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This post was written by AGU-NJ State Coordinator Bill Hughes.

Governor Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker at the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network Fundraising Gala last night in Philadelphia. Her message was simple and profound: That we should be careful as a society on how we define the value life and that we should always rise up to defend it.

Governor Palin reminded the audience that, “our history has been full of injustice but people have always risen up to fight that injustice,” as she emboldened the packed room of about 400 people to defend the right to life. She cautioned against a society that would seek to impose judgment on the value of human life based on intellect, accomplishment, physical strength, or ability to contribute to society–the “quality of life” argument that is so often used in the sanctity of life debate.

“How can you measure the quality of life?” she asked the audience. She then drew a stark contrast between the two viewpoints on this issue.

Calling America the “greatest nation on Earth” because our founding charters declared that we are all CREATED equal by God and that our rights come from God, Palin frequently referenced the historic significance of Philadelphia, where the paradigm-shifting revolutionaries met to found a nation on the idea that all life and liberty come from God.

“We are God’s creation and for that reason alone, our worth is immeasurable,” Palin declared.

She spoke of Terri Schiavo’s story and her family’s unwavering defense of her life.

“Terri’s family refused to give up fighting for her life because she was worth it.”

Continuing her argument for defending life, Governor Palin said “we are not to play God and snuff out the life that He’s created.”

She then took the audience on a trip of her own experience finding out that she was pregnant with a special needs baby while Governor of Alaska. She spoke about the fear and uncertainty of those early days. She lauded her pro-life doctor for referring to the unborn Trig as a “baby” instead of a “fetus.”

She joked about hiding the pregnancy for 7 months from her staff, saying that they just thought she was getting “chunky” as she wore a lot of layers of up there in Alaska to cover it up.

She also joked about her open prayer conversation with God upon finding out that she was pregnant, “Lord, I know my name is Sarah, but my husband isn’t Abraham!”

She then talked about the blessing that Trig has been to their family and that her experience has continued to illustrate the truth that “God never gives you more than you can handle.”

On that note, she shared about asking her youngest daughter Piper to pray for her before her debate with Joe Biden. She asked Piper to ask God to speak through her.

“But Mom, that would be cheating!” she declared.

Palin’s entire argument for defending life and doing the hard things to ensure the most vulnerable are cared for and protected rested on seeking that inner strength from God. With God, all things are possible and Governor Palin made that fact clear.

She then shared that as the busy first woman and youngest Alaska Governor ever elected, and a mother of 5 with a newborn special needs child, she took the call from John McCain to run for Vice President and asked with a shrug, “Why not?”

Governor Palin then began to talk about Obamacare and the infamous death panels.

She shared the difficulty of being maligned about her “death panels” remarks and resolved that we cannot allow the culture of death to marginalize us as “right-wing crazies.”

She spoke of President Obama’s healthcare advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, and his work arguing for health care rationing based on ability to contribute to society. These classifications would be made by government panels–death panels.

Yes Virginia, death panels are real.

She spoke of other Obama administration officials admitting that costs would be reduced by rationing and new taxes. You ration by determining who is worthy of care.

She argued that families–not faceless distant government bureaucrats–should choose what is best for the most vulnerable members of our family–the unborn, the elderly, the special needs community.

She spoke of winning the battle to defend life with new polls showing over 50% of Americans now consider themselves pro-life. And she renewed her call to get the message out there and stop just preaching to the choir.

Speaking of her little Trig, she said “There are the world’s standards of perfection and then there are God’s standards. His standards are the ones that matter.”

Overall she spoke with warmth and sincerity and as a hockey mom from Wasilla willing to take a stand to defend those who can’t defend themselves. She charged the audience to continue this most important fight–the defense of life, quoting from the book of Esther, saying perhaps “you have been called to this kingdom for such a time as this.”

She was a woman in her element and clearly comfortable in the role that God has given her to defend life. She oozed the grace and humility of a servant-leader and as she left the room and waved good-bye to us, a man right behind me called out to her.


Governor Palin looked over at us as he said “See you at your inauguration in January 2017!”

A smile came across her face and she waved and gracefully exited the room.

Afterwards, she met with the Catholic school girls who were volunteering at the gala outside in the hallway. She showed them photos on her phone of her kids and presented them all with gifts.

She took time to pose for photos with the young girls and encouraged them in their service before moving on to meet with some other supporters.

Folks are encouraged to support the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network by donating via their website.



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