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SarahPAC: Loaded For Bear #2014; UPDATE

Via SarahPAC:



SarahPAC supporters,

The 2014 elections are just twenty months away. We appreciate your support; together we have elected many great commonsense conservatives over the past four years. Together, we will keep fighting to support these bold candidates. Please take a moment to share this video with your friends and learn more by visiting You can also directly help SarahPAC by donating here.

– Tim Crawford, Treasurer – SarahPAC


20 months, my fellow grassroots compatriots. Get ready. #2014 #LoadedForBear



Via Tony Lee at Breitbart Big Government: "Palin Reloads for 2014 Elections"

In a sign of how active Sarah Palin intends to be in influencing the 2014 elections, SarahPAC, Sarah Palin’s Political Action Committee, released a video on Wednesday meant to ignite independents, conservatives, and Tea Partiers for the 2014 midterm elections.


In the video, footage of Palin’s 2013 CPAC speech is shown where Palin says, "Don’t let the the big consultants, the big money men and the big bad media scare you off" from running for office.

She urges Republicans to focus more on "rebuilding the middle class" than rebranding the party and says "it is time to furlough the consultants."

Palin also speaks about her signature issue of dismantling the permanent political class and fighting crony capitalism. She urges Republicans look for candidates from Main Street communities, PTA meetings, small businesses and Tea Party rallies.


Via CNN: "I Am Palin, Hear Me Roar"

She hasn’t held elected office since 2009, and earlier this year ended her contributor gig at Fox News.

But Sarah Palin has a message for those who think she’s out of the political game: think again.

Using the thunderous response she received earlier this month at a gathering of conservative activists, Palin declares her continued relevance in a fundraising new video distributed by her political group SarahPAC.

Clips of her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference are spliced with analysis from cable television pundits, who use phrases like "superstar" and "plays by her own rules" to describe the former Alaska governor.

h/t: Doug Brady

Via Katie Pavlich at Townhall: "It’s Official: Sarah Palin Readies The Fight For 2014"

She electrified a packed crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference two weeks ago, she helped flip the House of Representatives in 2010 with a historic Tea Party landslide, she helped put Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley and others into office and now, Sarah Palin is ready to take on the 2014 election cycle.

h/t: Bill589


Via Erik Wemple blog at The Washington Post: "Sarah Palin Turns the Tables on Media"

And eat your hearts out, Palin detractors. (Full disclosure: Judging from previous posts, yours truly probably counts as one.) The woman whose every stump speech cites the distortions, lies and treachery of the mainstream media turns the tables on its nemeses in this video. Among the outlets from which the video pulls Palin-supporting material in this video are: CNN, BuzzFeed,, Politico, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, The Daily Best, Fox News and Salon. Nicely played, governor.


Via Katrina Trinko at NRO’s The Corner: "Palin Looks to 2014"

Looks like she’s positioning herself to be a serious player in the 2014 primaries — which could well end up being a Karl Rove vs. Sarah Palin narrative.

h/t: SusanWo4p


Via Allahpundit at Hot Air: "Palin Will be a Player in the 2014 Midterms"

There’s going to come a point where Karl Rove concludes that his new group will do more to mobilize conservatives against the establishment Republicans it endorses than it will to mobilize centrist or casual GOP voters to support those candidates. With Palin, the Club for Growth, and conservative talk radio on the other side, he’ll likely have to stick to bluer states where there’s at least a chance that grassroots righties will give his candidates a pass in the primary on “electability” grounds.


Via Dan Riehl: "Is Sarah Palin A Conservative Community Organizer?"

I really do think this is a great video from SarahPAC.

h/t: idesign2

Update II by Doug: Great headline by William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection: "Sarah Palin gears up for 2014, Politico “Candidate or Kardashian” narrative hardest hit".

Now Palin is back gearing up for 2014 to play a similar role as in 2010 and 2012, getting conservatives elected.  And helping people shake off the malaise.

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  • DougBrady

    Great video! There’s 20 months to go. Let’s roll.

  • angeleno

    Very well-done video message for Palin, conservatism and America. Gets the Grizzly blood roaring…you’ll see.

    • BlueGood

      Aye Angeleno, for Conservatives all across North America…

      She gives me tears of joy with her integrity, honesty & true heart of bravery, to throw down the challenge to the ruling elites who are h*ll bent on leading us all to ONE WORLD GOV’T of the U.N.

      RUN SARAH…….RUN!!!!!!

  • BostonBruin

    Game on!

  • ZH100

    Great video!!

  • P H

    Love, love love this!

  • happymullah

    Also ready to donate!

  • happymullah

    This is it. The battle line is drawn.
    Sarah Palin holds up the banner of the conservative movement proudly and waves it defiantly in the faces of the establishments of both corrupt political parties.
    This is it. A fight to the finish. Win the Senate and expand the House by adding the REAL CONSERVATIVES to the legislative body and effectively neuter the Presidency of Obama.

  • cuttingboardblues

    LOVE it I was expecting this in a couple of weeks.. she made it a little sooner than I thought.

  • patnatasha

    I am Palin here me roar I love it.

  • MaMcGriz

    Hear the roar and lie down, old dogs. The bears have come to town.

  • Michael_from_Michigan

    Sarah is attempting to set the stage for her campaign and presidency by assisting true converative candidates into Congress in 2014/16. This way, when she is president, she can get to work dealing with the issues that will be facing our nation with Congress members who will follow her lead with conservative solutions.
    2016 will not get her fastest enough!
    Palin today, Palin tomorrow, Palin 2016

  • socon

    That is one sweeet video! There’s no one like Sarah Louise Heath Palin!

    • alien4palin

      One in a billion!!!

  • Rich Hahn

    This made my day.

    • stillgoing

      Mine too!

      • JP4SP

        Mine too!

    • StandProudNow

      And tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and….. :)

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I hope the Palin supporters who keep yapping about Palin2016 take note that Sarah is focusing on 2014. We should too. If we can hold the House and take back the Senate in 2014, 2016 will be the next step. Focus people, focus.

    • AZStandingBy

      I think we are capable of doing both. I dont think discussions on a political blog are "yapping".

      • StandProudNow


    • excopconservative

      The 2014 election will establish her as leader of the conservative movement. If Rove and his Republicrats mess it up by trying to be democrats in drag then the Party is over.

    • alien4palin

      Agree! The horse must come before the cart.

  • TangledThorns

    2014 is more important than we think. If the Democrats win the House and keep the Senate in 2014 you can kiss the 2A goodbye.

  • SusanWo4p

    Washington Post is reporting that "Sarah Palin has turned the tables on the Media."

  • John Frank

    Excellent video.

    Michelle, thank you for bringing this video to people’s attention and for the updates.

    • mich mccormick

      Y’all are this site’s eyes and ears. Keep them coming

    • Rightmindedmom

      Michelle — This video gets me all full of goose bumps. Thank you for posting it. I feel priveledged to have actually met you! :0)
      Mom in Wisconsin

  • Reynolds88

    As Mark Levin would say, Oh yes my friends. Oh yes.
    And I must say, I have tossed all the GOPE fund begging letters but my check to Sarah Pac is now the only item I have left to send off (this month) and its going out today.

    I knew something Powerful was brewing at CPAC with Ted Cruz taking the stage with Sarah Palin. oh yes.

  • Pete Petretich

    The "Loaded For Bear" video (via the Breitbart article) is leading over at Drudge, with a Big Gulp picture…

    • n4cerinc

      So drudge inserted 2016 on that headline.

  • SusanWo4p

    National Review Online: "Is 2014 going to be Palin v. Rove?"

    • patnatasha

      that would be awesome.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      LOL. No contest.

    • StandProudNow

      Poor Karl…

    • socon

      The people v. the establishment.

      • alien4palin


    • n4cerinc

      News for NR: She beat him in 2010, she beat him 2012. His endorsements aren’t worth snot!!!

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