Trendsetter Palin

Not only is Governor Palin especially prescient when it comes to matters of importance like quantitative easing and its dangers to the country as well as accurately predicting that President Obama would use ObamaCare to try curtailing our Second Amendment rights, but it’s also clear that she’s cool enough to set trends.

Bizpacreview wonders if Volkswagen is channeling Governor Palin by using the phrase “lamestream media” in its latest commercial.

The video and accompanying story is provided by Mediaite where the liberals posting aren’t at all thrilled that Governor Palin has been brilliant with instilling common knowledge into the people that the majority of what you see and hear in the media is crap.

Despite where the phrase “lamestream media” originated as there are differing thoughts on it, it is Governor Palin who’s taken it to a whole new level.

These cultural steps are important.  Folks questioning her decisions, please take note of things like this.  No, they aren’t at the forefront of policy-making but it does help when the state controlled media who reports on all issues are questioned and held accountable.

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