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Governor Palin Scheduled to Speak at the Cost of Freedom Tribute in Arizona May 9th

Governor Palin will be a guest speaker at the Cost of Freedom Tribute and Traveling Wall in Buckeye, Ariz., May 9-12:

To show its continued support for American servicemen and women, Angel MedFlight worldwide air ambulance service is sponsoring the Cost of Freedom Tribute and Traveling Wall in Buckeye, Ariz., May 9-12.

The exhibit and surrounding events are presented by the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT), a non-profit organization founded on the principles that American heroes must be honored and remembered.

The Cost of Freedom Tribute features the Traveling Wall, an 80% replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. All conflicts the United States has been involved in are represented in the tribute, which also pays respect to veterans, active duty military, police officers and firefighters.

Scheduled guest speakers include Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Air Force Lt. Col. Thomas Cluff and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

What: Cost of Freedom Tribute
Where: Earl Edgar Recreational Facility, 500 South 1st Street, Buckeye, Ariz.
When: Wall opens to public 12:00pm, Thursday, May 9

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  • PetePetretich

    More collaboration with Gov. Jan Brewer is always good…

    After all, if McCain retires then Brewer would appoint his replacement.

    • Quiet_Righty

      If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, Gov. Brewer would have to name a legal resident of AZ to fill such a vacancy.

      • TheFluidPusher

        Typically a person must establish his or her domicile in in a state at least one year to be considered a legal resident. From my understanding, Gov. Palin spends about 75% of her time in AZ these days, and has been doing so for around 2 or so years now. So maybe she is already considered a resident of the state?
        But I definitely wouldn’t count on McCain retiring. Unfortunately, he’s a lifer.

        • blueniner

          McCain is one of those Politicians there going to have to remove kicking and screaming!

          • Budvarakbar

            Sooner the better — did you hear the moron’s rationale re the immigration reform?

            • senator20526

              Jeff Flake is just as bad…..

              • TheFluidPusher

                So true. Had high hopes for him, too.

              • john norton

                J.D. Hayworth,im hopoing he will challenge agn either Flake the flake,or McClame agn… second time will be the charm JD…

                • section9

                  J.D. Hayworth is a carnival barker and a con man. I’m surprised he’s not in prison.

          • indemind

            When McSham, ran in 2010 he said that this was he’s LAST go-round….

      • K.H.

        We sure love Palin here in AZ. I can easily see a victory for her here if she is legal to do so. I think it’s high time for our girl to get back into the arena.

  • John_Frank

    Stacy, thanks for this post.

    Question: Does anyone know the exact time and date when Governor Palin will be speaking at the Cost of Freedom Tribute in Buckeye, Arizona during the period from May 9 – 12?

    • senator20526

      The short answer is No

      • John_Frank

        I take it you called the media contact and they were unable to provide the desired information, other than confirming that yes Governor Palin will be speaking at the event?

  • K.H.

    Can you tell me what time/day Palin is supposed to speak? I can’t wait.

  • patnatasha

    when is sarah scheduled to speak?

    • StacyDrake

      On the 9th… The event starts 12pm.

  • section9

    These two are joined at the hip, it seems.
    Palin/Brewer 2016

  • section9

    I hate to tell you this, but there are a BOATLOAD of people who would get the long knives out for Jan Brewer if she appointed Sarah Palin to McCain’s seat.

    Sarah Palin has no, repeat, no lineage or sweat equity in Arizona politics. She has done some stumping for Arizona Republicans, but that’s not the same as doing your time in the State Legislature or serving the public in the Governor’s office.

    BTW, McCain sits at Barry Goldwater’s Desk in the Senate. You want to see how fast the Arizona GOP can call for Brewer’s head on a platter? You let Brewer try and appoint an Alaska resident to the Senate when dozens of Republicans have been toiling for years in the State Senate and the State Legislature waiting for McCain to move the hell along.

    Sarah Palin would become really unpopular in Arizona, really fast. The Bushies would be JUBILANT and would be screaming CARPETBAGGER!

    Please knock this idea off. If Palin wants to run for office in Arizona, let her move down there and run for State Senate or the U.S. House from that District she’s in as a Brewer or a McCain protégé and put in the damn time in Arizona politics.

    Hillary Clinton can get away with that b.s. because the rules are different in the Democratic Party and because the Democrats own the news media. Having Palin jump into McCain’s chair is a sure-fire way to end Palin’s career in one fell swoop.

  • TheFluidPusher

    What you say makes perfect sense. Nobody likes a carpetbagger. Especially a carpetbagger who was appointed, not elected. I think things like this (and the draft Sarah thing which is apparently a ruse) take off because there’s just a lot of people who are anxious to see the Governor back in public office, myself included.

  • section9

    Not necessarily directed straight AT L4P. I’ve seen the same thing posted by other folks and wanted to get it off my chest as to why I don’t think Palin would touch it with a 10 foot rod of radioactive isotope.

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