Quigley: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Nation Needs Sarah Palin

Bernie Quigley is one of the few writers for an MSM publication who gets Governor Palin.  He has written extensively on her impact on culture and our current state of politics.  You can check out what he wrote about her last week here.   Today’s column on her was no exception.  He starts out by saying this:

Why Sarah Palin? Because when I write a blog here on Jeb Bush or President Obama, it will bring in maybe 10 comments. A piece on Sarah Palin last week brought 135. Same every time. She strikes a chord which runs deep.

She has a purpose here. She may be today the most important person in American culture and politics. She may always have been.

The first paragraph is a pretty strong testament to her relevance, as she causes a greater response than anything he writes about the President.  When you think about the second paragraph, he’s probably speaking a lot of truth here.  Even while not holding or currently running for an office, is there anyone else in politics today that can be front page news with a simple tweet, comment, or gesture?  I don’t think so.

Quigley then says this:

The flak you draw tells of your truth and importance, and no one has taken more flak than Palin.

Ain’t that the truth.  Even today, there is no one who draws more vitriol from the left than Governor Palin does.  While they always claim she is washed up and irrelevant, and seem to devote entire two hour specials declaring it, would they direct so much hatred towards her if they felt she had no impact.  We all know the answer to that.

He then goes on to ask an interesting question to set up the premise for the rest of his piece:

But what plans does she have? Will she run for president in 2016 or take the TV job being offered?

None of us knows what her future plans are, but this question seems to be motivated by reports that Governor Palin was recently offered a syndicated TV talk show by Mark Burnett, which she turned down.

Bernie seems to like the idea of a TV show for her, and gives some of his reasoning here:

Tea Party has brought conservatism to a plateau. With the right TV show today, Palin could form a new conservative entity, one with strict constitutional structures like Judge Andrew Napolitano advocates, one with Jefferson’s determined commitment to state sovereignty, one with Ron Paul’s good sense of sound money, one with the Palin family’s wonderful Jacksonian, heartland karma.

We have already had the sea change. We need now a public seminar approach to collectively advance new conservative thinking.

He expands on this thesis a bit by saying:

Palin could bring to a TV talk show what Napolitano brought to “Freedom Watch” and what Oprah brought to Obama, something honest and uncomplicated, simple enough so that we the “Duck Dynasty” audience can follow it clearly. Incidentally, the bewhiskered rurals of “Duck Dynasty” pulled in 9.6 million viewers in the last episode, beating “American Idol” handily in the ratings.

Quigley concludes his op-ed with:

The Tennessee rustic Andrew Jackson, bullet still wedged next to his heart, rose to prominence because America was ready for Jackson and sick to death of the prima donnas in coastal Virginia and Massachusetts. America is ready again and ready for Palin. Maybe West Monroe, La., where the Duck Commander resides, would not be a bad place to stage a forum.

My own personal opinion is that I’ve never been a huge fan of the Palin-as-the-conservative-Oprah meme, but I can see where some are coming from when they bring it up.  She has a huge impact on culture and has a way of connecting with ordinary Americans in a way that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.  While some others have used the Palin as a talk show host as a way to try to diminish Governor Palin, Quigley is not doing that here.  His past writings on her demonstrate that.  Unlike the vast majority of the clowns in the MSM, he understands the depth of her thinking, her vision for the country, and why millions all over flyover country feel she speaks for them.  I urge you to go to The Hill blog and check out his writing on her over the past couple of years.

You can read today’s entire piece here.  It’s worth checking out.

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