Governor Palin (and First Dude) at the Pacers Game, UPDATE: Another Interview, Miami Herald


Governor Palin surprised and delighted at the Pacers game tonight after spending an incredible day at the Indy 500.

NBA’s website has a great interview with Governor Palin and the First Dude.

Click here to see it.

Of course, Governor Palin made time for some appreciative admirers:




Here’s another interview the Governor gave to Joseph Goodman from the Miami Herald’s Blog:

Sarah Palin was at tonight’s game … So, of course, I had to try and interivew her at halftime, because, well, when else would you get to ask Palin about the NBA? Before you ask, no I didn’t bring up any former Heat players. She was seated in the front row with her husband, Todd Palin, so anyway …

ME: “Since you’re here sitting in the front row, I figured I would be remiss if I didn’t try to interview you.”

PALIN: “You can try. It’s your job.”

ME: “So, I guess what do you think of the game so far?”

PALIN: “We love the NBA. We love Indiana. We go back to being big Hoosier fans. So, anything that has to do with Indiana, we’re going to support, so coming here and rooting for the Pacers is kind of parlaying our love of Indiana.”

ME: “Were you here for the race?”

PALIN: “For the race and we were lucky enough to get to come to this game then, too.”

ME: “So, you did the Indianapolis double today.”

PALIN: “Yeah, this a dream come true for sports

He also got a few questions in with regard to her intention for the future and politics:

ME: “So, where do you see your political future going?”

PALIN: “That’s up to the American people. And if they want to see positive change in this country, or if they want to just kind of keep embracing the status quo of going down the wrong road. It’s up to the American people and where someone’s political future is going to go.”

ME: “You got anything planned in the near future?”

PALIN: “Near future is helping change the senate in the 2014 races, get some good common sense conservatives elected.”

This is only part of it.  There is much more here.

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