IRS scandal extends well beyond Cincinnati

So much for the Obama Administration’s talking points that the IRS scandal is limited to a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. It goes much further than that, via the Washington Post:

Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington and at least two other offices were involved in the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, making clear that the effort reached well beyond the branch in Cincinnati that was initially blamed, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

IRS officials at the agency’s Washington headquarters sent queries to conservative groups asking about their donors and other aspects of their operations, while officials in the El Monte and Laguna Niguel offices in California sent similar questionnaires to tea party-affiliated groups.


For the IRS to say it was some low-level group in Cincinnati is simply false,” said Cleta Mitchell, a partner in the law firm Foley & Lardner LLP who sought to communicate with IRS headquarters about the delay in granting tax-exempt status to True the Vote.

Moreover, details of the IRS’s efforts to target conservative groups reached the highest levels of the agency in May 2012, far earlier than has been disclosed, according to Republican congressional aides briefed by the IRS and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) on the details of their reviews.

Then commissioner, Douglas Shulman, a George W. Bush appointee who stepped down in November, received a briefing from the TIGTA about what was happening in the Cincinnati office in May 2012, the aides said. His deputy and the agency’s current acting commissioner, Steven T. Miller, also learned about the matter that month, the aides said.

If someone had told me four days ago that Benghazi would be just one of three major scandals enveloping the most open and transparent administration in history, I’d have thought that person was insane. But that’s where we are now. I don’t know which one has the potential to be the most damaging, but using the IRS to harass political enemies and monitoring the phone records of his own allies at the AP in an election year is truly Nixonian. I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and see what else has been revealed. It appears, at least for the moment, that the media has decided to do their job. That can’t be good news for Obama. Regarding the IRS scandal, Ed Morrissey makes a salient point:

This is either the most incompetent administration ever, or one of the least honest.

Probably both. That House Ways and Means Committee hearing on Friday out to be fun.



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