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Mr. L: Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC 2013

Via Mr. L at Mr. L’s Tavern:

For a second year in a row, Sarah Palin ROCKS the stage of CPAC 2013.  The packed house and approximately seven standing ovations that she received explains to those riding the short bus in the mass media why she got to speak at the annual conservative conference.  Palin’s speech was a brilliant mix between the humorous and the serious.  She brought the house down by mocking Nanny NYC Mayor Bloomberg by sipping a Big Gulp.  She compared Pres. Obama to Bernie Madoff.  She called out the crony capitalists, GOP establishment consultants and declared, "We are not here to rebrand a party. We are here to rebuild a country."  Palin tells those to encourage other’s with common sense conservative principles to serve the nation. The question for Palinistas is, how do we encourage and convince Palin to run for national office?  Also discussed, is how Palin was mocked in 2009 for calling out Obama’s impotence on missile defense in Alaska and the actions that the administration taking that prove she was right.

Watch Mr. L’s video below:


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