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Petraeus: White House Benghazi talking points "essentially useless"

Via ABC News:

JON KARL, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  Well, you know, clearly, there’s a credibility question that the White House has to deal with because this directly contradicts what they have said about this.

But you, you know, Martha, mentioned in the interview with Senator Reed that the White House has had tried to have it both ways, both saying that they immediately called it an act of terror and saying they couldn’t do that in these talking points because they couldn’t prejudice the investigation.

You know, there’s problems on both sides with this.  But there is one very important point here, which is in all 12 revisions of these talking points originally drafted by the CIA, they begin by saying that the attack in Benghazi started as a spontaneous reaction to Cairo.  That was demonstrably false.

RADDATZ:  And took out all of the al Qaeda references–

KARL:  That was never true.  And then they went on and took out all of the al Qaeda references–

RADDATZ:  But they would say they didn’t know that at the time.

KARL:  Right.

RADDATZ:  About those.

How about CIA Director David Petraeus?  How did he respond to these talking points?  And I know you have new information on that.

KARL:  Yeah, this is fascinating.  Because Mike Morrell, who was the deputy director, was the one that ultimately signed off on this one.  Petraeus finally saw the final version of the talking points.  This is the Saturday afternoon before Susan Rice’s appearances on the Sunday shows.  He looks at these and says they’re essentially useless.  And direct quote from his e-mail.  He says, I would just as soon not use them.  But it’s their call, meaning the White House’s call.

Kind of blows the Obama narrative that the CIA was responsible for the bogus talking points, wouldn’t you say?

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  • DocBarry1


  • gahanson

    This all could have come out BEFORE the 2012 election. Unfortunately, the gop and Romney had decided that they didn’t really want to defeat the first black president, just as McCain and the gop decided that they would put up only a token struggle against the first black presidential candidate.

    • friskyness

      while the country suffers because of the first black president. Disgusting!

  • socon

    Petraeus, you pretty much described yourself. Shame on you.

  • Lennart Bilén

    It may be time for David Petraeus to come clean. He has the goods on both Hillary and Obama and can tell it like it is. At this stage, what hinders him from coming out? They made him CIA director to make sure he would not spill the beans, knowing they had an affair to keep him quiet with, then after the election they threw him out as a piece of garbage. He has nothing more to lose, and the country has a lot to gain from him telling the truth

    • 1776er

      Good point. Keeping silent now buries all the good he did in his career.

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