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Obama flack to Chris Wallace: I’m offended you’d ask me what Obama was doing during the Benghazi attack

Via the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper. This morning on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked White House flack Dan Pfeiffer what exactly, Obama was up to on that fateful night in September when a sitting U.S. Ambassador and three others were murdered at a inadequately defended consulate in Benghazi while Obama rested up for¬†the following day’s all-important campaign event in Las Vegas.

Pfeiffer’s response¬†was a variation of the typical Obama Administration answer to such a question: "I know nothing". Here’s the gist of his response: I can’t remember exactly what the president did, when he did it, or where he was but, dammit, those are just irrelevant facts that those evil, partisan Republicans are trying to use to feed their conspiracies against our wonderful, post-partisan President. But I can assure you, Chris, that Obama was all over the situation like white on rice and, by the way, I’m offended you’d ask such a question.

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