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Piers Morgan Attacks Governor Palin – Update

Moments after news broke that the Senate rejected Toomey-Manchin, Governor Palin sent out a congratulatory tweet to free and law abiding Americans.

In response, the ever so petulant Piers Morgan sent out the following:

In addition to that, President Obama took to the microphone at the White House to throw his own temper tantrum over the same victory for our precious Second Amendment:

For the past several months, alleged leaders in Washington D.C. have done nothing but exploit the tragedy of Sandy Hook to further carry out their grand plans of fundamentally transforming our great nation.  Yet, the response by the American people today — the rejection of restrictions against one of our nation’s amendments — was a bipartisan effort.  Enough Democrats and Republicans decided to band together and stand up for our freedoms and our liberties.  The status quo on both sides of the aisle gambled and lost.  Those wobbly ones on the right have been properly identified and shall be handled appropriately at the ballot boxes in the future.

Today was also the same day that Britain said goodbye to Lady Thatcher.  In the 1980’s this true leader survived a bombing in Brighton during the conservative party’s annual conference weekend.  It was planted in the walls nearest to the suite she was originally planned to be in.  Due to various reasons, she was moved to a different room.  Nevertheless, the IRA managed to instill fear and to create chaos, death, and injury for many.  Immediately after, the media pondered whether or not it would be safe for the conservative conference to continue.  Some who believed they knew better wanted to get Thatcher back to Downing Street.  Lady Thatcher responded by saying "the conference will go on, as usual" reminding the press and country (as the leader she was) that "life must go on, as usual!"

You can watch all of it here:

But perhaps she summed it up best the next day at the conference she insisted must "go on as usual" when saying that their presence at the conference "was a sign not only that this attack has failed, but that all attempts to destroy Democracy by terrorism will fail."

As Governor Palin stated last month at CPAC, "we could use a leader like Maggie Thatcher today."  The Governor’s usual prescience on most matters rings true just one more month later with regard to not only Sandy Hook but to the Boston bombings as well.

Yet, the alleged leadership in D.C. along with his apologists in the media like Piers Morgan would rather sacrifice our freedoms and liberties and have them compromised by giving in to the same kind of terrorism and tragedy Lady Thatcher spoke of.

This is not a country driven by the insane when they commit disgusting acts.  We are driven by the freedoms and liberties it guarantees everyone despite the risks and personal responsibility inherited.  It is our job to honor those who sacrificed all for our freedoms in the past (and those who are sacrificed by those who hate it today), to collectively embrace that freedom and unite to let those responsible for such tragedy know that their attempts to destroy our democracy or our collective peace of mind will fail today just as it always has in the past.

It’s just too bad that we lack the leadership in D.C. required to carry that message.

Sorry Piers, "the Lady is NOT for turning."  Whine on, petulant one.

Update by Stacy: Rob Port asks:

We can only hope.

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  • nkthgreek

    Mr. Morgan, go home!

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Hmmm……A "redcoat" attacking a freedom loving patriot. We won the revolutionary war and you lost…………..Get over it, Piers

  • palin45potus

    Imagine that this Brit thinks that exploiting the pain of victims is how the Constitution should be changed.

    Sorry Piers. We broke away from your tyranny a couple centuries ago. From the looks of Britain these days, the "Great" part is sadly in the rear view mirror.

    You’ll excuse us for not wanting to follow your lead.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Mr Morgan, They held the Funeral for Margaret Thatcher today.
    But it was more of a funeral for the United Kingdom.
    Mr Morgan, the country you once loved is no more.
    When you go home decadence and violence will meet you.
    There is a price to pay for not defending freedom.

  • cheers2all

    This is what we get when we let everybody in … and seeing what has become of a once great empire, is heartbreaking, because we are following on the same misguided path.

    God help us!

  • friskyness

    If he loves Britain so much why isn’t he working there, instead of causing trouble here…… looks like we’ll have to break away from England twice…………..

    • socon

      Piers was in some legal trouble in his native country. They don’t want the bastaad back.

  • blueniner

    Hey Peeers American Patriots fought A-Holes like you in the Revolutionary War, and kicked your azzes, apparently you didnt get the memo, "Scoreboard"!

  • PhilipJames

    You realize of course that Piers Morgan’s ratings and viewership were in the toilet until he got on this anti-gun rant and now that WE pay attention to this low life scumball, his ratings are up. When will Conservatives learn that the best way to handle idiot scum like him is to ignore them. He was close to being cancelled and now he is a TV spokesperson for more gun control and of course the left is promoting him and his ranting.

  • conservativemama

    Heartless is preying on the Sandy Hook families to push your anti-American agenda. And I apply that to Piers, Biden, and Obama. Talk about using people.

    To push for laws that you KNOW, unless you are completely stupid (Biden), would do nothing to prevent another school shooting, but that you do know will take away freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights………………………it takes a special kind of duplicity to do that.

    • jester2939

      Well said.

  • DocBarry1

    We need to save and protect our children by passing mental health bills and putting guards in schools this would honor the children. I stand with Governor Palin

    • socon

      Fewer psychotropic drugs and less violence in sickening video games would help, too.

  • qtdb7

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security
    of a free state, the right of the people to keep and
    bear arms shall NOT be infringed.
    – Second Amendment

    Which part of ‘shall NOT be infringed’ don’t they (democrats/liberals/socialists/communists and RINOs) understand?

    • jerseymark

      I would also focus on "security of a free state" as indicative that the right to bear arms relates directly to the ability of the people to defend themselves against the actions of a tyrannical government.

  • Sentinel34

    No Mr. Morgan, on the contrary, what’s truly revolting is liberals like you who purposefully exploit the grieving Sandy Hook families and keep the wounds fresh in order to bully politicians into subverting our 2nd Amendment rights. It’s you that has no shame.

    • ZH100

      My thoughts exactly.


    Look at biden. Pouty face.

    • socon

      Phony baloney crocodile tears, too. Creep.

  • socon

    Thank you for standing up for the everyday, law abiding American citizen, Sarah.

    You are always faithful.

  • Founders1791

    Piers is a Torie and lacks what it takes to be American in mind and body. He will always be untrustworthy and belligerent to our traditions and culture and should be encouraged to "self deport" every day he steps on our streets.

    It is interesting to note that it took just 3 days for many to find a backbone since Governor Palin drew a public line in the sand where a politician’ stance on the 2nd Amendment determines her seal of conservative approval.

    One more victory towards the restoration of Americanism seen in the 113th Congress and hopefully more to come….

    1st, The Sequester Jesters lose on deficit growth
    2nd, The Ambulance Chasers lose on gun control
    3rd, The Vote Buyers will lose on immigration

  • wodiej

    Our country sure doesn’t need any more Pier Morgan’s. God bless you Gov. Palin for always standing up for what’s right even if you’re the only one standing and often times you are.

  • WEL2

    Piers Morgan: No brain.

  • David O.N. Johnson

    Piers Morgan, what can you say. He, Obama and his minions callously like to use the victims of Sandy Hook as props for their nefarious attempt to undermine the American Constitution. They have a right to their opinion but I have the right to see my Constitutional rights are protected.

  • patnatasha

    piere needs to go back to london.

  • angeleno

    Piers Morgan should return to England to bestow his idiocy on his own country instead of polluting the United States which has made him filthy rich! I certainly hope he’s paying his "fair share" of taxes to his hero Obama. We’ve also given this birdbrain asylum from England where he probably would be arrested for hacking people’s phones and e-mails when he was a gossip newspaper editor.

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