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Obama flack to Chris Wallace: I’m offended you’d ask me what Obama was doing during the Benghazi attack

Via the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper. This morning on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked White House flack Dan Pfeiffer what exactly, Obama was up to on that fateful night in September when a sitting U.S. Ambassador and three others were murdered at a inadequately defended consulate in Benghazi while Obama rested up for the following day’s all-important campaign event in Las Vegas.

Pfeiffer’s response was a variation of the typical Obama Administration answer to such a question: "I know nothing". Here’s the gist of his response: I can’t remember exactly what the president did, when he did it, or where he was but, dammit, those are just irrelevant facts that those evil, partisan Republicans are trying to use to feed their conspiracies against our wonderful, post-partisan President. But I can assure you, Chris, that Obama was all over the situation like white on rice and, by the way, I’m offended you’d ask such a question.

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  • CBDenver

    Sounds like a teenager justifying why he disobeyed his parents.

  • friskyness

    The Obama administration is offensive to the American people…..

    • MaMcGriz

      …not to mention hazardous to one’s health and prospects for survival.

    • jerseyflash

      friskyness…you are 100% correct…BUT…on thurs night Fox News Commeee…Bill O’Reilly said…and this is as close to a quote "If your part of the GANG…you can get away with anything, let Obama due whatever he wants to for the rest of his term and let’s HOPE that the next person that comes along….can fix the PROBLEM….here’s a COMMEEEE telling a very large viewership…it’s OK Urkel…" we can fix it "….REALLY ???
      THIS COUNTRY IS THE "TITANIC"….and like Rose said to the builder
      "I don’t think we have enough LIFE BOATS" !!!!!!!
      Palin/Cruz 2016 and 2020

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Didn’t Pfeiffer mean "like brown on rice"? I thought white on Rice was about those racist GOPers who criticized Susan Rice when she went on the talk shows to lie about Benghazi.

    • MaMcGriz

      Yeah! And what about the nutritional aspect?? i mean, brown rice is healthier for us than white rice, so Pfeiffer is clearly a racist who disrespects mrs obama’s deep concerns and dedication to looking out for our health and everything…..

      • socon

        Beady-eyed Pfeiffer’s a "ricist!" lol

        • MaMcGriz


  • socon

    It’s dangerous when a country elects a bunch of goons and sociopaths.

  • MaMcGriz

    Good going, danny boy.

    Even though Mr. Wallace is a FOX employee and not from the AP, for example, it’s always good for us when you foolishly antagonize and insult the media along with the rest of us.

    Keep it up and one day we’ll see you and your homies burned at the stake like you deserve to be….figuratively speaking, of course….by the very same people who put you where you are: the lickspittle media.

    Then it’ll be our turn.

  • Chunkdog1

    Yeah, well I’m offended that the President of the United States would go to bed , after watching Americans, in real time, being slaughtered, when he was the only one with the power to stop it… and refused to..

    I’m also offended that he allowed a man, under his watch to be raped and killed, without lifting a finger to help.

    I’m offended that less than 12 hours later, instead of staying in his office, and doing the job that he was hired for, he went to Las Vegas to party and campaign, insuring that he gets hired for another 4 years of doing nothing.

    I’m offended that over 8 months later, he’s still lying about the facts, and even now, we don’t know the entire story.

    I’m offended that there are still people out there , with such a lack of character that they would still try to defend this guy.

    Pfieffer is not the one who has any reason took be offended.

  • PAWatcher

    This is BS! "This is offensive" states this spin doctor! "We have to move forward and make sure this never happens again" ……………Pfeiffer- I pronounce the p- you have proven this investigation needs to go forward……….We are going to find out what room the POS- I left out some letters- was in when these men were under attack for 8 hours.
    clinton’s and obama’s cover up will be exposed for all it’s worth…….truth is the only cloak of cover, and they are not acquainted with truth.

    • lanahi

      In order to ensure "this never happens again", we have to know what happened in the first place. Hardly irrelevant!

  • IndieDogg

    This remains the ticking bomb under the surface of this entire episode. He never spoke to Clinton or the head of DOD or Joint Chiefs, while military resources were being told to "stand down" and his ambassador was missing or dead, depending on the time frame. Mr. Hicks spoke w/HRC personally at 3:00 a.m., which is 9:00 p.m. DC time. Yet nobody knows where the COMMANDER IN CHIEF was.

    But that’s wrong. Somebody does know where he was. They simply don’t want the American public to know. When (not if) his actions and whereabouts that night are known, it is going to blow the doors off of what’s left of this rent-a-wreck of a presidency.

    I tweeted (and trust me, not something I do often) Krauthammer about this. I suggest we all do the same to anyone + everyone in the media:

    "Where was the Commander in Chief on 9/11/13?"

    We’ll see how irrelevant the question is.

    I’m becoming very fond of irrelevant things these days, like Sarah Palin.

    If she had been CIC at the time, she’d have been swimming to Libya herself in full combat gear.

    • socon

      Love your last sentence.

      It’s so true: Sarah has the heart and ferocity of a Mama Grizzly. Just two of the many reasons why I love and admire her so much.

  • joscefi

    [QUOTE]"…General Ham
    immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the
    Pentagon that he had a unit ready to deploy to Benghazi. Then, General
    Ham received the order to stand down. His response was “screw it,” – he
    was going to help anyway.

    Within minutes after issuing an order to
    deploy his ready response team, Ham’s second in command apprehended the
    General and told him that he was now relieved of his command. Ham knows
    who issued the order to STAND DOWN as well as the order to relieve him
    of his command at AFRICOM.

    Adm. Gaouette had also received the
    startling requests for support as the attack unfolded in Benghazi. Like
    Ham, he readied a response from Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3).
    Gaouette was also ordered to STAND DOWN and like Ham, he decided to
    refuse those orders.
    Gaouette readied vital intelligence and
    communications operations for an extraction effort to be launched by


    The attack in Benghazi of 11 September,
    2012 is now almost eight months old and yet, the truth about that attack
    is still a distant fog sheltered by government officials engaged in
    blatant obstruction of justice, made possible by the help of a totally
    incompetent or complicit press.

    If you want to know what really happened
    in Benghazi, demand that Issa’s congressional committee subpoena both
    Gen. Ham and Adm. Gaouette to testify before the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.

    And then, recall Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta once Ham and Gaouette have testified."[/QUOTE]

    From via Crusader Rabbit

    • socon

      Petraeus knows, too.

  • Vicki

    That "irrelevant" line seems to be getting a good bit of play in the news. They’ll regret that. Especially if Rove is right and he was watching the b-ball games while this was going on.

  • gahanson

    It sounds to me that this guy just didn’t want to say that 0bama was probably napping, golfing, shooting hoops, eating lunch, watching TV, or any one of hundreds of things. If he were in the situation room, their would have been a picture released, or this guy would have stated right out that he was in the situation room.

  • HuntingMoose

    What do we do to prevent this from happening again?

    Simple, jail this bagdad-bob liar and impeach Obama.

  • CVA9

    Americans deserve an answer to that important question. Place his answer alongside Clintons, "What difference does it make?" Four died while he went to hide.

  • Keith M

    Ok the president said deploy troops, but no troops were deployed. So did Obama just want them to die?

  • Lina Thomas

    where was the president??????????

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