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Another Pro Reporter Mistakes Palin Satire for Real News – Devito

(The following is a guest submission by Ron Devito)

One of the fundamental tenets in Journalism 101 is to check facts, ensuring that a story is covered accurately and truthfully. Satire is a form of humor often used for political editorials and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin – like every other person who has held elective office – has been the subject of satire. No one in politics is immune to the genre, nor should they be. It’s important to laugh at ourselves once in a while, especially in today’s hyper-sensitive, politically correct world where everyone appears to find everything "offensive." But, a professional reporter should know the difference between satire and genuine news so as to cover it accurately, especially when the original publication is dedicated to satire….

Bill Hoffmann, NewsMax reported that The Daily Currant – “the Global Satirical Newspaper of Record" – wrote a satirical piece which had Gov. Palin calling for the invasion of the Czech Republic in response to the Boston terrorist attack. The Currant spun a yarn about Gov. Palin giving an interview on Fox – with whom she has not been under contract in over four months – in which she "confused Chechnya and the Czech Republic."

Enter Wprost, a leading European weekly out of Poland which went into full-scale panic mode and published an article headlined, “Let’s burn Prague: Sarah Palin Calls for the Invasion of the Czech Republic.” The paper’s readers got the story right and questioned it on Facebook. The embarrassed Wrpost subsequently pulled the article, according to the journalism blog JimRomenesko.

On February 12, the Washington Post re-published as fact a satire piece to the effect that Gov. Palin had signed a contract to be an Al Jazeera host. Wrpost apparently followed in the Washington Post’s footsteps. You see, the Al Jazeera satire also was originally published in The Daily Currant – that is the “the Global Satirical Newspaper of Record."

A reasonable person can draw only one of two conclusions: the reporters covering these stories are grossly incompetent, or covering satire as news is a new poor Alinskyesque attempt to smear Gov. Palin with a phony meme. You decide which it is.

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  • Lennart Bilén

    May I suggest a severe case of the PDS ssyndrome, coupled with gross incompetence, which pretty much describes the state of American journalism today.

  • Quiet_Righty

    How many [insert protected ethnic group here] does it take to run a news organization?
    Never mind.

    • bobby1946

      Defending Sarah Palin – Good
      Running down an ethnic group – Bad and not funny.
      Are you trying to apply to join the staff of the Wash Post?

      • Quiet_Righty

        Oh, lighten up. Everyone tells off-color jokes.

        • bobby1946

          Great! Let’s make it light. Tell one about your family origions.

          • Quiet_Righty

            You want to make it personal? Keep it up and we might think you have nothing better to do today, chum.

            • bobby1946

              And "we" is? Go ahead and chew me out but leave the Poles alone.

              • Quiet_Righty

                Just to make you happy, I have edited my original reply.

                • bobby1946

                  I’m so happy I could polka. I do have a relevent point to make.
                  Mr DeVito’s piece is about a serious paper taking satire (a form of joking) to write a serious news article. Your response was to take a class of old slurs about Poles (Polish people, not ski equipment) to make a joke about the "Wprost, a leading European weekly out of Poland". Isn’t that the same thing?

                  I think that Copernicus, Chopin, Irena Sendler, Lech Walesa,
                  John Paul II and the Polish troops that fought beside Americans in WWII and
                  Iraq and many other “Poles” should be praised and not degraded.
                  Long live Sarah and her cause prosper.

    • Adrienne Ross


  • jester2939

    At least an American paper hasn’t fallen for this story this go around. Maybe a lesson was learned by the WaPo. Being an optimist, I see that as an improvement :D

    • Budvarakbar

      So far! –Give them a few more days when they may need to fill a few excess column inches.

  • DocBarry1

    Shame on them – I stand with the Governor

    • Reese Frederick

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  • Escaped_Teleprompter

    The paper Wrpost should have done the right thing by publicly retracting the story. Publishing a defamatory article and then, when the damage has been done, quietly pulling the article without publishing a retraction is a common underhanded tactic to destroy the reputation of a public figure, in this case Gov. Palin. The irony is that the Czechs and Poles, among Eastern Europeans, have more in common with Gov. Palin than with Obama. The public in those two countries are quite leery of socialism and communism, and rightfully so. They were the first to offer sites for US anti-ballistic missiles and radar, much to the chagrin of the Russians. When Obama rebuffed their offer and scuttled the ABM plan, the Czechs and Poles were indignant, because Obama abandoned them to possible retaliation by the Russians. This Wrpost debacle might be a leftist paper’s effort to turn what could be allies to our conservative movement into enemies.

    • Budvarakbar

      Yess — you would think that anyone in Poland or the Czech Republic that has two working brain cells would realize that Sarah is probably their only hope at ever seeing that missile defense in place.

  • MarkRNY

    "A reasonable person can draw only one of two conclusions: the reporters covering these stories are grossly incompetent, or covering satire as news is a new poor Alinskyesque attempt to smear Gov. Palin with a phony meme. You decide which it is."

    It’s all of the above and it doesn’t matter a damn. These aren’t the best and brightest among us. They’re the most easily led. They have an absolutely slavish relationship with their editors (who wag the dog) and an almost inbred social network.

    What I can’t understand is why these morons need college and a degree to do what they do (see Jed Bila’s article about college degrees and their worth). The best journalism came out when there were no journalism schools. They’re Leftist Hatcheries, and the thing is that the drones who attend them are the least naturally capable of being good journalists. A good journalist used to have life experience, street smarts, etc. This crowd are lilly white legacy punks for the most part who write for "mummy and daddy" and each other. Look at them!

    The only consequence this punk will face is his editor saying "Cover your tracks better next time, would ya?". The whole treasonous mess has to go–because THESE cretins rule!–not O! Not Congress, not the judiciary–these rejects–and it’s humiliating as hell! (even from an aesthetic perspective).

  • section9

    You folks have NO IDEA how many idiotard lefties on Twitter and Tumblr bought into that story. It wasn’t just "the Poles" or "the Czechs". American leftist activists online bought it hook, line, and sinker.

  • Jthom26837

    Again?!!! WAIT!! This actually happened AGAIN??!!!??

    Oh well, I’m not suprised.





  • TheFluidPusher

    Expect to see more of this is in the future. It provides a nice cover for the weapon of mass deception media to libel Sarah, and as section9 pointed out, many liberal aka low info voters are too belligerently misinformed to discern that BS like this is bogus.

  • $7566967

    Doesn’t this confirm how stupid a person has to be in order to be the LSM?

  • Norcalo

    They reposted the link to the Daily Currant over at littlegreenfootballs as a POE.

  • Victoria Richardson

    I guess leftest are all the same in the World. They are trying to join with their American counterparts to make Gov Palin look bad. I am so sick of their crap.

  • c4pfan

    They are using the stories to create a false impression of the Gov.

  • ZH100

    AK Gov Sarah Palin Meets with Czech Republic Delegation (2009)

    From the article:

    "Governor Palin met with Ambassador Petr Kolar of the Czech Republic in early July during the Ambassador’s visit to Alaska. While in Alaska, the Ambassador publicly presented a Czech Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotion to Alaskan Frank Nosek who has served as Honorary Consul for almost ten years."

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