Warrior from Wasilla vs. Brick House from the White House

It’s good to set aside the seriousness for a bit of lightheartedness every once in a while. April 1st is as good a day as any, although this is no joke, as much as President Obama would like it to be.

Since 2008, we’ve all heard how in shape and athletic he is, what a huge basketball fan he is, and how great his skills are. In fact, those were some of the things that added to his “cool quotient,” elevating him to superstar status in the eyes of so many. Even now, with the economy a mess, unemployment high, morale low, and freedoms threatened, people readily talk about how “likable” this President is. After all, he can shoot hoops and pick brackets. Never mind the shape of the country.

Just as the great expectations for his presidency have gone unmet, it appears that the talk-up of his basketball creds were also delusions of grandeur. Having an opportunity to put on a little show for the children at the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Obama went 2 for 22, missing shots from all over the court. This includes layups–from the left side, mind you, with no one guarding him. When a lefty misses a wide-open layup from the left side, let’s just say that’s, well, pathetic. No wonder someone in the crowd called out, “Brick house!”

As a player and former coach, I could give him a few pointers. I noticed a couple things about his follow-through and release, but I digress. He probably wouldn’t take my advice anyway. I also noticed he was loath to try his hand on the right side of the aisle court. Interesting. This tells me all I need to know about his offensive game, which would make guarding him a pleasure.

Everybody has a bad night, but 2 for 22?

Oh, how I’d like to see Mr. 2 for 22 take the court against a certain #22 who secured a championship for her team on a broken ankle! The Warrior from Wasilla vs. the Brick House from the White House. Now, that would be worth paying good money to see!

ABC reports:

President Obama was ice cold today on the basketball court.

Shooting hoops with children and Washington Wizards at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, the president sank just two of 22 shots.


And then it began. A series of painful misses and air balls.

After six more failed free throws, Obama traded balls. After 10 misses, he moved in closer. After 11, he tried a few layups.

After the president missed 13 shots in a row from various distances, 10-year old Kahron Campbell stepped in to help.

Campbell made the layup on his first try.

Then, finally, on his 18th attempt of the morning, the president made his layup.

Read the full article here. Even more entertaining, go there to see the video clip.

We all know President Obama is big on everyone paying his “fair share.” Well, if misses were money, he certainly has paid his and then some.

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