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Read Your Book, Mr. Rove


Karl "True Story" Rove

  “…if I did run for office and win, I would serve out my term, and I wouldn’t leave office midterm.”



Exhibit A:

With Gillespie in place, I could leave with confidence that an experienced hand would be on board to handle anything that came up (pg 493-4).

The Plame investigation had exhausted more than my physical reserves. It had also burned through a significant portion of my family’s finances. I’d made sure that no one really knew just how big of a bite my legal tab had taken out of my savings, but I had juggled as long as I could without putting my family’s financial security at risk. More important than money, however, was the toll that my life had taken on my wife and son. I could see more clearly how the press attention, the protesters surrounding our house, the ugly anonymous letters and snarky Internet postings had weighed on them, evening if I’d been able to block most of it out (pg 494).

I felt angry that financial circumstances were forcing me to leave, but I felt grateful the president supported my complicated decision (pg 495). 

Exhibit B:

In early 2009…we were faced with attorneys’ bills that would grow to more than $500,000—a lot more than my total salary for all the time I’d served as governor (pg 363).

It was easy to take Grandpa’s advice when it concerned my own hide. But the attacks on my family? Those cut deep (pg 370).

Financial hardship is painful but bearable. Loss of reputation I can take. But I could not and cannot tolerate watching Alaska suffer. One by one, each ethics complaint against me was tossed out. But a new one quickly sprouted to take its place. I knew it wouldn’t stop and the ongoing cost to our system plagued me (pg 374).

My team had been targeted for destruction because of who the team leader was. I began to think it was time to pass the ball…I announced my conclusion that it was best for Alaska if I stepped aside. “We will be in the capable hands of our Lieutenant Governor, Sean Parnell” (pg 377).



Note: I don’t like Karl Rove. I especially don’t like him after he made these comments in 2011. But being mad at him doesn’t do anything but make my blood pressure creep up to John Candy levels. Instead, I channel that anger into the most productive route I can: Donating time and money to candidates endorsed by Gov. Palin because most of the time they’re not the candidates endorsed by Karl Rove. If that article from the New York Magazine made your blood boil, then get thee down to a candidate’s HQ come 2014 and work that anger off.

Because seeing a Sad Face Rove on another election night after his boxcar comes in dead last will make a run to any Walgreen’s Pharmacy entirely unnecessary.





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  • kennjac

    Awesome! Sad part is no one will call Rove out on this maybe nice emails to Chris Wallace, NOT!!!

  • joseph agibinik

    Please understand Miss McCormick that people usually do not like their own words thrown back in their face. For this reason, Thank-you! Take that rove, you rino scumbag! Beautiful, simply beautiful!

  • devitor

    "Hug me, I’m sad." You couldn’t pay me to hug that man. That aside, he is obviously a blatant hypocrite.

    • c4pfan


  • Emily Baxter

    Oh my! Should I feel sorry for Rove after the sad face meme?

    Nah. What’s the fun in that?

    Thanks TexMex!

  • kennjac

    Can someone get this to Marklevinshow I would but dont know how.

    • RomanBarbarian

      Mark just tweeted this article!

      Mark R. Levin
      There he goes again…

      • Guest

        Grazie tanto!

        • RomanBarbarian

          Grazie a te!!! :) :D

    • mich mccormick


      • kennjac


  • Guest

    Hee-hee. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Firelight

    Oh, how I have waited for this!!!!! Excellent Michelle!!

    It is clear that Mr. Rove is so caught up in all his lies that he has completely forgotten his own reality.

    First, Mr. Rove, no you would not win an election even if you ran against an orange juice can. No one trusts you or likes you which I think you know and therefore you would never attempt a run for office.

    Second, your own words prove that you would not finish your term which everyone knew anyway as we laughed at you.

    Third, let us all remember that all of the attacks and ethic’s charges against Gov. Palin were proven frivolous and false and NOTHING turned up in tens of thousands of emails the media (and I’m sure Rove) scoured belonging to Gov. Palin and her staff proving that Gov. Palin did NOT resign due to scandal. The same cannot be said of Rove, he resigned just as he was found in violation of the Presidential Records Act and he was found in Contempt of Congress.

    Bottomline: Sarah wins, you lose Karl (and I’m not hugging you).

  • txlatinchic

    This post is awesomely RAM-esque.

    You’re welcome.

  • Mark Caldwell

    I will NEVER believe any SHFT event is happening until the government “Officially Denies It.”

  • johnpaul

    If there is any conservative that wants to see the republican party survive past the ’14 election then Rove must be stopped! We just can’t simply ignore him we must destroy him. This man is going to handily destroy our party and give the democrats power for the next 40 to 50 years! All the while he’s lining his pockets with millions of dollars from K street lobbyists and ill informed voters making donations to these candidates that WILL NOT WIN. Everyone has to get the word out not to give this guy one cent. He needs to be marginalized. We need to make him GO AWAY!

  • DocBarry1

    Send it to chris wallace, hume, o’reilly, thefive and others and ask them to report it rhey won’t – ask them to walk their talk

    • cbenoistd

      You’re a glutton for punishment, but thanks. Well done, Michelle!

  • Leroy Whitby

    Great catch Michelle. Good to have proof that Rove is a liar and a hypocrite. Sometimes people can be wrong without being reprehensible. Not the case here apparently.

  • MiBones

    Thanks for the ammo, Michelle. I will use this info when I do rebuttal with the liberal masses. I think I will send some e-mails to several at Fox News.

  • Sun Desy

    Well done. RINO’s are just a tad better than the libs. They only prescribe rules for others not for themselves.

    Now that the light is shed on them they are running like cockroaches.

  • Lynda

    Thanks Michelle, a great post I have been wondering when we or someone was going start looking into Rove pass…

    The two excerpts used from governor Palin’s book and that Rove’s would mirror each other, if it was not for fact that governor Palin resigned because she loved the people of her state. Whereas Rove resigned due to scandal and his debt owed because he needed to protect himself.

    I am so happy that we are become pro-active and standing up , as someone said “when you bash governor you are bashing We the People”.GOPe and Rove you might want to think about that, we are the ones thatwalk door to door, make the phone and get out the vote….I Stand with Sarah and America.

  • KesFerg


  • Jthom26837

    Unbelievable. I do believe Mr. Karl Rove you Sir, owe Sarah Palin an apology. I also believe she read your book.

  • Freempg

    Karl, rule number one: Stop Digging.

  • BearNJ

    Pugsley Rove doesn’t get it. The Reagan Conservative revolution that Sarah believes in led to two massive landslide victories and
    prosperity for the nation. The Rove Bush/Rockefeller wing squandered that legacy with
    their big government spending and tax increases. The GOP base is simply fed up
    with the damage that Rove the Bush family and the GOP establishment have done to
    the Conservative brand and the country.

  • myfairlady

    Good work Michelle! Thanks for looking into and sharing this with us. Mr. Rove has been stripped butt naked with his own works. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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