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Yesterday both Stacy and Michelle posted news about the official Netflix Twitter account being used to promote a B-movie about Nazis in space while lumping you and I – everyday supporters of Governor Palin – in with Nazis by adding the #SarahPalinFilms hashtag.  After years of being a loyal Netflix customer, I immediately dropped what I was doing, called Netflix, and cancelled my membership.  The rep was very nice, although she did read off a script claiming that Netflix was only trying to promote content.  I wasn’t interested in being rude so I didn’t tell her that my very first thought was that the company was lying to downplay what was done.

What they’ve come out with today, though, is insulting.

They must seriously think we can’t tell when we’re being lampooned.  I have to wonder if they’ve gotten the message through droves of people dumping their service, but I get the feeling from their current reaction that they really don’t get it.  In chats with other disgruntled customers who are just as offended by being openly compared to Nazis, Netflix reps are now saying that the company has no official political stance – they were just trying to promote new content.

I suppose it’s just circumstantial that they used the #SarahPalinFilms hashtag.  Or they didn’t mean to do it.  Whatever.  They’re not taking a stance.  They’re just…taking a stance.

Here’s a review: the verified Netflix account posted a tweet with the aforementioned hashtag pushing the movie Iron Sky.  We already knew that the farce of a film was meant as a jab at Governor Palin and her supporters (that would be us).  The official pushing of the film coupled with the brazen hashtag made clear what, at the very least, their social media director believed: that Governor Palin and all similar conservatives are Nazis.  There is little else that can be read into this.  An intense backlash began and thousands of Twitter users flooded the net with tweets that they were either ditching Netflix or had reconsidered starting new memberships.

First, I and several others were told that the offending tweet didn’t come from Netflix.  Then, after several took screenshots of it and sent it, their tune changed – yes, it came from us, but we weren’t taking a political stance and were only trying to promote content.

Really?  How do you explain the hashtag, then?  Oh, I know what they’ll say…they were only trying to appeal to a broader audience.  Call me crazy, but I didn’t think you could really gain a wider audience by alienating a portion of your current audience.  That’s exactly what you did, and now you’re trying to justify it.

We’re tired of being called racists and Nazis.  Such things cheapen the realities of the days of Jim Crow laws and Nazi Germany.  It turns them into little more than gimmicks, something to be trotted out when you’re not getting your way, and forgets the price paid by the millions of innocent people who died before the good guys worked up the nerve to do the right thing.  Since you are so keen on making that kind of statement, I will never – for any reason – reconsider using Netflix.  That they would think me so simple that I wouldn’t see right through their lies tells me they didn’t need me as a customer anyway.

Twitchy has also reported that many have challenged Netflix to lampoon President Obama the way they did Governor Palin…no response.

But don’t forget: it’s all about the content.

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  • nkthgreek

    Netflix will lampoon President Obama at the same time Ahmedinejad converts to Catholicism.

    • section9

      Well, Ahmadinejad has to do the Stations of the Cross first.

  • TheFluidPusher

    I think like many of you, I’ve become numb to this foolishness. If liberals get so blinded by their PDS that they end up shooting themselves in the foot as Netflix did here, fine.
    I’m just wondering how badly this stupidity hurt Netflix’s bottom line.

  • DocBarry1

    Great post

  • Azarkhan

    "many have challenged Netflix to lampoon President Obama"

    Lampoon the Messiah? Holy sacrilege, Batman!

  • iizthatiiz

    ‘tho I doubt Netflix participated, there quite a bit of mirth a few weeks ago as twitter users explored #ObamaRealityTVShows

    browse the link for some giggles

    • PAWatcher

      Did have some good giggles- those were great!

  • MaMcGriz

    It is indeed all about the content. And the competition. Netfilx will lose business to their competition over this. They will not have mine. Below is a repost from a comment I left on this morning’s p4a.

    " I got a "movie survey" call last evening after having spent some time on
    the phone yesterday morning with netflix explaining why I won’t be
    switching to netflix.

    It was a productive conversation, and although I didn’t pick up for
    the ‘movie survey’ call later on, I did note that it was a live call
    placed by a human being.

    It makes me wonder if and how much they might be doing wrt to
    outreach/damage control after their decision to pee windward with their
    twitter account.

    If they persist and it’s convenient I’ll answer a call from them to
    get the i.d. of the sponsor of the survey and see what they’re looking
    for and how they sourced me.

    Then I can thank them for kindly removing me from their call list.

    No matter what they do netflix has tarnished itself with me, and I’m
    sure a whole lot of other Americans who love and respect Sarah, but
    moreover, who fully understand the fractured untruth the left

    I told them they just achieved their own Tina Fey moment, and it
    wasn’t really something to be all that proud of in my view, and that to
    use Sarah’s name while trying to claim it was an a-political
    entertainment suggestion is, well, really. I suggested maybe there
    should be an adult or two in the room when such decisions are made and
    published in the company’s name. ~

    [[[ edited here to insert: Netflicking will forever be associated in my mind with nosepicking. No netflicker nosepickers here, thankya.]]]

    ~ It’s a typical day in the life for us as Palinistas. We know the
    drill: pain in the butt ankle biter patrol, and keep moving. The
    objective is to correct and carry on, and know the truth. Like Sarah, we
    know it’s the truth that makes us free.

    Mmm mmm. I’m betting there’ll be some truthin’ going on tonight in Texas. Go Sarah."

  • ZH100

    Excellent read. Thank you!

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