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9 Reasons Why Ann Coulter Is "That Friend"

#9: She makes up stories that are easily disproved


Elf Liar

#8: She always brings along "That Guy" as her date


Bill Maher

#7: She’s flaky




#6: She’s always trying to sell you stuff that you don’t want







#5: You have to apologize to your other friends for her wildly inappropriate behavior



#4 She is incredibly jealous of your other female friends and picks fights with them




#3: She has crushes on the weirdest guys.




#2: She never apologizes for her bad behavior




#1: You wonder why you even became friends with her in the first place


Ann Coulter



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  • nkthgreek

    Ann has friends?

    • socon

      Bill Maher. Though, I’m not sure that cowardly cretin counts.

      • nkthgreek


  • Izzyf3

    lol…so funny and yet true. Poor Ann. I bet she is miserable.

  • DocBarry1

    The last one is right on

  • MaMcGriz


    not to be picky or anything…but..

    is there a typo in the header?

    Did you mean to say "That Fiend?"

    [[[* snr snrk snrrrrk *]]]

    Miss Ann’s gettin’ on a lotta last nerves.

    • mich mccormick

      Ha! Well played, Ma!

  • indemind

    Thanks Mich, Love this Post…I remember when Ann Coulter wrote an article back in 2009 that the "Most Conservative Person Of The Year (2008) Governor Sarah Palin" …

    We "C4P" used to carry the article on the front page of the old C4P blog … Probably the last good article Ann wrote about Sarah… and Ann’s gone down hill ever since…

    SarahAmerica- "But we delight in those who underestimate us.”…

  • conservativemama

    She’s done. It’s way beyond jumping the shark. She jumped a thousand sharks.

    • socon

      Real BIG AZZ sharks, at that!

      • blackbird


  • blueniner

    Remember Ann Coulter doesnt like C4P or any of you………………………….

    see about 1:16 and 2:54 0f this video………………………………………………………

    • socon

      Thanks for reminding me how much Coulter dislikes me. I appreciate it.

      Interesting how she lumps Newt Gingrich in with her criticism of Sarah Palin.
      She excoriates both for their lack of policy discussions. WTH?
      I’m truly confused. Gingrich and Palin both have extensive governing experience–how can Coulter claim to not know what they stand for?

    • blackbird

      Those 2 women cannot hold a candle to the Governor. They are small minded and filled with envy.

  • senator20526

    Stan Coulter…Gods gift to no one……

  • blueniner

    Like Joe Tex sang, "Who will Take the Lady With The Skinny Legs"?

  • dmac8889

    She simply is doing what Sean Parnell has done in Alaska: Butter the bread of the hand that feeds you. Another typical rino, she goes to the LEFT Media to slam true Conservatives. Why does CPAC invite this woman?
    She spends her time attacking everyone. She is just a bitch.

  • blackbird

    For a minute I thought you mixed up #3 and #2.

  • wodiej

    never liked her. She’s hateful.

  • irishcoins

    Thanks, Michelle. I used to go thru the airport and put her books on the bottom of the pile upside down.

  • cuttingboardblues

    I bet she drunk dials too.

  • Patriot41

    Plus, she has a very nasty and abusive personality!

  • blueniner

    Man, that Coulter photo on this thread shows alot of Botox injections, last night on Geraldo, she must have forgot to dye her hair, there was serious dark roots.
    Coulter is always trying to be provocative.

  • HuntingMoose

    LOL, pretty right on.
    but we should not openly attack her since the privilege of circular firing squad is only done by conservatives to other conservatives.

    • socon

      A little push back may make her think twice about insulting Sarah.

      • HuntingMoose

        yes, she does deserves it big time,, it is just how we bring this about

        • socon

          Slap-down? lol

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