Poll: Alaskans Support Governor Palin

Yesterday, Tim Crawford released a statement regarding the Tea Party Leadership Fund campaign to draft Governor Palin to run for Senate in 2014. Considering that we know the Governor isn’t interested in running for that seat, and the fact that Conservatives4Palin is not a draft site, please don’t confuse my purpose for posting the following article.

It seems that in their effort to draft Governor Palin, the Tea Party Leadership Fund commissioned a poll in Alaska, which showcased an interesting fact… Alaskans still support Governor Palin.

Via Matthew Boyle over at Breitbart:

The survey of 379 likely Republican voters found that 32 percent support Palin, whereas 30 percent support Treadwell and 14 percent support Miller. The Harper Polling poll, conducted via telephone on May 6 and May 7 on behalf of the Tea Party Leadership Fund, found that 45 percent of likely GOP voters think Palin would “fight hardest for conservative values,” compared to 25 percent who thought that of Treadwell and 15 percent of Miller.

Similarly, the poll found 43 percent thought Palin would be the “strongest person to take on liberal Democrats in Washington,” whereas 27 percent thought that of Treadwell and 13 percent of Miller.

Both Treadwell and Miller have launched formal exploratory committee efforts for the 2014 primary race to determine who would face off against Sen. Mark Begich (D-AK). Palin has not indicated she would run.

Since the end of the presidential election in 2008, the left and their lapdogs in the press have spent numerous hours pushing the notion that Alaskans no longer like Governor Palin. They tried to make it seem as though one of the most popular governors in the state’s history, just lost it all by running against Obama. In reality, most of that was just the left’s message machine at work. Alaskans still like Governor Palin, and they even trust her enough to represent them in the Senate, regardless of how unlikely that is.

It’s just good to know.


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