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The Governor is at the Indy 500 this weekend as the guest of the 1963 champion.

The Governor has an idea as to how you can help out the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma.

Update by Steve:

Great photo of the Governor has surfaced on Twitter today:

Palin in Indy






















Stacy also points out how it’s the left; not Governor Palin, who got confused over her IRS tweet.  Of course, this is usually the case.

Obama and Christie are reunited!

I’m surprised that only 56% of Americans want to go back to days of pre-Obamacare — especially with Democrats who helped craft it admitting its going to be a colossal failure.

Lerner on administrative leave but you will continue to finance her full pay and benefits.  Who wants to be a government employee?

Moronic Congressman blames the GOP for the Washington state bridge collapse.

By accommodating certain rights like Freedom of the Press in lieu of protecting its integrity, Obama reaps the benefits of the media.

Has the political climate turned on the Democrats for 2014?

Gov and Todd in Indy














Update by Steve

More great photos shared by all our wonderful readers!

Indianapolis 500













Jones and Gov Palin











Sarah Palin
















Sarah Palin and I at @IMS! She's so cool and #teamArie! #wecanseerussiafromhere

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Check out our crew @khaledholmes Hugh Sarah and Todd

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Update by Steve: The Governor Tweets the following:  


Governor Palin shares the following photo via Facebook:



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