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Palin 2016 and the Silly “Reality Show” Narrative

Dustin Hawkins has a pretty decent article over at under “U.S. Conservative Politics” titled “Should Sarah Palin Run in 2016?”

He begins by having a little fun with the left:

Democrats claim they would love for Sarah Palin to be the Republican nominee in 2016. They constantly write articles of her "irrelevancy," and mock her and write story, after story, after story about her. Because that’s what you do with irrelevant people. Many Republicans are even wary of what her nomination would bring, noting that the media and entertainment industry assault on her has currently destroyed her public image.

He then notes her fearlessness when it comes to espousing her constitutionally-conservative positions:

If there is one thing about Palin, it is that she is not afraid to go after her opponents. She is tenacious. She would not back down. She would not apologize. She would not have conservatives hopping mad in her refusal to go on offense. McCain and Romney played nice while candidate Obama pounded them into the ground.

He then talks about the possible Palin-Clinton matchup:

She [Hillary Clinton] will get a free pass [on Benghazi], and the only person who can change the narrative is the nominee for president. But that nominee must also be willing to change the narrative. Palin might lose. But a week-kneed and "safe" Republican would be but a sacrificial lamb in the electoral slaughter that would be headed the Republican’s way.

He goes on to talk about what he calls a “myth” that people don’t like Governor Palin.

Many think a Palin candidacy would be DOA because of her poll numbers. But are those poll numbers a reflection of what people actually have seen of Palin or just a reflection of the portrayal and constant mocking of her over the years?


If anything, the caricature of her is so borderline-silly that most people would be shocked to find out she could recite the alphabet. And how many people think she actually said "I can see Russia from my house"? Palin took a beating far worse than any candidate in recent history.

He then moves on to point out the obvious: she’s “already vetted.”

Finally, Palin is a known commodity. We’ve seen her at her best and her worst. (And her "worst" is more what others have done to her rather than something she has done to herself.) She is very conservative with a populist stretch. She is inclusive. She reaches out to everyone. She is an effective speaker. The media has already investigated every hair on her head, read every email she ever wrote, and even accidentally discovered she was a good governor after all. One thing with Palin is sure: there is nothing left to be vetted except her ideas. Would Palin be a risky move? Well, how did the last two guys work out for us and who among the Republicans would be a better force to at least try to stomp her opponent the way they will stomp back?

For everything in this piece that speaks the truth, there’s something I disagree with.

He says:

Admittedly, the multiple family reality shows might be a self-inflicted wound.

First, this tweet posted on Twitchy’s reporting of #sarahpalindoes perfectly answers the “reality show” narrative:


This young (and very smart) Tweeter is spot-on!  I am so tired of left-wing liberals like Obama or Clinton being praised for going on MTV, playing a saxophone on late night TV, hanging out with Jimmy Kimmel, or delivering a comedy routine.  How brilliant and Machiavellian of them!

Yet, when Governor Palin does it better, she’s ridiculed.

Governor Palin has recently talked about going outside of our comfort zone.  We need to stop preaching to the choir.  What better way to take that message to the masses than to use the path provided by those who hate your values the most?  In truth, liberals aren’t less afraid of Governor Palin because her booming ratings for TV diminish her politically, rather, they are more afraid because she has successfully infiltrated what they believe is their territory.  Hollywood dislikes it, but will allow it so long as the ratings keep coming.

Substantively, the various Palin programs have also added something to their innocuous funny moments.  Bristol showed young women the pressures and responsibilities associated with single motherhood.  Governor Palin encouraged tourism to her beautiful state by sharing its majesty with all of us.  Todd muscled up not to entertain, but to benefit the troops.

If you’re a conservative and you find these various TV gigs disturbing, you either need to loosen up your tie a little bit or you need to look at the bigger picture.

You can read the entire Hawkins article here.

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  • MaMcGriz

    I like this. Mr. Hawkins is awake and paying attention.

    Thank you, Steve.

  • blueniner

    Nice article, I dont know who Mr. Hawkins is but he was right on.

  • Reynolds88

    Hey, Ronald Reagan had been divorced (major no-no in the day) and his wannabe ballerina son Ron Jr. (living his own "reality show" in Greenwich Village NY) did not derail him nor did his Democrat daughter. He ran on his ideas and the disaster that was Jimmy Carter’s 4 yr term.

    I love that Sarah Palin is still willing to look in your eye and say Mr. President, you lie.
    This is a woman with courage and smarts and her family is OK by me and millions of Americans who love Sarah Palin and her family.

  • Jose R. Gonzalez

    I totally wanted Governor Palin to run in 2012. But the mess in 2016 will be so big, that for the sake of the governor and her family I would prefer to see her run instead for Alaska’s senate seat that same year. The race would gain a lot of intrigue simply because it would be Sarah Barracuda running, but it would shield her and her family because it would be considered a smaller race. But in reality, it would still be very consequential. Imagine, Sarah Palin finally ousting the last of the entitled Murkowskis. Poetic, huh? Not only that, but Palin really deserves to be in the US senate. For one, the two pro-life identifying female US senators got there in large part if not because of Governor Palin’s endorsement.

    • joseph agibinik

      No thank-you. Sarah Palin for President of the United States of America.

      • jerseymark

        The Senate would just drive Sarah crazy. She is a doer, and executive, a decision-maker and leader, none of which make the job description of a US Senator. As far as the mess is concerned, that would be the whole reason she would run because our Gracious Lord would enlist her superior talents to straighten things out. If you recall from "The Undefeated" Sarah was described as one who runs toward danger not away from it. I personally believe that she did not run in 2012 because the Lord told her that it was not time – that the evil being thrust upon our nation by Obama and the Left needed another four years to bring to fruition the condition most ready for Sarah.

    • Steve_Flesher

      I think it’s nice you seem to have Governor Palin’s best interest at heart. All I can say to that is she was right when many of us were screaming otherwise. The path which delivers her to that moment in which she will be most greatly remembered for will be realized in a way that not you, I, nor anyone else can predict.

      Yes, she’d shake up the Senate. My own opinion though is she’s executive material. She’s a leader. If Congress is to have her, I’d prefer her in no other capacity than perhaps the Speaker of the House. Even that though is somewhat beneath her talents.

      My opinion of course.

      • joseph agibinik

        Thank-you for your work, sir. If I may be so bold, I disagree 100%. President. Nothing more, nothing less. Sarah does more as a citizen, than she could do in the senate.

      • Jose R. Gonzalez

        In political terms Governor Palin is still young enough to run for president well into 20 years from now. The problems in Washington are so endemic, I think things will only get worse before they get better. Either way, I’d like her to continue to prove the naysayers wrong by serving in elected office again. The senate would be good for now, but the presidency is something I still would like to see her run for and win.

        • joseph agibinik

          Well, I might be totally wrong, I mean the senate seat you are talking about is Mark Begich’s seat….liberal democrate who I dislike. I disliked him as mayor. I dislike him as senator. I would rather have Sarah fighting as a citizen, than I would have her as one of two senators of my state.

        • lyndaaquarius

          read her history,listen to all her speeches and study her actual record. Frankly, she is a leader of Washington’s caliber. Same honor and courage and good fortune. He stepped away from power also,didn’t he?

        • Myrajean Allado

          I said again even she like it or not ,she’s still under contract w/ FOX & she can be sued.

          • jerseymark

            Well, no she is not. She is completely free of Fox.

          • Rightmindedmom

            Ahhh. No. Keep up with your Sarah news, Myrajean.

    • Myrajean Allado

      She can’t do it , she still under contract w/ FOX.

      • jerseymark

        No she is not under contract any longer. Her contract expired and they offered her a new one and she refused. This was a couple months ago.

        • Myrajean Allado

          Sorry, I’m talking about 2012 race not 2016.

  • joseph agibinik

    I have followed Sarah Palin since she declared to run for Governor of Alaska. I voted for her. I have "studied" Sarah Palin since she accepted the Vice-Presidential nominee. I voted for her. I did not want to vote for McCain. I have watched and listened to Sarah Palin all these years, and with this article…..I have come to a conclusion that I think is true. I believe Sarah Palin has read Sun Tzu. I believe Sarah Palin has studied "The Art of War". I believe Sarah Palin has already won the war, before the first battle. I have read Sun Tzu "The Art of War" a few times. I have three different translation varieties. I see many similarities with how Sarah deals with her attackers…..democrates, rino republicans, lame stream media. I believe she is a master. I believe she is a master of master’s. Sarah Palin, I believe, has studied and mastered, and use’s many of the technique’s taught in "The Art of War". I may be wrong…..but, I believe I am right. Interesting thought thou, no?

    • Reynolds88

      This idea was nicely presented by Sarah Palin herself when she tweeted or used FB to mention Sun Tzu a few years ago. C4P ran a several discussion threads on topic and it was very interesting. I agree with you Joesph! Sarah Palin has honed her abilities in the political sphere without having run for any office since 2008.

      • joseph agibinik

        Really? Is there a way I can go back and read these "threads"?

    • lyndaaquarius

      totally agree with you .she never makes a misstep. She toys with her enemies for our amusement. drives them "bat crap crazy" smiling all the time. What a confident,composed leader. Nothing throws her or defeats her. She is truly a very deep woman .very spiritually developed person. An amazing President to lead America’s great Restoration.

    • SteveBayrd

      "That woman" as Dems (aka Marxists) like to call her IS a master at The Art of War! You are spot-on! She out-journalists the Journ-o-lists! She is US. By breaking past the GOPe and reaching everyday, flyover-country voters, Sarah can lead the restoration and expose the stealth Marxism of Hillary (why Hillary is even MORE dangerous than Obama) or any lib candidate. I pray she does.

    • Founders1791

      It seems the media feels the same way, and they act accordingly
      Sarah Palin: Master media manipulator

    • jerseymark

      I totally agree and have read "The Art of War" and have commented several times that she is a master strategist using the points raised there, even in so far as the use of the reality shows invading the enemy turf where they least expect it but are most confident of not having to defend it. She has consistently shown herself to be several steps ahead of anyone else in her predictions and resulting strategies. As we have said here many times, "Sarah plays three-dimensional chess while everyone else struggles with checkers.

  • ZH100

    Excellent read! Thank you.

  • aaron66krohn

    If she runs, she wins!!

    The operative word being "IF"!!!

    • Vicki

      yes, we’ve been on that roller coaster ride

  • raiderlou

    I think if Hillary runs, and right now it looks like she will, then Palin will not. I don’t believe she will drag it out this time either, we will know early on.

    • heshtesh

      Do you think Sarah would be intimidated by the Hillary team? I don’t think so,as a matter of fact I very much believe Sarah would enjoy the opportunity to contrast her record against Shillery’s………… do you think that would work out?

      • lyndaaquarius

        she was born for that challenge and victory.

    • cuttingboardblues

      Hillary is the perfect candidate when she isn’t running. As soon as she hits the spotlight all her shortcomings are easy to see. It doesn’t help that she’s as dull as dishwater and all her flipflops, lies, and unsavory entanglements are easier to see.

    • Myrajean Allado

      No, it’s not Hillary but it’s Kerry the Sec. of State,2nd timer candidate on this position

      • palintologist

        Believe it or not, super commie Elizabeth Warren is listed at the top of the heap according to Trevor Loudon, of the New Zeal blog. Loudon knew all about Obama years before any of us ever heard of him. He has his ear to the ground.

        • Vicki

          It seems to me the dems are in the same situation the repubs were last time around. Nobody of significance in the wings. (excluding of course gov palin)

          • Budvarakbar

            It is usually that way with the dems — all of a sudden they will pull a new one outta their collective butt and come up with one or two straw men opponents and whooosh another demo no one ever heard of is slipped in. — Think Carter – Clintoon — Obie —
            The RINO’s do the opposite — have so many candidates with most all ready suffering from overexposure (McLame, Dole, Newt, Romney etc) and then the effort is so difused and the media has a field day jumping from one candidates’ "sins" – made up or not — to the next — in a real round robin while the demo’s can focus on 1 or 2 —
            Pefect example is the CPAC straw poll — what was it 16 – 20 names??? huh? — ever seen anything that dumb outta the demo’s – naw – didn’t think so.
            All the hildabeast can get would be the skank and bolshevik vote. I still have a perfect recorded sample of her cackle — straight out of central casting for any witch movie — play it for the kiddies on halloween.

  • heshtesh

    The only way Shillery will be competative is with the MSM propping her up on stilts, Sarah will bring an axe!

  • arcman46

    Reading another article over at The American Thinker. The conclusion was that unless so and so happened, it would be unlikely for the Republican party to ever win the Presidency again. If the Republicans remain squishy, and the Democrats continue to engage in massive voter fraud, and are allowed to run rampant over Republicans and Conservatives without a fight; I believe we have seen our last Republican President, at least in my lifetime. While I have great regard for Rubio, Ryan, Cruz, and Paul, and think anyone of them would make a good President, It’s time that we actually have real change. Palin is the one who can make that happen

    • palintologist

      Don’t forget the deal the Repubes made to accept any democrat victory and not contest fraud! This alone is reason enough for a third party. The proglodytes have voter fraud down to a science.

  • SusanWo4p

    Sarah had one "reality show" (that she contracted to only last one season)…TWO BESTSELLING BOOKS.
    Why don’t the "she’s just a reality tv star" people ever mention that she is A NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR?

    • Budvarakbar

      Wait til next Falls book comes out and becomes the must have stocking stuffer.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Sarah has emerged from her self-imposed political hibernation during last year’s presidential election cycle. That was what the GOPe wanted, and she gave them what they wanted. How did that turn out, fellas?

    Instead, she turned her attention and energies to the down-ticket races (like the Senate race in Texas), wherever she was wanted and where she could make a crucial difference. Neo GOPe nomenklatura who conveniently forget what she did for them, like Rubio, will pay a political price.

    She is doing more speaking gigs, and making more personal appearances on behalf of causes that mean a great deal to her. She is speaking out now the way last year’s GOPe would not, and people are responding to her message of relentless reform.

    It looks to me like she is already running. I hope so, because she is head and shoulders above anyone else out there, even if she is not trying to be. Great athletes make it look easy, and so do great politicians.

    I have never seen her make a public appearance where she seemed overwhelmed. On the contrary, she seems to thrive on challenges of every kind, including political challenges. Who can ever forget her "fight like a girl" speech in Madison, when she faced down the assembled bullies of entrenched union thugs?

    And we all remember her boffo turns on Leno and SNL. She was funnier than Leno on his own show, and charmed the SNL lefties with her authenticity and basic good nature, even though she was their target of the night.

    She makes very difficult situations look easy and natural, and she has an uncanny ability to turn adversity into an opportunity. She is no different in a venue like SNL than she was at CPAC last weekend. Really, Jeb Bush?

    If she runs, she wins. There is no better politician, and no one with so many followers. Real leaders have followers, and Sarah has more of them than anyone else pretending to lead.

    She is showing them all how to lead, right now.

    • lyndaaquarius

      so well said. thank you. "she runs,she wins"

  • cuttingboardblues

    "He goes on to talk about what he calls a “myth” that people don’t like Governor Palin."

    That is the most important thing to remember. I know people who wouldn’t vote for her(liberals) but I don’t know anyone who suffers from PDS. The PDS sufferers are given coverage that far outweighs their number or importance.

    Anyway if Sarah had been the nominee in 2012 would she have done better or worse than Mitt? She may have lost, she may have not, but she certainly wouldn’t have done any worse. I know she would have gotten votes because I know a lot of conservatives who stayed home because Mitt was the nominee. Despite this post I’m not a Mitt hater or basher. I freely admit we’d be much better off with him as the victor instead of Obama.

    Sarah is also in a unique position when it comes to fundraising. She will have millions of small donors and will not need to raise nearly as much. She will have a media tripping over themselves for an interview and coverage because she gets ratings and there is not a stadium she wouldn’t fill during a campaign.

    Her biggest plus is she already has in place a infrastructure around the MSM. Something that Mitt sorely lacked and in my opinion the biggest mistake that cost him the election.

  • Kathleen

    One of the things that has often irked me since the initial airing of "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" is the disparaging term of "reality show" that’s been applied to it. The only episode that fit that description was the one with Kate and her 8…and that was only due to Kate’s attitude. The rest was like a travelogue of Alaska with Sarah’s family along for the ride.

  • Founders1791

    “…I think she’s [Governor Palin] clearly a public figure who is, who speaks well and persuasively to the people who listen to her. And she’s somebody to be reckoned with, and she’s tough.”
    -Democrat President Bill Clinton

  • Vicki

    I think he’s right about the reality shows. Which made me cringe a bit when she called out Washington as being a reality show. I think the SP Alaska could have been better than it was. I think some of the stuff like Willow’s boyfriend sneaking up the stairs, diminished the show. The Kate Goselin thing was totally ridiculous in my view. Better if some of that had been left out and just had her and her family interacting with Alaska. Having said that practically everything on TV these days throws in bat crap like that. You can’t even watch a stinking remodelling show on the home and garden channel without some fake controversy thrown in. I also believe Bristol’s stuff has probably been a sum total toward the negative. She did some good things, but once again the bar fight stuff, and the crying like a big childish baby because your high school sister doesn’t want to sit home all day watching your out of wedlock child while you run around all over LA. The home which in fact is some mansion on loan to you. Boo Hoo. She could have really helped her mom a lot, but she did some what I feel were selfish things. Yeah, I get the might as well dance thing, but if you know a train is coming you don’t go stand in the middle of the tracks. As for Obama and Leno or whatever show he turns up on, ditto. If people are so stupid as not to pay attention to the issues, it doesn’t mean the president goes on a comedy show and act like a goof.

    • Guest

      It sure sounds like menopause has gotten the best of you.

      • Vicki

        that was a pretty mysoginistic statement, don’t you think

    • golfmom3

      How nice that you maintain a database of all these important details! I’m sure it will be a very profitable venture as the Clinton opposition research gets in gear. So convenient that you’re in Arkansas already. Since no one except you and you friends actually remembers these details, it’s easy to slant all of these in the negative — you sure have the knack for the subtle jab. Ahh, the cattiness of the sistah-hood! Gotta love it. Sigh.

      • Vicki

        Hillary Clinton will not win in arkansas. Bill Clinton only carried this state because he was a native son. It is almost a totally red state now.

    • Budvarakbar

      The Kate Goselin thing was great — showed what a bunch of simpy, spoiled, selfish, wimpey twits a lot of American women are — voting for obie and whining for free birth control on the backs of the taxpayer. The kids had a great time while Kate was pouting and having a hissey fit.
      Bar fight — heh heh heh — just illustrating west hollyweird and the fact that it DOES NOT reflect 90% or more of America.

      • Vicki

        I just disagree. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say obamas a boob for going on Leno but gov plain is a genius for doing the reality nonsense with Kate goslin. I think it’s a bad move for both. I think it tarnishes the dignity of being a political servant.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in this article!

    • joseph agibinik


  • $7566967

    I’ve said it before, and will again. It’s either Sarah in 2016 (maybe Ted Cruz) or I stay home. Period.

  • friskyness

    It’s all about getting into the culture…….young people know who she is, because they saw her on TV……when Obama goes on tv he is infilitrating the culture….kids think he is cool….so why isn’t Palin "cool" when she does it…..some people need to think outside the box……

    • Budvarakbar

      He is cool because he is shiiit — people in general and kids especially have been conditioned by the edu establishment to drink it — real things and people are intimidating while the plastic crap is lapped up!

  • TD

    Lots of people who look down on Palin’s Alaska adventure series forget (or never knew) that William F. Buckley, Jr., put out a video on his sail across the Atlantic. It includes photos and videos of his friends, his son, his wife, sister and himself on the sailboat and he talks about his sailing experiences. It’s over two hours long. Here’s the Amazon link:

    Bill Buckley’s willingness to share personal details of his sailing adventures in books and video is a neat thing about him. No one ever pointed out how low brow it was to put himself and his family in the public eye like that–and sometimes in the extremely casual half dress of sailing.

    Which just goes to show the double standard that people use for someone they have to admit is very cool and very smart as opposed to someone who is not their favorite. Especially the NR folks should know better.

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