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Who’s Lost Touch?

Today, Scottie Hughes demonstrated that reality has escaped her. Anyone remotely familiar with the political landscape knows that Governor Palin is as down-to-earth as one can get. No one has made herself more accessible to regular, everyday people than she, which makes sense because she is a regular, everyday person. Very often, after giving a speech, she spends close to an hour shaking hands, taking pictures, and signing autographs. She goes above and beyond in the time spent with people. Whether it’s a rope line, a NASCAR race, or a packed auditorium, she has opened herself to those who have sought a moment of her time.

From personal experience, I can state unequivocally that she has often spent that time in the trenches despite the fact that her aides have tried to move her on because of a tight schedule, perhaps even for security reasons. Always, she tries to shake another hand, ask another name, allow another picture. So when Ms. Hughes not only suggests, but states outright, that Governor "Call Me Sarah" Palin has lost touch with the people, I have to assume she’s lost touch–with reality. In fact, her assertion is so absurd, it almost doesn’t even merit a response. I’ve already said more than Scottie’s "Open Letter" deserves, and it has been covered here and here. I want to share one more take-down. Kevin Scholla, who is acquainted with Scottie Hughes, wrote a note of his own:

Sarah Palin doesn’t owe me anything. In fact, we all owe her a great debt of gratitude. No one gets inside President Obama’s head more than Governor Palin, no one drives the Left bat crap crazy like her, and no one can energize conservatives quite like the Mama Grizzly. Thus, no one can spread the message of common sense conservative principles as well as Palin can.

Earlier this month at CPAC, Governor Palin stole the show. Her Big Gulp speech is the most talked about aspect of the conference, leading to new web sites promoting liberty, and sparking a reinvigorated discussion on the importance of rebuilding our country. Governor Palin is doing her job.

Governor Palin did not grant interviews at CPAC. After her high noon address that Saturday, she left Maryland. Once I realized she wasn’t sticking around, my reaction was as follows. Finish writing my recap of her speech for SarahNET, start to get The Palin Update radio program ready for SarahNET Radio, and go eat. Apparently eating was also on the mind of another conservative but unlike my burger and Caesar salad, she ordered the sour grapes.

Scottie Hughes has done a wonderful job in recent years promoting conservative values from the perspective of a working mom. She has always been a friend to SarahNET Radio and she’s always spoken highly of Governor Palin. She’s gone toe to toe with the obnoxious Piers Morgan on gun issues and she’s served as a tremendous ambassador to the Tea Party movement. All of this makes her column “An Open Letter to Sarah Palin” not only curious but flat out disappointing and hurtful.

In the piece Hughes writes that she’s worried Governor Palin is losing touch. Her examples of this include wearing a Chick-fil-A shirt and attending a Phoenix Suns game. To most people that would be considered a comfortable, fun Friday night.

She then brings Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars adventure in to the conversation for seemingly no reason. I’m not sure what Hughes is missing here, but Palin’s association with Big Gulps, Chick-fil-A, and network television is essential if we are to ever reach the vast amount of Americans who enjoy these things on a daily basis.

Hughes then gets into the crux of her piece which is a complaint that Sarah Palin did not grant her an interview. She blasts Palin for making a “rush to the exits” and for not “shaking the hands of those who you inspire.” This reminds me of the dad who doesn’t like a ball player because Heaven forbid the slugger didn’t sign an autograph for his kid. Maybe that player has something serious going on in his mind. Maybe he had to take batting practice. Maybe, he didn’t hear your request. In the same ilk, Hughes has no idea why Governor Palin left when she did. One thing is for sure though, it certainly wasn’t so she could rush to a Hollywood party, as Hughes insinuates.

Worse than making these incorrect assumptions, Hughes made them public. She knows as well as anyone how unfairly Governor Palin is attacked on a consistent basis, yet now she’s joining the mob. Hughes was my guest on The Palin Update in late January. Speaking on SarahNET Radio Hughes called the Left hypocrites when it comes to Sarah Palin. She called out the makers of the movie Game Change for presenting falsehoods regarding the Governor. “Governor Palin can’t do a single darn thing right to the Left and unfortunately to the moderates of the Republican Party she can’t either,” Hughes told me. “But she still holds strong with those of us that are close enough to the base. The true conservatives will not blame Governor Palin for the McCain loss.” But they will blame her for not giving a special, exclusive interview to a particular reporter? So, if it’s the Left and moderate Republicans who go after Palin and the conservatives who defend her, where does that leave Hughes? I always thought she was a conservative. Has something drastically changed in two short months?

In her hit piece, Hughes writes “One of the best attributes of today’s Republicans is that we do not hide behind the curtain and only come out to chat when there is a teleprompter present.” To say that line is unfair would be a gross understatement. As we learned after major technical difficulties shut down her screen at the 2008 Republican National Convention, the last thing Governor Palin needs is a teleprompter. Further, anyone who has met Governor Palin knows how generous she is with her time and thoughts.

Governor Palin works so hard every day, often battling not only the Leftist (and now apparently Right-wing) pot shots but also the very limiting time constraints. She is pulled in many directions at all times. To say she is more concerned with celebrity than substance is frankly a flat out lie and mischaracterization.

Read the rest of Kevin’s article here.

Ms. Hughes reminds me of others who have gone before her who turn on the Governor whenever she doesn’t do something they want or expect her to do. It’s truly pathetic.

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  • Founders1791

    Good read Adrienne! To support your point of view we need only look at the crowd sourcing during the 24,000 emails debacle that uncovered this salient piece…

    “…This is someone who has a good sense of everyday life, and that’s what’s good about being a governor of a small state. You are in touch with the rhythms of everyday life, and if you are looking at a candidate who is able to relate, that is a good reference point..”

    - Chris Lehane, Democrat strategist and consultant

  • Right_Wingnut

    89 photos of Gov. Palin mingling and getting pictures taken with the "grass roots" at 2013 CPAC.

  • kennjac

    It’s frustrating that she is held to different standards. I like the way you and Kevin have her back.

  • mich mccormick

    "Ms. Hughes reminds me of others who have gone before her who turn on the Governor whenever she doesn’t do something they want or expect her to do. It’s truly pathetic."

    Yup, right on, Adrienne. What it boils down to.

    • PhilipJames

      First name that popped into my head that this applies to is Tammy Bruce. She went from supporter to backstabber within days of Sarah announcing she would not run. I had paid to be part of Tammy online group and was banned from it when I questioned why she accused Sarah of bilking her supporters for money and not running. Needless to say, Tammy forgot that she was a nobody California radio person before she hitched her wagon to Sarah Palin and went from barely being able to afford to exist to going independent and raking in a lot of money from supporters. Which jogs my memory to another radio host by the name of John Ziegler who tried to rise to fame and fortune off Sarah and crashed and burned and now shows up on the MSNBC and other hate Palin places as a "expert" on Sarah. If there is one thing Sarah has taught us it is that each of us is responsible for ourselves and it is our responsibility to do things, not hers.

      • mich mccormick


      • Budvarakbar

        Ditto for Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham — and Glenn Beck bailing on her after it turned out that she was the real draw for his WA DC rally a few years ago — what a dweeb!

      • alien4palin

        I agree and nemesis caught up with them pretty quick. It is better they out themselves now rather later. These people are devoid of decency, ethic and integrity.

    • lanahi

      Some do it here too…"turn on the Governor whenever she doesn’t do something they want or expect her to do." It IS pathetic.

  • c4pfan

    She’s obviously a jealous person. I remember how she took you to those parties…I don’t exactly remember what for, but it was so cool to see!

  • SteveBayrd

    Adrienne, (and Kevin)
    All this brought to mind another "journalist" type early on that, being not swooned over and idolized by the Governor, turned to attack: John Ziegler. Seems long ago now, and nobody hears that name anymore. I’d say Hughes pulled a Ziegler… to her discredit. As we know, the difference is that Sarah Palin knows it’s not about her, it’s about restoring liberty. These frowners obviously think it’s about THEM.

    • narciso

      He’s now trying to whitewash Jerry Sandusky,

      • SteveBayrd

        Wow! Didn’t know that. Talk about a loser!

        • narciso

          Caught a snippet of a Documentary that Lauer was interviewing him about.

    • dmac8889

      Love it "A Ziegler!!!!"

  • John Frank

    Thank you Adrienne for this excellent post.

  • Quiet_Righty

    A most unwelcome tiff.

  • DocBarry1

    Thanks for a perfect response!

  • SarahPalin4Prez

    Great job Kevin Scholla and Adrienne Ross! Bravo!

  • MamaGrizz12

    Why would Hughes do this ?
    As Kevin said Very disappointingand unnecessary. Thanks Miss Ross.

  • Palinchick

    Way to have the Governor’s back, Kevin!!!

  • sodakhic

    You are right, Adrienne, this is pathetic. In the last 4 1/2 years people have said, she’s an idiot, in it to make money, in it for power, is clueless, has power to take revenge on opposition, liar, adulterer, drug user, doesn’t feed her children, mentally unstable, only a celebrity, a lightweight, a quitter, a prop user, a racist, a birther, angry, spiteful, hateful, a witch, a bitch, and many other one’s you can’t even print,and now walks out on the grassroots, heads to Hollywood, goes to games, goes to shows, goes to races, hates Alaska, lives in Arizona, neighbors are afraid to step foot out their doors because of her heavy hand of revenge, unlikable, unintelligent and to top it off unelectable. As was said by a friend of hers, "A lesser person would have hung themselves long ago"

    • lyndaaquarius

      if anyone has ever had a presidential temperment, it’s Sarah Palin. Truly "the undefeated’When I first saw her at her first vice presidential speech in St Paul, I thought to myself "now that’s who should be going one on one with Putin"

  • Min Max

    Nothing lower than a traitor/betrayer.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    I will never, ever forget the time in Pennsylvania during the 2008 presidential campaign, right after a rally, when the McCain campaign bus was leaving for their next appearance. There was a family by the side of the road that Sarah noticed as the bus was leaving because they had a special needs kid. After the bus had gone over a hill, and was out of sight, Sarah asked that they turn around and go back.

    After the press had already left, and the photographers had gone, Sarah went back and spent time with that family and gave them and their little kid the thrill of a lifetime. No one would have known about it except that the father had brought his own camera, and he took some pictures of that moment and posted them on the internet. Otherwise, no one else would have known about that considerate, kind and gracious lady who put a presidential campaign on hold to do something she thought was more important.

    That’s who she is.

    • MaMcGriz

      Thank you, laddie. This story is a perfect illustration of how this thing has already become such a blessing in disguise for us all.

      This outpouring of remembered stories and events is great to see and enjoy. And it’s spilling over well beyond c4p and into new places, large and small.

      These stories and examples will reach new eyes and new hearts, and it will lead to more minds being reached with the simple healing truth about who she is and what she means to them and their families personally.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        The truth about that lady is all anyone needs to know. I bookmarked that story but lost it when I bought a new computer. I searched but could not find it with Google. The other families little special needs kid got to hold Trig in one of those pictures. Anyone who saw it would never forget the look of happiness on both of their faces.

  • ZH100

    Excellent read. Thank you Kevin and Adrienne.

  • CliffNZ

    You are right, Adrienne, It is truly pathetic. I am so glad there are people who respond to this sort of nonsense with a strong defense based on facts. When someone says they have been a strong supporter of Sarah Palin, yet write something so public that denigrates her, I have to wonder at their motives. It has happened to great leaders throughout history, when they didn’t fulfil the self interested agenda others had decided was their purpose. Sarah Palin’s recent facebook post is about Jesus and his triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Unlike Sarah Palin, (and all of us!) he was perfect, yet even He didn’t fulfil the agendas of some of his followers. And weren’t HIs enemies pleased to exploit this.

  • Guest

    Thanks Adrienne! Well done!

  • dmac8889

    Sorry for Scottie Hughes, but Sarah said it best: "Get over yourself, its not about you." I’m guessing, as we all are, but it seems to me there were speakers to follow. It is not Sarah’s job, or wish to steal their spotlight, or their chance to get additional notice in the Conservative movement. This was about Sarah being gracious and moving on, out of sight. Knowing this would be the circumstances presented her, she as always, choosed to use her time wisely, and made plans that she was not required to inform Ms. Hughes.

    I’ll try not to bore you with my first time I shook the hand of Sarah Palin and stood speaking with her for a solid 3 to 5 minutes alone in a private setting, very late at night after a day she was on her feet all day, and having met thousands of well-wishes in extreme June heat in the Heartland of America. That was after at least a dozen television interviews. She could have easily moved past a future voter, having won me over, long before I arrived in town. Best yet her husband Todd joined her, and stating this was a great pleasure, is only the best words I can come up with right now. Maybe saying I was simply blown away, best describes it.

    Sarah you are the best. Ms. Hughes you will regain your composure after this disappointment, and we will all learn a lesson. There is only one Sarah Palin, and there are millions of us who want the best for her. So many depend on her voice, and sometimes we need to allow her the space so all of us can share in it.

  • Gregory Gorski

    Scottie Hughes……..whose that?????
    I would consider responding to someone that is competent and relevant…….never heard of Scottie Hughes.

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