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The Governor speaks in Las Vegas tonight and will reportedly speak at the Cost of Freedom Tribute and Traveling Wall in Buckeye, Arizona sometime between May 9-12. The latter speech is unconfirmed.

The Governor’s sister ran a 3:42:27 at the age of 50 in New Orleans for a marathon.

Update by Steve:

1 in 5 American households are on food stamps proving that with Big Government in control, there is only shared misery — not shared wealth.

A Wayne’s World III?

Tomasky claims conservatives are using Tsarnaev to stoke fear.  To the contrary, it was big government that used Tsarnaev to invade the homes of innocent people only to scream at them and order them out of their homes with hands on their heads.  It’s liberalism that always stands first to give terrorists and criminals what they want by using tragedies as an excuse to undermine freedoms of the lawful and innocent.  Stacy wrote about this yesterday and I encourage all to read it and tweet it.

Tim Carney talks about the abortion movement’s dark past.

Is anyone making it to Houston to see the Governor speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum next week?  We posted on it a while back.  Some of us will be there tweeting our hearts away to deliver a few lines to you.



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