. And I did have this transcribed by the way. You can find it along with this commentary at I only did this once where I cut the audio and then gave it to a friend who’s a fast keyboardist to transcribe it because I think this topic is important to be in both the spoken and the written word. I wanna talk about the concept of resignation and Sarah Palin’s resignation….."

In some salient quotes from the transcript, Mr. L spoke about Gov. Palin declaring war on the Rove / establishment wing of the Republican Party and how he would rather be in the fox hole with Gov. Palin than 25 people like Rove:

"When Palin started going after the consultant class, it was a great thing because here’s this prominent political figure, who has gone after corruption in her own party before and won so, she knows a little about it, and she has experience in doing this. So she’s making a declaration against them, like a General before a battle who would declare war on an enemy. Never forget that, in a political war, I would rather be in the fox hole with someone Sarah Palin, or someone like her or of her character, rather than in the hole with 25 Karl Roves."

He spoke about Gov. Palin’s success rate in candidate endorsements versus Rove’s 1%:

"I mean, the people in his organization they make great campaign ads, but his record for picking candidates sucks. What does Palin now have? What is she now 75% success and Rove’s 1%. And how many millions did he spend for that 1%? He blew through $300 million dollars in 2012—and they lost!"

Mr. L delineated how Gov. Palin resigned office because a few people committed legal fraud and abused the ethics law, bringing on frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits which were all dismissed. Further, Mr. L said, those who lodged the complaints and filed the suits should have served prison terms for fraud and harassment.

Oh yeah, Rove and people like Sucker Carlson should know the “undisputable truth” that the Alaskan Ethics Act did not allow her to escape the legal bills to defend those charges. It also should be mentioned that Ethics Act could not be reformed until she resigned. And again, there was no help from people like Rove or the national party to raise cash for her legal bills. The DNC certainly did it for Clinton. So she’s making about $125K a year and there’s $500K to $1 million in legal fees coming at her…you do the math. I’d like to ask Karl Rove exactly how much he would spend to be a lame duck governor?

He contrasted Gov. Palin’s resignation with the ruling class mentality which seeks only to hold on to power.

More clearly from me as I will declare: If Sarah Palin is her biggest flaw is a resignation, then frankly she doesn’t have any faults….

…Governor Palin took an oath to protect and defend her state. By stepping down, she kept that oath. Americans are sick and tired of politicians and people like Karl Rove who base every decision and vote on how it will advance their personal political career….

Here you have people in the ruling class, people like Rove, who pass judgment and don’t understand it. Why? Well, Rove is right—he would’ve served out his full term. If he could actually get elected. Why? Because people with the ruling class mentality will do anything, spend however much, spend other people’s money, tax payer money, waste money, to hold onto their power. Because that’s all megalomaniacs like them are concerned with—holding power.

Rove, who chided Gov. Palin as a "quitter" resigned his post as White House Deputy Chief of Staff in disgrace over the Valerie Plame scandal, and barely escaped indictment. Mr. L went on to list a parade of politicians who had a resigned – quit – for various reasons, and no one has said "boo" about it.

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  • Sue Lynn

    Thank you Mrl Tavern… Shining a bright light on Karl Rove bowtie Tucker and the truth about Sarah Palin!!!! Rock on Mrl Tavern and Ron DeVito!!!!!

  • conservativemama

    "So she’s making about $125K a year and there’s $500K to $1 million in legal fees coming at her…you do the math."

    Mr. L: therein lies the big difference between Gov. Palin and the ruling class in D.C. In her math you don’t spend more than you take in. In D.C. math, the spending never stops and it has no correlation with the amount of money you take in.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    If Sarah Palin has any flaws, I have been unable to detect them. If Mr. Potato Head has any virtues, I have been unable to detect them, either. If Tucker Carlson has any sense, he has yet to display any of it.

    If those clowns want political warfare, then they are doing everything they can to provoke it.

    • patnatasha

      they do want it.

    • RWRFAN

      Rove is more like Piggy from Lord of the Flies. Please don’t insult Mr Potato Head by comparing him to Rove.

  • jgrimes

    Thanks Mr.L you are so RIGHT.

  • normath

    It seems to me that Sarah Palin’s e-mails and resignation from the governorship shows she is the ONLY proven ethical politician in the country.

    Does anyone know of a current politician who can prove he is ethical? Hmmm…?

  • DocBarry1

    Mr. L -thanks for joining people like Cruz and Levin who stand with the Governor

  • indemind

    Thank You Mr. L… Tip Top Post….

    SarahAmerica – "Never before have our challenges been so big….and our leaders so small”

  • ernst1776

    I like MrL’s perspective but his replies to certain C4P memeber a few weeks ago was disgraceful.

    • alien4palin

      I intend no disrespect to you or anyone. Some time it is healthy to clear the air when temperature and emotion gets high. Always bear in mind that it takes at least two people to tango. Disagreements of the sort that we have in here is mostly about people’s feeling being hurt, it is so minor that it does not even contribute much to honing our skill to take on the opponents.

      That was a few weeks ago, let it go. To hold a grudge is petty.
      We need to get pass these trivial disagreements which does not contribute to the cause for America.

      If you wish to recognize Mr. L’s perspective, just leave it at that. We, human beings are all inherently flaw

  • patnatasha

    they can’t hold a candle to sarah.

    • alien4palin

      I second that!!!

  • dmac8889

    Let’s answer the first Part to show how FoxNews and particularly Bill O’Reilly has tried to make life hard for Sarah Palin. After watching this old interview, where is O’Reilly inviting Sarah Palin back to answer his question of Her endorsements against Rove’s. Answer: he won’t invite her back to discuss her victories.

    He can’t stand that Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, etc. He did acknowledge her power in 2010, but he and FoxNews are livid at Palin success:… Palin Calls Karl Rove a "Good Old Boy"

  • dmac8889



    With Gillespie in place, I could leave with confidence that an experienced hand would be on board to handle anything that came up (pg 493—4).

    The Plame investigation had exhausted more than my physical reserves. It had also burned through a significant portion of my family’s finances. I’d made sure no one really knew just how big of a bite my legal tab had taken out of my savings, but I had juggled as long as I could without putting my family’s financial security at risk. More important than money, however, was the toll that my life had taken on my and son. I could see more clearly how the press attention, the protesters surrounding our house, the ugly anonymous letters and snarky Internet postings had weighed on them, evening if I’d been able to block most of it out (pg 494).

    I felt angry that financial circumstances were forcing me to leave, but I felt grateful the President supported m complicated decision (pg 495).

    Rove……. Do as I say not as I do. Hypocrite!!!!!!!

    • overthecoastline

      Rove…..fat, egotesticle slob without morals, ethics or standards. Yes, I said "egotesticle".

    • blueniner

      What a phoney hypocrite!!! He is an enema of Sarah Palin!

  • blueniner

    Another home run Mr. L!… Maybe the next time you can throw in Rodger Ailes and what his little game is with these innuendos that are now popping up and the FOX downfall. A new Conservative Network is on the horizon for July 4th…..

  • sodakhic

    I’m so pissed nobody came to her aid on that wardrobe issue, or the false ethics issues, or the Giffords shooting accusations, or the filthy remarks against her and her family.I’m talkin about political people. God bless the little people at C4P, though. Raised over a half a million for her defense and have defended her honor on all matters since Aug ’08

    • jester2939

      It’s inexcusable that people didn’t rally around Palin the way they did Scott Walker. Of course, most people didn’t know what she was going through because talk radio and other "conservative" media barely covered it. And like you, that still ticks me off.

    • indemind

      You know what Andrew Breitbart called them (GOP) "EUNUCHS"

    • conservativemama

      I’m telling you, they left her on the battlefield. They left her behind. They have no honor at all, none.

      • dmac8889

        The reason after 35 years of Republican votes, I have left them behind.

  • excopconservative

    Excellent, Mr. L. I don’t believe that the democrats wanted Palin to resign. They wanted to kick her around and bloody her up for another 18 months. They wanted to dilute her record and in the process push her financially so that they would make her get in bed with the oil companies to stay in office. They didn’t know Sarah Palin very well. The democrats also wanted her tied down in Alaska and unable to create crowds for 2010 Republican candidates. Her resignation shocked and disappointed them. The 2010 election results speak for themselves.

    Both the Alaska Republicans and the Democrats wanted to get the money flow started again between big oil and their political cronies. They are still trying to do so.

    I also think that part of the effort currently underway to modify ACES is an effort to push Gov. Palin back into Alaska politics and away from influencing the national political scene. Of course the main goal is to start up Play for Pay again in Alaska. When you lift up a rock and expose a snake, they just slither off and hide under another rock until the next opportunity to crawl out and sun themselves.

    The dems and RINOs shore up their quitter meme with the fact that Gov. Palin profited after her resignation. I suppose they wanted her to sulk and curl up on the bathroom floor as they falsely depicted her in Game Change. They infer that since Gov. Palin wrote a book that everyone wanted to read, that she had resigned in order to make millions. The fact is that she could have written her books while serving out the last 18 months of her term. Sure, she would have been sued, but she would have been sued no matter what she did. She wouldn’t really have been wasting the state’s time, as the democrats had already stopped any further accomplishments of her administration. She did not feel it was right to draw the governor’s salary while accomplishing nothing except writing her memoirs.

    Every eruption of the quitter talking point must be countered. Mr. L. does good work.

  • overthecoastline

    Karl Rove has become so small he has resorted to picking on a girl.

    In his defense, that girl is Sarah, who is more than capable of taking care of herself. Still, it’s just unseemly that this fat, egotesticle blowhard is stooping to the level of the lamestream media hacks by slandering and lying about Sarah Palin.

    Yes, I said "egotesticle".

  • Freempg

    God knows I’m no friend of Karl Rove’s, but let’s not get carried away with the "Plame scandal" as anything more than what it was, a trumped-up fraud.

    It was Richard Armitage not Karl Rove who leaked Plame’s name to both Bob Woodward and Robert Novak.


    The take away is both Rove and the Governor were hounded from their job which makes the parallel even closer. Rove, at least in this case, did nothing wrong.

    • alien4palin

      That made his hit on Sarah twice as bad and nasty. We knew he didn’t do anything wrong and that he was targeted for a nasty fall. He has been forced to go down that path and knew precisely what it felt like. So,what kind of human being is he?

      • Freempg

        Well said A4.

  • travelingon

    I appreciate being able to read that Mr. L., thanks!

  • James Fleming Jr

    These characters will cause a lot of Independents to turn on the Republican party. Of course we have no where else to go because the Democrats hate mankind.

  • Terrence Jeffrey Johnson

    Rove’s a quitter on several wives. Plus he’s fat.

  • alien4palin

    Greetings, Mr. L. So please to see another one of your posting. I look forward listening to it when my day’s work is done.

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